My opinion on who should get the golden backpack.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:08 ID: p5gsml
My opinion on who should get the golden backpack.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:34 ID: h95tf0z

Wraith and Rev higher, people have pointed out Wraith but you can successfully disguise a revive with a glowy red orb.

ID: h960k7e

Or block off doorways or use the totem to do a risky revive

ID: h9650pq

This. Rev ult isn't just for pushing enemies

ID: h95wpc2

In terms of sound it masks it pretty well too

ID: h96fext

People forget about wattson revives too. She has a different animation, and a different revive sound. If her ult is up, if can be very difficult to hear her reviving someone.

ID: h96nebj

I've also used his ult to run into the storm to do a quick revive and bail Although that strategy works better when recovering a banner from the storm

ID: h96a7ai

I agree with Rev and also fuse. I’ll often shoot his tactical at all egress points then Rez.

ID: h96z50m

the problem is Wraith mains never revive, so no

3 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:10 ID: h95q0ux

Wraith should be in yellow, I often portal out a downed ally and revive them at the other end

ID: h95sqjj

Under this same logic, Octane is a pretty viable reviving character compared to all of the green legends here. I play as my main, and throwing a jump pad at a downed friendly so they can bounce out of a firefight is something that I find myself doing quite often.

ID: h967iu6

Octane might be more useful if a specific type of person wasn't attracted to the character.

ID: h96gsip

Not really a portal is easily camped meanwhile a jumpad is signing your death certificate due to how much the opponents can do with it

ID: h96m8v5

Agreed. Honestly mobility legends aren't bad choices for backpack because they can disengage and get to downed teammates quickly.

ID: h95rjav

Octane can pad people out.

ID: h96ufyd

And give the enemy a nice juicy target to shoot in midair as opposed to portal which they can’t shoot

4 : Anonymous2021/08/16 15:42 ID: h963ejr

This is the list:

1 - Person playing who is most likely to revive regardless of legend.

2 - Everyone else.

ID: h96j2u8

As a medic octane I can confirm, I usually pull off some really crazy plays to revive my teammates so being so bottom tier hurts my feelings lol

That being said if there’s a lifeline or mirage they definitely get priority

ID: h96wsw5

Right? Octane's jump pad to safety revive services are underrated.

ID: h96nybk

I feel ya!

ID: h96ir1i

Bro, if you playin' lifeline and you ain't revivin'... Just don't...

ID: h96z7n0

step 1: play lifeline

step 2: golden backpack

step 3: die

step 4: ???

5 : Anonymous2021/08/16 15:22 ID: h960dyd

i disagree with a few of these.

wraith's portal is very good in certain scenarios, and honestly octane's pad could be good too for getting both himself and the downed ally away from combat quickly.

also, i play a lot of fuse and i have to say that, on multiple occasions, i've managed to pull off a revive because i've been able to block a doorway with the extended duration of the buffed cluster grenades - giving me enough time to get a teammate up while being fairly confident i won't be pushed.

my final thought is that caustic should be in the same tier as bangalore; he's a defensive legend who excels in secure spaces (perfect for revives), while also being able to provide cover with his nox gas (nearly as effective as bangalore's)

ID: h976mn9

Caustic should be in the same level as Bangalore. Should Bangalore be in the same level as mirage and gibby? No

ID: h97fx85

absolutely agreed

6 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:16 ID: h95qv5e

Wraith in orange, the portal is really useful

ID: h95su2j

If you don't get followed

ID: h95sy0o

Most apex players know entering an enemy's portal is a bad idea, from what I've seen at least

ID: h95wl9v

If you’re getting followed you can be for certain it’s a new player.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:40 ID: h95u81o

In my opinion :

S+ : lifeline (lifeline :3) S : Gibby (bubble is too strong) A : caustic, bangalore, mirage (they can hide the rez) B : octane, wraith, horizon (they can put away knocked mates) C : revenant, crypto,seer, pathy, rampart, Wattson, fuse (they can protect themselves during and after the rez so the mate can reset. Path can offer a easy escape for reset. Revenant can block path and sight. Seer and crypto can see when ennemies push) D : BH, Loba valk ( can't do anything special, except for valk but her ult too weak for escaping)
ID: h95ut39

Revenant silence works great for blocking sight and paths while you revive, seer can put a bubble down where you can't be surprised while reviving, both super useful.

