Weapon Wednesday: Rampage | August 04 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:11 ID: oxrcei

Welcome to Weapon Wednesday! This discussion thread focuses specifically on a randomly chosen weapon the new weapon in the Season 10 update.

Today's Weapon discussion is focused around: Rampage!

Discuss what you like or dislike about this weapon; how it compares to other weapons; your favorite skins; changes that you think would be beneficial; or anything else that you think would be of value to discuss regarding the Rampage, including its revved up ability with thermites.

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2 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:05 ID: h7o8ixb

The iron sights are dope

ID: h7oszg3

This tho. Iron sights are garb on so many of the guns, on this i actually prefer it to a lot of the scopes.
Nice job with that respawn.

ID: h7ouoxu

Wingman iron sights do more damage then help

3 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:14 ID: h7o32zf

Good at mid and long range, bad up close. The slower fire rate takes getting used to but deadly if used right.

ID: h7ovbka

It is a monster at range

ID: h7p8bsq

Especially when it’s revved up

ID: h7o3hj8

this. At far ranges the slow fire rate actually makes it 100 times easier to hit your target. Up close i’ve noticed the R9 and a couple of other close range weapons can melt you head to head, but other than that not a bad gun at all.

ID: h7ojzti

You can pretty much tap-fire it as fast as full-auto (non-revved) - virtually reducing all recoil

ID: h7p7wk7

This isn’t true in my testing experience, it maintains the same recoil which makes sense because it’s literally the same fire rate as auto much to my disappointment as a scout main looking for something that works as good as it in range but is less of a liability up close. However if you burst 5 shots which is almost perfectly straight up then it will reset the recoil as long as you let off for a full single bullet rate length of time so it’s honestly better than if tapping reset the recoil so I will be using it instead of the scout for a while after all. Also to note revving doesn’t change the recoil so the 5 burst might be the new medium-long range meta.

ID: h7o4s7a

Actually I was running it with flat line and having it as a secondary close range is great to finish somebody just one to two shots and there down. The thing is ridiculously easy to control and brings a whole new definition to the term suppression.

ID: h7otsnp

But why wouldn't you just do it the other way since Flatline has good ROF, great DPS and great hipfire accuracy? Or just use any other gun that works in that situation better.

ID: h7o51cn

It's not great against an opponent with full health though who has a faster fire gun.

ID: h7pil29

having it as a secondary close range is great to finish somebody just one to two shots and there down

If that's your argument then every gun works for that. LMG's are the worst "finishing" weapons right after snipers due to the slow swap speed. Better take a Wingman or Shotgun for that job.

The Rampage is imho best paired with an SMG or a Shotgun to make up for what it lacks in close range.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:45 ID: h7o6bnt

i have been absolutely destroyed, obliterated, plowed and down right ass pummeled by this thing all day.

ID: h7p5d8r

Yeah, I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining

The thing is very, very strong to say the least lol

ID: h7on12k

By the 3 stack pred/master squads

5 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:18 ID: h7o3hz0

It's actually stupid strong midrange, extremely easy to use and very significant per bullet damage so it's extremely ammo efficient.

ID: h7o85ar

I've noticed it's particularly good when you have a "stand off" since you can make your opponents use their batteries and starve them for heal.

ID: h7po1lv

Its a great poker

6 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:29 ID: h7o4neq

This is my new favorite mid/long range weapon. It basically feels like an auto scout. The rof is slow so it makes it easier to control, and I’ve found if you tap the trigger the shots are fairly accurate. It’s like having a scout with a 44 bullet mag. I really like this gun so I’m guessing they’ll nerf it in about a week.

ID: h7ogd4h

Hated the garbage Scout ironsights. Pleasantly surprised with Rampage’s.

ID: h7o9sib

I honestly doubt they will. Maybe its just my experience but I find it just OK. I feel like I can out-shoot a rampage with a 301/volt pretty easily. Definitely easier than fighting a spitfire.

ID: h7of8bd

It's like when the wingman had it's rate of fire nerfed and some people said it was a buff lol it's only better than other guns if you can't control the other guns

ID: h7oddro

I actually think it’s well balanced, I’ve just been burned so many times in the past I assume anything I love will be nerfed lol

ID: h7ofk8m

It kind of feels like how I hoped the Repeater would feel.

ID: h7od4nt

I don't see why they would nerf it.

It is probably the first gun they've released that acts as advertised. It feels like an lmg, shoots like an lmg, and gets you killed like an lmg if you think you can outshoot any assault rifle or smg.

