Would I be considered trash here? Or average? I’m trying to figure out where I land skill wise within the player base. Someone help me out.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:28 ID: p5jkfp
Would I be considered trash here? Or average? I'm trying to figure out where I land skill wise within the player base. Someone help me out.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:06 ID: h96gflb

If you are considered trash, then I guess I am nonexistent in this game.

ID: h96tns9

Guess I really should uninstall with my 0.17 KDR.

ID: h96uwf9

Keep you head up king

ID: h977dyn

how do you do, fellow garbage?

ID: h97bsl3

No, please don't, we need you! 😉

3 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:32 ID: h96b7f6

Above average as far as KD is concerned. The average player hovers around 0.9 to 1.0.

ID: h96g59b

i can confirm. i am an average player and i sit at around 1.03 rn but that can and will drop lmao

ID: h979j5i

Thank you. Anyone who tries to say a KD North of 1 is “trash” is lying to themselves. You’re above 50% of the player base right off the rip, at least as far as KD is concerned.

ID: h97sonx

Probably more like ~70% of the playerbase

4 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:30 ID: h96aut9

I’d say average. No one is considered trash, as long as they aren’t toxic. Apex can be a hard sometimes, no one is trash because of it.

I like to see you play lifeline btw

ID: h96d9yt

Thanks, the toxic players are real fun to deal with lol

ID: h96oom5

In ranked had a guy call me trash as I was kill leader with 7 kills and 1500 damage… “I had more kills and damage than you” that end game recap was an Insta screenshot sent it to him… explained numbers to him since he couldn’t figure out 95 damage and 1 kill is less than 7 and 1500

ID: h96xian

You can literally hear how small there dicks are

ID: h96teby

Def not trash. Trash is me with my lifetime .17 KDR.

ID: h96ogwd

You obviously haven't seen me play. I'm TRASH

ID: h96tn36

same - Trash Gang WYA!!!

ID: h96xeo9

You are the person I need on my loba clip... Desperately... Please I agree but... the entire comment section disagrees with this idea.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:39 ID: h96c9zb

Platinum for sure . Which is slighty above average in my eyes.

ID: h96di23

Thanks, I think I'm going to play ranked to see how far I can make it.

ID: h96vzre

I think you can push for diamond. My lifetime stats are slightly higher than yours and I just started playing ranked regularly last season, made it to plat pretty easily first split, diamond the next. Everything leading up to diamond is surprisingly easy but once you’re in diamond as a solo, you either need to be able to 1v3 consistently or get lucky with good teammates

ID: h97ks21

You should definitely try rank games. You see, casual games are not really that casual, they are lobbies full of predators and masters.

I would say you can find much more fun if you play in a rank lobby with players of similar levels of skills.

ID: h96enao

do it if you have a pre, i'd say above average i'm diamond, but i don't see myself that good and your overall kd is higher than mine

ID: h96d5k2

I’d say plat is average for people who play ranked but above average for everyone as a whole

ID: h96dg6h

Well statistically only 30% make it although on a whole I think play is just avg . Because people don’t play ranked and people don’t spend enough time playing apex in general so we get this weird dynamic of mostly gold and silver players

6 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:17 ID: h96rde2

Above average. You can theoretically make it diamond with those stats. Who says average doesn't understand anything

15 max kills and 4 win streak isn't average. I'm diamond and my max kills are 13 and I have a 3 win streak

It also depends if you exclusively play pubs or also ranked. My stats aren't that different (this season I have 1.6 kd, but 300 kills and 8% of wins) but I play ranked solo, so they go down a lot

ID: h97mfj5

Sucks.. Im master but I've never gotten more than 13 kills in a game because my team will kill them before I get a chance to take em out.. Multiple 3ks and 3 6 win streaks though with a 4.5 seasonal kd..

Game sure is weird like that.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:29 ID: h96k07t

K/d is a bad metric to use as a basis of comparison for skill in this game because there are multiple playstyles that can have a huge affect on k/d but not skill.

For example, a high level player may solo queue no-fill trios and drop streamer buildings in fragment which may lead to an overall lower k/d than a stacked team of pub stompers who try to farm pubs for k/d. Additionally, someone who plays ranked more than pubs will usually experience a lower k/d due to the different natures of the gameplay. There are preds with 1.8 ranked k/d’s.

