Mad Maggie is Back

1 : Anonymous2021/03/04 21:39 ID: lxw5kl

Well...I guess she never really left.

Anyhow - it seems like this event is gonna have some major involvement from Fuse's old friend. For starters, the patch notes mention her by name in regards to the new Takeover LTM, stating: "Maggie sure does know how to throw a party." This line makes it seem like Maggie is directly responsible for this new mode, much in the same way Fight or Fright was Revenant's thing.

And speaking of Revenant in Fight or Fright, we have another similarity: I'm 99.9% sure that Maggie is the announer for this LTM. In the event trailer, at the 0:23 mark, you can hear a voice that is not our usual announcer say "Ring is moving; run, run, run." And while the voice is a bit quiet in the trailer, the vocal inflections on the "run"s are very consistent with an Australian dialect and, well, it also just sounds like Maggie - albeit slightly more subdued than she usually is.

So this raises two big questions:

1) What are the major lore implications of Maggie essentially "taking over" the games? Fight-or-Fright got its canon explanation from the Broken Ghost, where we had it confirmed that the event took place in Shadow Rev's universe. With the second part of the comics not kicking in until after this event ends, I think it's safe to say that this event will set the stage for what we see: both in terms of the Maggie/Fuse relationship and Caustic/Wattson.

2) Is this further confirmation of Maggie being Season 9's legend? So far, only 1 other legend has been canonically involved in an event before they were revealed as a legend, and that same legend was the announcer in said event. Obviously, Revenant became a legend ASAP after the Fight or Fright event. So, if that single sample holds (which is absolutely doesn't have to - this is theory territory) then it's entirely reasonable to assume that Maggie is coming in Season 9.

Of course, we still don't really have any reasons as the why Maggie would become a legend - in fact, her entire character is antithetical to her ever being a legend or having anything to do with the Syndicate - but 60 days is plenty of time for new lore bombshells (no Fuse pun intended) and character development.

Anyway, all that to say, it seems like Maggie is nearly as central to this event as Caustic, and that has some major lore implications - especially moving forward towards Season 9.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/06 11:18 ID: gpxaguo

Good thinking, but I don't think Maggie will become a legend. And not just for in-world reasons. She just seems too similar to fuse

ID: gpye8y0

I also don't think Maggie will become a legend - tho my reasoning is more lore related. I think they could differentiate a kit for her pretty easily - though I also entirely understand your point.


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