I haven't even seen a huge amount of people bitch about it..... yet

ID: h7ovyv8

Everyone’s in a state of shock over not being able to bitch about shitty servers to post about the rampage.

That and Seer being fairly strong means this will fly under the radar for a bit longer.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:53 ID: h7o77p4

Fun weapon, performing exactly as designed for a decent mid-long range. At high skill close to mid range you still get rekt by other weapons, but it holds the ground ok at mid and long excels. Very fun to handle and shoot too.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:48 ID: h7o6ny0

Losing close-range but seems fantastic mid-range.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/04 14:00 ID: h7ofcxn

I really like it, fits my playstyle perfectly.

Feels like firing the single shot Hemlock but with less effort.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:22 ID: h7o3w9m

Goddamn, what a satisfying gun to use! I haven't spammed Rampage every game, but from what I've seen, it absolutely slaps at mid/long range. I haven't found much success with it at close quarters though, but that might be because I don't really like to rev it up with a thermite.

ID: h7o4f4p

I've been running R301 + Rampage and that combo shreds.

Maybe a tad weak at close range overall instead of running an R99/Volt/Prowler but at midrange you will be unstoppable.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:51 ID: h7oe96s

Anyone tried picking up a new sight while you charge with thermite? Doesn’t finish charging and you can’t recharge till you swap guns again. (Only verified on firing range so far)

12 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:26 ID: h7ob3cc

People need to stop calling this thing op. The season's been out for a day. If you feel like you're getting killed by this thing in a disproportionate amount of games, it's cause everyone wants to use the shiny new gun. I knew quite a few people who thought the 30-30 was op cause they got killed by it a lot when season 8 launched. And then a week passed and everyone realized the gun was just ok. Give the game a week or two to settle before we start demanding nerfs. This thing is not the bow or the spitfire. Yes it slaps at mid range but that's the whole point of the gun. Up close, it won't stand a chance against ARs and smgs.

ID: h7p06dq

To an extent its the same thing with legends. Im not saying that Seer isnt powerful, but he feels especially so right now because every single squad in the lobby is using him. This community jumps to conclusions WAY to fast. People were already talking about how OP seer would be and how they should nerf him before he was even added into the game

13 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:56 ID: h7o7ju3

Extremely strong and yet balanced. It's honeslty the first weapon they've introduced where I feel like it's In a decent spot.

ID: h7p3e8y

I thought the volt was pretty good at launch too.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/04 14:12 ID: h7ogxn4

Tried it in firing range yesterday and I’m not a fan. I feel like there are better alternatives (at least in my hands) for every range this gun is supposed to be good at. I’d rather use the Hemlok or Bocek.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:19 ID: h7o3n5p

It's a very satisfying weapon to knock someone with. I used it with a 3X scope and it destroyed. Finding thermite has become a major issue for me though. But it's nice that is my only issue for a change!

ID: h7o6300

The 3x and 2-4x are both really nice on it. Turns it into the G7’s meaner sibling.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/04 15:16 ID: h7opqqz

If the P2020 was a lmg, this would be it

17 : Anonymous2021/08/04 16:14 ID: h7oyaof

I feel like at lower level ranks, from my experience at least, its the gun that everyone picks and it gets so annoying to be constantly killed with it. This may just be because it's a new weapon and everyone is super hyped about it tho

18 : Anonymous2021/08/04 16:17 ID: h7oyn9e

Not a fan of the gun without the rev, the design is awesome and overall it feels like a solid choice to pick along a AR but it definitely doesnt feels like the usual S tiers we are always used to. (It Is not Op)

19 : Anonymous2021/08/04 13:39 ID: h7ocq17

This weapon is nutttttyyyyyyyyyyyy WHEN loaded with a thermite, its pretty mediocre without.

That being said, a 3x rampage with thermite loaded is one of the most insane close / mid guns ever, being able to unga bunga kids through doors is hilarious and nobody plays around it.

In a season of absolutely off the wall broken shit (Seer, Prowler) the rampage is surprisingly well tuned.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/04 18:53 ID: h7plgei

Played my first game as Seer and found a gold rampage off the drop. I got a 2k badge, the win, first win badge, squad wipe badge, deadeye badge and the win as kill leader badge.

Seems fiiiiine.

ID: h7pz1ze

Don't undersell yourself king/queen, this was all you.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/04 12:16 ID: h7o39rd

May have a slow fire rate but damn is that hip fire accurate up close

ID: h7ob9dm

Accurate? W tf i go through a whole clip trying to hip fire someone

ID: h7oh7au

Lol i'll swear to god i'm not lying when i say that i've won 3 1v1's against a rampage at close range with melee


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