The average k/d in this game is 1 so you are above average in this regard, and I am assuming you are also above the median as well. This does not take into account overall skill as someone with a 1.75kd in diamond lobbies is pretty good.

ID: h96s1me

I can also attest that if you solo queue you are just stuck with whatever randos you get as teammates. K/d is a poor measure in that regard too.

ID: h97161d

My ranked k/dr is always higher than pub, because of two reasons. One, I take the game more seriously, land less hot and don't die off spawn so often. Two, it gets boosted while going through low ranks back up to my proper rank. So what you're saying is not always right. I'd say pred k/dr is low, because the higher rank you go, the more reliant you are on placement and not kills.

ID: h973cd9

“What you’re saying is not always right” is literally the whole point of the comment dude. That’s why kdr isn’t a great basis of comparison because of how it differs with gameplay. You ran head first into the point and still missed it

“Pred kdr is low”…. Which is also the point because the higher skilled players may have lower kdr’s which is again the point of the comment

ID: h97bfme

Wouldn't the overall average KD be slightly less than 1, since people die to silly things like falling off the map, laser beams, or bugs.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:30 ID: h96ato6

It's a BR with the worst matching I ever saw in any game, who cares about stats?

But a KD above 1 is considered okay here.

ID: h96boy4

I only ask cause the matchmaking puts me with a lvl 500 diamond but sometimes also with a lvl 45 player. I just wanna know where I stand lol

ID: h96pi5t

Matchmaking has more to do with recent games than total stats. There’s a very deep physiological and complex algorithm behind matchmaking in games now.

ID: h96yogy

Anything above 1 KD is going to be diamond/high plat easily.

ID: h972sfl

It’s interesting to me that you have 418 average damage and a 1.61 K/D this season. My average damage is 306 and K/D only 0.66. Lifetime I’m 216 avg damage and K/D 0.50. My best season was 9 with .74 and a lot of ranked. I’ve hit platinum and got stuck both seasons that I tried grinding as high as I could.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:04 ID: h96pe23

W/L ratio is good (>6%) K/D ratio also good (1,21%) Your highest dmg is more than correct (3K)

I’d say you play more safe than risky, you’re good and by that I mean above average for sure. Plat easy, you play for the win and not for the scrims.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:11 ID: h96qidk

Above average

11 : Anonymous2021/08/16 20:41 ID: h97d3gs

Not to brag, but I just got Bronze 2. You could say Im kinda a big deal.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:52 ID: h96wksy

There ain't no "average" player out there winning 4 matches in a row. Just saying. You're definitely above average.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:11 ID: h96h5hq

Much better than me.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/16 17:21 ID: h96ithl

Really doesn’t matter have been diamond before with less stats then you right now, really suggest playing with a team if you want to get higher. I am the same if I match solo mainly with someone really high level or someone who has just started the game lol

15 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:16 ID: h96r5y9

My lifetime stats aren’t too incredibly better but my recent season stats are maybe a little better. I mostly solo and I’ve solo queued to diamond twice with something like a 1.8 ranked kdr

16 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:20 ID: h96rq9g

That's a better k/d than I've seen alot of people on this app have

17 : Anonymous2021/08/16 18:24 ID: h96sc8v

If youre asking the internet you will never be good enough

18 : Anonymous2021/08/16 16:29 ID: h96apv8

You’re slightly above average. You’d probably be gold-plat in ranked

ID: h96mpgm

You can be gold/plat with MUCH lower stats. I know this from experience lol.

ID: h96biho

I've made it to gold when I tried ranked one, I normally don't play ranked but my friends wanted me to play with them. I only asked cause the matchmaking for me is all over the place.

ID: h96p14h

I have a 1.5 lifetime KD and I’ve soloed diamond 4 times, so idk. High plat minimum just based on his stats and assuming a reasonable amount of effort.

ID: h96qqkp

I made it to diamond with worse stats lol


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2 years ago

Well my highest kill game is 14, 9 game will streak and about 600,000 lifetime damage. 1.2 Kd. And I only rank Plat so I guess it really matters

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