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1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 18:51 ID: lz8aht

So, Magicians didnt maket it again unfortunately. In WC3 they didnt make it to Finals, now its Quarterfinals.

After last game Taskmast33r announced that he gona leave the team.

From dsblf words — its just Task decision, nothing crazy happened, they talked about it before the games.

So for now Magicians gona try to find replacement for Task (he switched not that long ago to Gibby and Maliwan to Wraith) in CIS to play LCQ.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:12 ID: gq0b76x

You could kinda tell this was coming when they swapped roles, it seemed super desperate. Sad to see, because on a talent level they were top 8 to me for sure, just were never able to put anything together consistently. Not really sure where he expects to go that is an improvement though unless there are internal CIS moves in the works.

ID: gq0bw3h

internal CIS moves in the works

Nah, nothing before lan for sure.

I had the same feelings about top 8, cause they had a good run before (just a reminder they made it to top10 on WC2), but i believe just from my perspective that Taskmast33r probably want to leave this thing behind (i mean cybersport).

ID: gq0o0y0

Now you're making me intrigued mate, what is your current top 8 in Europe if you dont mind? 🙂

ID: gq2s1pw

i don't want to make assumptions but dsblf didn't make it a secret that he isnt an easy fellow to work with. and taskmaster was often harshly critisized for overextending so... he probably just wants to play in a less mentally taxing environment, even at the cost of possible success. that's an issue for both him and magicians, simply nobody to sub him with. maybe pkmk and desertuk but as it stands right now they're not equal to task.

btw where do you land? saw you talking about train yard but i feel like for a hard zone team its alright. they don't even always loot all of train yard lol. and rotations aren't the worst but if im wrong dont humiliate me

3 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:56 ID: gq0kc6n

That makes me really sad. 🙁

Magicians had a very interesting dynamic, wherein Dsblf was and is one of the best micro IGLs in the scene, and is one of the few that can actually tell his 2 teammates exactly what they need to do, how they need to move. His calling is very, very in depth. On the other hand, you had Task, perhaps the best player in terms of raw mechanics Apex has ever seen; the man is absolutely insane.

Shame it didn't work out. It was a pleasure watching them.

ID: gq0lhb8

The problem with this type of players (like Hardecki, Task) they cant "listen" to IGL at all. Like they making the same mistakes every time and dont wanna improve on different field (different from aim and shoot).

Its cool that they can shoot and be the first on ranked etc, but theres a reason why this type of players aint on 1 place in leaderboard.

Just a view from a guy.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/06 20:21 ID: gq0d400

Usually, I would just dismiss this as another team breaking up because it's not worth it to try to fix whatever small divergences they might have but... there's actually something really worth it now! And even with these result Magicians could still make it to the championship on ALGS points, specially if they qualified to the playoffs through LCQ.

What happens to taskmast33r and magicians now? can magicians get a sub and still qualify with points? and if so can taskmast33r join a duo and qualify? From what I understand it's a no on both things.

ID: gq0i6jp

They need a sub with big amount of points or somebody with whom they can play LCQ.

Idk what Task gona do.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/06 21:38 ID: gq0sxc9

Task is really good at fighting like sometimes it looks like a controller player with strikepack (not an accusation, just a compliment), but their decision making as a team is terrible. I've seen them chase a single person outside the ring for over a whole circle chasing 1 kp over anything else

Actually reminds me of xeratrickys tram on NA (even the same drop spot)

I think he would do really well playing with a good IGL

ID: gq3by30

Dsblf is one of the best igls in EU, whatchu talkin about?

The whole point of task with dsblf was that dsblf microed the fuck out of Task so that all task had to do was shoot, and dsblf did all the thinking and decision making.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/06 19:31 ID: gq03bup


ID: gq06hvb

From watching their stream I can say that there were a lot of potential if they would have played some more. They had a lot of good clean calls and taskmaster had a lot of firepower. Maybe not on a top 3 level, but I think they could have been a top 10 team. History shows that generally the longer you play the better the consistency. It's a shame, and I don't think taskmaster can find a better team rn, unless he wants to go to EU teams.

ID: gq09ksr

By your logic almost every team in EU has been overrated at some point I guess.

There is a lot of rng in this game, it's almost impossible to make finals every time. In their short time with Maliwan they are probably top 10 in algs points/earnings. Hard to see how someone that good can be overrated, not like anyone predicted them to be any more than an A-tier team which they've definitely been until now.

ID: gq1b4q6

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