In Singh Labs there is a board with what look like equations/calculations on it. It’s the same room where Wraith’s audio log could be heard. Are the equations hers?

1 : Anonymous2021/03/02 19:27 ID: lwacio

It looks to me like they’re calculations/equations the likes of which a physicist might write. Obviously Wraith came up with the experiments performed on her, and we know she was a scientist, so does that mean she was a physicist of some sort?

2 : Anonymous2021/03/02 19:55 ID: gpg9jos

I thought she was a pilot that volunteered for the experiments? And my first guess is those equations might be the lead doctor or scientist that experimented on her.

ID: gpgdy09

She was. Her official title was Research Science Pilot, so she was both a Pilot and a Scientist. She designed the experiments for Project Wraith and volunteered to be the guinea pig when nobody else would. I’m just curious if the equations are even related to Project Wraith or if they’re from something else. If they are, they could either be hers or Dr. Singh’s, the Lead Scientist on the Project.

ID: gpgorm5

She was a science pilot which most likely is not the same as combat pilot. She herself was part of the project.


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