Respawn Tech?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:07 ID: lz60u8

I was reading the new Pathfinder book, and in the interview with Wattson it said "He (Blisk) had to work with a nanotech specialist to figure out how to build and install respawn beacons from scratch." so now i have a theory. a legend banner has DNA or just a small sample of the legend's hair. you may have noticed that the dead bodies of Legends disappear after a few seconds, seemingly dissolving. my theory is that the dissolving flesh may be compacted into the banner card, and when you insert it into the nanotech Beacon, they are reassembled, then teleported to a dropship. Or maybe, the card is sent to a dropship and they are reassembled in the Ship. But that's just a theory. A GAME THEO-

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 17:13 ID: gpzhbcp

The thing is, Manny said that respawn banner cards are just a gameplay machanic.

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He may have said that, but it is acknowledged in world, so OP's question makes sense.

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Yeah respawn beacons and banners are the biggest point of contention. That tweet implies they're non-canon but he was answering something else.

It's a really awkward situation because it's acknowledged in the book. People do apparently perma-die in the ring, and being knocked out of the game doesn't necessarily mean being killed. Gibraltar, for example, has been mentioned to just KO his opponents.

But if any legends fought each other, one of them must have died. Rev and caustic are known for killing. The book even mentions that they leave a wake of bodies behind them. So if any other legend went up against them and lost, they would have been fatally wounded.

It's in the same weird quantum state as the respawn beacons in Borderlands. Where it both exists and doesn't exist canonically.

I think they just don't want to address it directly because it's a big can of worms. Why would anyone ever die in universe if they can respawn them? Forge should be able to come back, so on.

FrozenFroh had a theory on how it might work, here, if respawning is canon. You could probably say some people die because they don't get warped back. The Legends who make a good chunk of money based on popularity probably have a dedicated staff member hovering over the button to make sure they're fine to fight another day.

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Odd, considering that they were present in the original launch trailer for the game, which was confirmed canon by the Pathfinder Book

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Well In the launch trailer when mirage "dies" wraith comes back to the building they were just in and grabs mirages respawn card

Plus I think I heard they more interested on building character lore but not so about the games

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That’s no fun.

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Yeah if I'm being honest I hate how we take one off tweets as canon, I'm always trusting what's in a published lore book over one dev tweet

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 00:21 ID: gq1pgf5

I swear respawning is gonna be ApexLore's version of Poe's Orangutan... Can we please follow suit and never make another post about it please and thank you

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What's poes orangutan?

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 04:21 ID: gq2dlxi

Here is my theory as to how the respawn chambers work. After a legend dies, one of the staff comes and picks them up. The dead legend are then taken to a respawn chamber which is either under or away from the map. The legends are reborn and using a respawn beacon is just a mechanic set up by the creators of the apex games. After using the beacon, the legends are sent in via dropship. Another possible explanation is that the legends are cloned before the match even starts and all they are doing by activating the respawn beacon is waking up the clones. BUT HEY-

5 : Anonymous2021/03/08 01:14 ID: gq5uj0e

So gameplay wise, we play as Gibby/Wraith/Bang etc. against other Gibbies/Wraiths/Bangs. They are the top level of their sport, the absolute best and as such they are the legends we all play as.

I think, in Lore, there would be the legends we play as vs hundreds of up and comers and no names and b-list celebrities that aren't part of the game as that's not going to work. This would allow Rev and Caustic to have their wake of body bags, without that meaning there's a bunch of Mirage clones in those bags.


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