Respawn here. We just shipped Apex Legends: Emergence! Ask. Us. Anything.

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EDIT: THE AMA HAS CONCLUDED! Thanks everybody!

In today’s AMA we’ve assembled some of the lead devs from the team that brought you the Emergence update—including Seer, the Rampage LMG, the latest World's Edge update, and Ranked Arenas.

Today's AMA officially opens at 11:30am PT and runs until 1:00pm PT.

Got questions? Hit us.

Below is the list of devs participating in today’s AMA, along with their area of focus. Feel free to point specific questions at any of us by tagging us.

_Jello" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">_Jello
- Game Designer

- Senior Game Designer

-AmandaD - Lead Writer

-Travis - Gameplay Engineer

- Director of Comms

_quazz - Senior Level Designer

- Team Director, Respawn Vancouver

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This isn't a fun answer, but I don't think I can answer any of these without spoiling future reveals, especially things we'd like to explore through skins.

The one I can answer is that Wraith always hears the voices, but has found a way to tune them out over time when needed.


We briefly looked at Fragment as we are aware of the communities feedback in regards to a lot of the players landing there. Fragment is a massive central POI and we would require a lot of planning, iteration, and playtesting as we would want to make sure we nail it. That being said, we won't rule out anything for the future. We hear you and the community and are paying attention.

We had around the same amount of time for development on the map update for any other season map update. Season 9 development was a little different as we were introducing Arenas and that took up some of our art resources for Olympus. We always try and push for fresh new spaces that really make the map feel new! Stay tuned, we got some stuff coming 🙂


Nope, it'll be sooner than that.


Thanks! Glad you're liking the gun 🙂 We currently like the choice of having to use up the charge before charging it up again.We want the moments to charge to be meaningful and I'd worry if you could keep toping it up you'd end up trying always stay in the Revved up state. We like the risk reward of knowing when is the right time to charge it up.


Thanks! I made a note of this in case trying it in firing range helps lead to the fix.


With Apex, we have some levers that we can tune with a patch and some that we can tune on the fly. Regardless there's a whole testing process that we have to go through and as much as I'm sure we'd love to be able to do these things instantly the reality is that we can't, and they can take some time to go through the process and ultimately be released.


Yep, looking into it


Just to clarify, the intent was strong and not broken. I think you can look back at some of our previous legends and see that we missed the mark there, where they were picked a lot in the first week and then they fall into obscurity. At the end of the day we just can't know exactly how something is going to land in the wild with 100% accuracy. Seer is too strong right now and we'll be looking to adjust him soon in an upcoming patch.


I'll just tackle #2 since the others are addressed elsewhere in the thread:The level cap is one of those features that has existed for a long time and we've been looking to update it for along time too but we plan to do this in a few phases. First we are planning to straight up increase the cap with maybe a couple small changes in the mix but we also want to future proof it with some of the other progression mechanics we are developing that are not yet ready. With that said we may hold out a little longer to ensure these core systems are as consistent and stable and future proof as we can with fewer bigger changes rather than constantly making small changes.All of that is to say you can expect a more significant update to the whole system in the future with a possible level cap between that larger update when our other progression system features are ready for prime time.


The cone on Bloodhound's tac is much more generous than the cylinder for Seer's tac. It's pretty easy to walk to up a POI and tag everyone in it with Bloodhound whereas Seer's tac isn't nearly as easy to hit enemies with.


This is right! We weren't sure exactly which hop-up we were doing until relatively late in the process. We'll get around to it probably next season.


Horizon's backstory and personality were ultimately created by Sam Gill, but the part I got to develop was making sure her connection to her son and her representation as a mother--especially a working mother--felt authentic. I channeled a lot of my own persistent fears of ever not being around to protect my son, especially with all the stresses of the past couple years. I also drew from what is probably the strongest emotion I've ever felt: my love for my son and my desire to move heaven and earth to give him a good life. Horizon's unflappable optimism and almost superhuman ability to surpass every seemingly insurmountable obstacle to make her son happy and safe is an inspiration and a mindset I happily inhabited in 2020.


Yes, as of right now, that is usually how we approach Town Takeovers. Maybe in the future that could change, that's the benefits of working on a live service game 🙂




I personally like the idea of supporting it at the settings level but I'm really not the guy who owns these decisions. Nevertheless I can take this on to the team and raise visibility on it!To your other note: I've heard a lot about that re: sounds being audible across the map. If I had to guess I'd say it's because of the way our servers send updates about the map (whole world data is transferred every tick). We have a strike team working on audio right now which we hope will help us solve some longstanding issues. We know there's work to be done here.


We generally look at holes in our roster of weapons and have a bunch of prototypes in the works. It just comes down to deciding what the best gun to focus on next and finding the right time to release it. Good suggestions, what do you think a smg that uses arrows would look like?