ID: h967vv8

Mirage should be up one tier. Imo, give it to lifeline first, if not available then give it to a Mirage. His invisible rez comes in so handy when reviving, especially with a golden backpack. I've done it so many times in arenas in front of enemies. Because think about it, Gibby's dome is very useful in long range. But in close range, there's not much he can do but the bubble will still provide a bit of cover. But this doesn't mean that Gibraltar should move a tier down. He is good where he's at due to his bubble still being useful. Mirage on the other hand, even in close range is handy. If the enemy doesn't spot Mirage's holo emitters, teammates can be revived easily. Even if they do spot Mirage after coming into a room or a corner, chances are you bought yourself a few seconds while in the middle of reviving and can bring up your ally with the golden backpack.

But lifeline definitely be at the top cuz lol, she's lifeline. S tier should be Gibby and Mirage.

ID: h96u79l

Yup. I use Mirage in arena all the time. When using lifeline, they’ll often thirst. When mirage, they usually don’t know what’s going on and where I am so I get a free revive off.

ID: h96whbg

This right here boys. My only small change would be to move rev up to B. Totem res is definitely really clutch. As with anything, this all depends on the players. I’ve played with lifelines using gold bags that would rather take a 1 v 3 than attempt the Rez...

ID: h96ducn

Mirage should be way higher, imo S+. Whenever I play arenas as mirage I buy the backpack ASAP and then revive my whole team twice over each round laughing my ass off at the enemie's frustration. Similarly I've won a duos game when there was one squad left by reviving, respawning then reviving again my teammate with better aim than me.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/16 15:26 ID: h9612oc

Is this a ranking of the characters or the people that play them? Lol no way Octane should have his own tier at the bottom based on abilities.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:36 ID: h95tn7d

Random lifelines very rarely revive

ID: h95zo53

Yeah, I main LL and I once got one as a random, we had cover and she didn't use her Res?

ID: h966id6

I’ve had lifelines literally run over me on their way to go find a fight. Just tap the button once PLEASE

ID: h960d4p

Random lifelines are the fucking worst. They literally never revive.

ID: h96oizb

No you got it all wrong. Random lifelines do revive right when you are in the middle of an empty field so the enemy team can thrist you without pushing.

ID: h963zo0

Or drop their drones for their teammates. I hate when someone besides me picks up lifeline

10 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:13 ID: h95qcie

Why is octane lower, he can at least throw pad to help, same with wraith. Why are horizon and seer higher?

ID: h96q3o3

I think it’s a joke and yeah your points are valid but when have your randoms ever had brain cells which is what I think op is getting at

11 : Anonymous2021/08/16 15:39 ID: h962z8v

Who actually gets the golden backpack:





Literally anyone else

ID: h96njk2

Usually Loba who can see it first or uses black market to steal it first.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:49 ID: h96n54n


Oh no no no no no! There’s another squad!

Ugh! I’m down! No bueno!

A tale as old as time.

ID: h96u169

You forgot

(483m away)




13 : Anonymous2021/08/16 14:49 ID: h95vl9u

Idk if your tiers are in order but I’d put bang lower. Wraith way higher. And honestly If you trust the octane then he’s not a bad medic either. I’ve had so many times where my friend throws a pad at my downed body to escape to cover.

ID: h9672wa

I think the joke is that octanes often take the gold even if they have a lifeline on the team without a gold backpack.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:41 ID: h96uyvx

Fuzes tactical actually makes him really good at reviving this season, you can get a whole revive off while it's going?


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