Balance and meta is always going to be a moving target as new things get added to the game. We've heard the Wattson feedback and know that players are eagarly awaiting changes, there's stuff actively in the works right now but I can't get into the specifics today.I don't think you can just look at the cooldowns to compare the two abilities. One has multiple charges and leaves behind a fence in the world that can have a persitant impact until its destroyed. The Seer tac goes off and hits some targets or it doesn't and then its totally done.We were aiming to differentiate the enemy/allied Seer abilities with the addition of the red tinting applied to the VFX. I know readabilitiy has come up a few times with the VFX for Seer and we're going to be taking a look at them to see what can be done to help with that.


Definitely a bug if it's still happening. I thought this was fixed? I'll double check what's happening but yes, recalling should not use up a tactical charge.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:43 ID: h7yt8ko

Is there plans for custom lobbies? atleast for arenas so friends with more than 3 people can play together or maybe potential for modes that supports more than 3 people?

ID: h7z4k1s

Oh man custom arena lobbies would be so fun, if it's done like valorant customs I'd be so down

4 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:35 ID: h7ys5h8

Sometimes in Arenas i cant charge my Sentinel or Rampage, sometimes it gets fixed by the next round: sometimes not. Are there any fixes in the works?

ID: h7yu24g

It's definitely on my radar. It doesn't repro in dev like it does on live, which has made it a little hard to track down. I'm hoping to get a fix out as soon as I can.

ID: h7yz11w

This happens very consistently for me when I go into the firing range and pick up only a rampage to charge it, both before picking up a thermite and after. I have to drop the weapon and get a new one to get it to charge.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:24 ID: h7yywpa

Why was proximity interact changed sometime in 2019, without any mention in the patch notes? It's frustrating that we aim at our teammate to revive behind a door and the door flies open. This was not the case in season 0, but at some point in time you changed it without saying anything. Can we get some clarity on this and if we can get this ever changed in the future because it's an awful mechanic.

ID: h7yzd7g

i want to know about this too!

6 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:35 ID: h7ys3z6

Any ETA on the next gen update for apex?

ID: h7ytp7l

Yes, please, it’s been 9 months!

ID: h7yu7lq

Oh man, I WISH I had an update to share but we can't say anything definitive at the moment—so can't spoil anything here. Trust us tho, it's in the works and we're excited about it too

ID: h7yuptm

Any rough timeline on Cross Progression? Or maybe share some light on what the issue is that has prevented it for so long now?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:05 ID: h7ywa9f

" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

I use a custom controller layout on XSX and i've mapped my Ping button to D-pad up. I am not able to ping the overhead map while using this configuration. While on the overhead map, it says to use RB for pinging however this does not work. I'm not able to ping the overhead map at all. Pinging while playing works fine but it's literally impossible to ping the map. This has been going on for a few seasons and even got acknowledged by Jason McCord on twitter but with no fix yet.

ID: h7yxrke

Thanks for bringing this up, I was not aware of it. I'll make sure this gets looked into if it's not already!

ID: h7yyggf

I would like to add that this problem is also on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. I have the ping button mapped to X instead of the default R1, and can not ping the map. Additionally, when in your inventory, the command to ping or request items reverts to R1.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:09 ID: h7ywthj

Is there any update to Loba's ult in Arenas?

ID: h7yytg7

This one has been extra tricky but I would love to see this fixed ASAP. It's obviously crucial to her kit (even in Arenas) and pains me to see it not working 100% of the time.

ID: h7z2i7h

Would it be possible to reverse the change on Crypto's drone in Arenas?

Recalling it and deploying it again is crucial to play him effectively.

Why should recalling it before it gets destroyed eat up ability charge? Isn't it the same as caustic picking up his barrels?

9 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:49 ID: h7z2bvv

Could we please have the Cap on random favourites removed? It’s annoying because I wanna be able to use more than 8 of the skins I’ve bought but can’t. Could we also get random favourites for finishers?

10 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:42 ID: h7yt51g

Will Crypto receive a buff anytime soon?

ID: h7yyoi7

Crypto is being looked at and should be getting some improvements in the future just not sure when they're coming

Maybe a way to use the drone on the fly....

11 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:35 ID: h7ys4qp

What are you going to do about many legends that need buffs/reworks to keep up with the recon legend rush meta? Wattson taking 60 full seconds to be able to have ONE fence is extremely underpowered compared to Seer being able to use his tactical every 30 seconds to get: - 8 Second full visual on enemy WITH health bars - Stun - Flashbang - Heal/Revive Cancel through walls - Damage

Can we also get the enemy team’s Seer tac and ult colored differently fully? It’s so hard to tell who’s ult is who’s when there are multiple seers

Other than that the Season launch was very clean and the best in a while.

ID: h7ytz9f

"Thanks for your comments"

12 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:29 ID: h7yra3j

How do y’all feel about how seer has launched and should we be expecting any balancing on him soon?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:35 ID: h7ys3te

Hey Team! Thanks for checking in.

Bangalore has been hit hard right now with the introduction of Seer. The utility of her smoke screen is canceled out by multiple legend abilities as well as the digi threat sight. Are there any plans to buff our girl Bangalore back into meta or do devs think she’s in a good place this season?

ID: h7yyirg

Yo, I am a Bangalore main and I feel for you! I have expressed the same feelings towards the legends balancing team and hopefully, we can see our girl get the buff she needs 🙂

ID: h7z028v

Bangalore mains: there are dozens of us! DOZENS!

14 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:30 ID: h7yzs9a
Yo Respawn! can we talk about QOL, annoying things and maybe some nice to haves?

Specifically /

_Jello" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">_Jello
/ /-Travis

There are many things that you have addressed for the past 2 and some years but there are some issues and bugs that persist, that as a seasoned player, become more and more frustrating when I encounter them. Im sure there are many on a list somewhere you guys have to address but some of them just get frustrating to experience.

QOL: Gold armour; Hold to swap, it shouldnt be a thing. Every armour should be a click to swap if it has more health than the one I am wearing. QOL/BUG: Jumppad doublejump healing; Taking a jumppad and starting a heal gives the promt to "double jump", it however does not let you "double jump". Either its a balance choice and the promt shouldnt be there or it doesnt work as intended. QOL: Valk abilities; A character with abilities that rely on open sky above her can be really screwed over in situations where you dont know theres something above you. If I cant use an ability because something is obstructing it, the icon should show thatto me before I try to use it. QOL: Deathbox order; "Special" items should not adjust the order of a death box. Knowing where an armour to armour swap is important, having "vault key" appear above it in the lists messes with the expectation. QOL: Reviving/Looting; These are issues that affect a multitude of situations not jsut with reviving & looting but its by far one of the more annoying. Trying to armour swap on a box next to a downed teammate most of the time will warp you to the teammate to revive, this will result in you missing the armour swap and dying, not cool. QOL: Audio mix; Not talking about footsteps and stuff here, announce level ups/kill leader lines, the SFX for these can drown out any useful soundcues that might be played. The ability to turn them down or not have the excessive sfx associated with these things would be wonderful. QOL/BUG?: "Invisible" BH scan; You can be scanned by a BH with no visible "scan" on your end, this can be done as BH by looking down slightly when scanning but not having the knowledge of where a scan came from gives you no counter potential. BUG: Ghost grenade; With a grenade if you throw it and start healing, when the heal finishes you have a grenade in your hand that you can try to throw but never will because it doesnt exist. BUG: Octane stim melee; Octane still suffers from an issue where you stim and can't melee during the animations.This is replicatable if you stim, wait as it gets towards the end of the stim, then start reloading a gun but DONT FINISH the reload and attempt to melee. You will not be able to melee until stim duration ends.

Here is a video that showcases issues 1,2,8,9

00:00 - gold armour hold
00:09 - jumppad healing doublejump
00:14 - ghost grenade bug
00:35 - octane stim melee bug

15 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:38 ID: h7yshhm

Is there currently no voiceline for boosted loader? When i ping it they say "I need a hopup"

ID: h7yucwn

They do voice lines in batches. The QuickDraw/hammer points/anvil were all in the same boat at one point or another

16 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:39 ID: h7ysmr5


-Eric /-Travis /_Jello

I REALLY dont intend to say this in a rude manner but I am genuinely curious what is the thought process leading to an ability which can:

give wallhacks for 8 seconds

reveal health info

IS NOT 1 person wide as DZK said


flash your screen


deal damage

cancel heals

cancel revives

and applies all of the above effects through walls, and has 75 meters range

Even on paper, how is this fair, fun, and balanced in any way?

ID: h7yubsy

Don’t forget, “recharges every 30 seconds” and dzk also said “enough time to move out of the way”.

ID: h7ywnin

And a 90 second ult.

The fact he can use his ult so fast off drop is ridiculous.

ID: h7ywgxp

the hitbox is also broken as well, you can stand by the edge and still get hit.

ID: h7yvry2

Blinded for a whole second mid gun fight is so much fun.

Also please emphasize the ability to deal a death blow through walls, unlike crypto.

ID: h7z3ng6

His tactile ALONE makes the entire recon class basically obsolete

17 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:07 ID: h7ywj9w


Thoughts on an end game encyclopedia to keep track of the story? I follow things fairly closely and I just saw yesterday something about Gibby being married that I had no idea about.

ID: h7yy5v5

Thoughts on an end game encyclopedia to keep track of the story? I follow things fairly closely and I just saw yesterday something about Gibby being married that I had no idea about.

This is definitely something we want as well. It's hard to track all our bits of lore, especially with a live service game that keeps going. All I can say is something is in the works...

18 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:53 ID: h7yuosc

Not sure if anybody asked this already. But since the emergence update, many of the community is having 100% CPU usage while playing the game, denying us from loading maps and i've been missing out on the latest season because of this. Can you please address this? When can we expect this to be fixed and finally play the game again?

19 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:39 ID: h7ysq7i

Bloodhound was nerfed not that long ago because their scan was getting "free assists" in Ranked to players that didn't proide much more than a location. What is the reflexion behind giving Seer damage on his own scan, effectively walking around that issue with BH and giving, in the end, "free assists" to Seer too? Was it an oversight or was there actual purpose behind it?

But other than the obvious Moth in the room, I'd also like to say that so far, the new locations and new weapon feel absolutely amazing to play in and with, so good job on that part! I'm sure Seer will come into line soon enough too.

ID: h7ywa92

The more I see about seer the more I think he is just ment to replace crypto and bloodhound

20 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:00 ID: h7z3wg9

Mirage seems to be seriously hit by Seer, who can detect the real Mirage by just using his passive. None of the other recon legends can do that, so it's quite unfair for Mirage mains I feel. Hopefully we can get a Mirage-specific adjustment for this?

21 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:08 ID: h7yws0o

I have a few lore related questions about my two favourite characters for

-AmandaD that I hope can be answered! In no particular order:

• How far past Wattson’s face does her scar extend? Lots of artists draw it down her arm and I’m curious as to what’s accurate.

• In a similar vein to the above question, does Wraith have implants on her body in the locations that correspond with the nodes on her suit? Also does she have a tattoo/mark of some kind that correlates to her test subject number 61137? Again, this is something many artists draw so I’m curious.

• Will poor Wraith catch a break any time soon? 🙁

• If you can answer this one without obviously spoiling anything, will we ever have any clarification on how the Voices from the Void work? Does Wraith hear a hum of voices at all times or is it only when she is in potentially dangerous situations?

• Can we expect any lore development for Wattson that isn’t just her being a catalyst for change in the lives of Caustic and Crypto? Any lore for just her?

Hopefully you can answer some without spoiling future plots. Thanks in advance! 🙂

ID: h7z04eq

This isn't a fun answer, but I don't think I can answer any of these without spoiling future reveals, especially things we'd like to explore through skins.

The one I can answer is that Wraith always hears the voices, but has found a way to tune them out over time when needed.

ID: h7z0k9s

Aw 🙁 thanks anyway! As a follow up if you can answer, are the voices always warning of potential danger to other Wraiths or does she hear mundane things? It’s a head canon of mine that some Wraiths belittle Wraith for making mistakes and stuff.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:59 ID: h7yvh9b

Arena Ranked could use balancing:

Allow us to see our Teammate's Ranks or if they have none, we know they doing placements. Allow us to see enemy Ranks and Banner info too so we can see their ID for reporting them if cheater or not as well. Nades need to be reduced from 3 to 2. I kid you not, I got nade spammed by 6-9 arc stars and dodge them all in the Portal Map. Some Weapons are purchased too soon, Prowler and Wingman for example. R-301 does little damage and we can't even select it. Legends shouldn't be able to spam ults every single round. Broken ones are Wraith Portal, Loba Black Market and even Mirage Clone ult (yes, Mirage in the right hands can be annoying lol). AP needs better adjustments, was gaining 14-17 in Plat II yesterday then later 25 after winning more matches and as I got closer to Diamond IV. I started getting 30-38. Day 1 I was getting 100s. Day 2 79-90s. I heard it based on win rate % and this seems true somewhat and I solo queued from Gold III to Diamond IV. I also beat Master players and only got a small 30 AP from that hard fought win. Was disappointed because how hard it was. Allow us to know if our teammate has a Gold Backpack and even their ults Pinging healing items dropped is still bugged Some abilities need price adjustments. Silence, Knuckle Buster, Focus, Missiles (200 too high for this. 150 is balance as it barely used), Grapple and even Stim and Void. Rampart Walls need increasing too.
23 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:46 ID: h7ytper

When will we able to hi-5 mrvn


please let us able to hi-5 MRVN

24 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:41 ID: h7yt05o

Any updates on cross progression?

25 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:46 ID: h7ytpy0

What are some of your favorite "Ben and Jerrys Graveyard" style features that never made it into the game over the seasons? What was your favorite thing created that just could not be put into the game for one reason or another?


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