Legend Monday: Pathfinder | August 23 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/08/23 11:59 ID: p9yc7k

Welcome to Legend Monday! This discussion thread focuses specifically on a randomly chosen legend.

Today's Legend discussion is focused around: Pathfinder!

Discuss what you like or dislike about this Legend; how it compares to others; playstyle tips and techniques; or anything else that you think would be of value to discuss regarding Pathfinder.

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2 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:12 ID: ha1yl9s

I wish sliding after a grapple didn't punish your cooldown

ID: ha2aog2


3 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:35 ID: ha0x7ns

Path has been my main since season 0 and overall I’d say he’s pretty well balanced atm. All I would say is that he needs a new passive (I like the zoom in and tag idea) and I think his cooldown could be reduced for some of the longer grapples. I feel like most of my grapples have 25+ second cooldown even if I don’t go that far

ID: ha1iifo

Hold up, are you telling me the grapple cool down depends on how far you travel using the grapple?

ID: ha1jt4h


ID: ha209ik

Yes, also vertical distance adds very little to the cooldown compared to horizontal distance. So say you're at the bottom of a tall building and you grapple straight up to the roof, your cooldown will only be about 8 seconds.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:35 ID: ha2aor2

I honestly think that he needs to be smaller. His tactical has a cooldown Nerf so having to hit him in the air every 10 seconds like at launch doesn't happen anymore, and there's a reason why all of the other large characters have a big hotbox but path honestly just doesn't need it.

I also think the second you land should be where the game starts the cooldown of his tactical. You should be able to slide and bhop without it giving you a 26 second cooldown for a super small jump that happened to hit a slope.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/23 21:36 ID: ha319gf

I will say this: Pathfinder’s grapple might be one of the most creative, well-tuned design in FPS history.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/23 20:25 ID: ha2qwhq

I just had a Pathfinder in my squad who was a little kid and he kept shooting friendly Mirage decoys because he thought they were enemies. It was pretty cute.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:30 ID: ha13k6i

Pathfinder is one of the most fun legends in the game with an extremely high skill ceiling (I'd say maybe even the highest of them all). That being said: I genuinely feel like I die quickest with him nowadays. He's almost gibby size in some aspects of his body without fortified, making him an extremely easy target in most scenarios. His grapple has to be used expertially consistently, if you wanna compensate for his enormous hitbox and his passive is super lackluster. I can't see any new player sticking with pathy and having a good time. It's like playing the game on hardcore mode without having the experience to do so.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:44 ID: ha1lozl

literally given any other passive will make him better and possibly viable in comp. Hell even make his passive reduce 15-20 seconds and it might be useful considering how often u hit a beacon.

I mean really even a simple passive like him being able to use ziplines faster is enough, you can clearly track where hes going and you cant spam jump on ziplines anymore

9 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:40 ID: ha0xov6

Pathfinder doesn't feel like a recon legend.

ID: ha0zy0s

He doesn't. He feels like a mobility agent. I have the most damage with him out of all the characters. I asked myself why, it's because I feel like his play style is getting in and out. I was wondering why Timmy used only Pathfinder to get from bronze to pred. I think it's because Pathfinder does everything for himself. The way he recons is by pushing forward lol.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/23 21:38 ID: ha31jdm

Can we get a useful passive yet?

11 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:07 ID: ha1p1gb

Why is path a recon. His only ability that is even centered around intel gathering is used by 4 other recon legends. Just make him an offensive legend at this point. Even Valk is more offensive but at least she has recon abilities off drop and during her ult.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:49 ID: ha24284

How about a new passive where his eye acts like a sniper scope when unarmed ADS

ID: ha260g7

If I had a dollar for every time this was suggested I would have an heirloom by now

13 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:55 ID: ha16omw

There is a quote that sums up playing as Pathfinder

“Being a Robot’s great” -Bender Bending Rodríquez

14 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:25 ID: ha1ak3p

Really hope they give that mono-eye thing for his passive cuz as it stands, his positioning as a recon legend is piss poor.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:35 ID: ha1t56k

He could use a passive ability that isn’t just… survey beacon good.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/23 22:39 ID: ha39wqs

27k kills and counting on zippy boi, hope to get 30k by the end of this season.

favorite legend of all time, his ability to get vertical and height on players/teams is amazing.

Really wish his passive was more useful, even if it were just a sniper scope or something for spotting and his ziplines could be destroyed like octane can do with his jumppad.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:11 ID: ha1h1tr

there is zero reason an original legend does not have a true passive 10 seasons later

18 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:45 ID: ha2c7t1

A flying fridge that’s been nerfed to shit. Still a good character under the above average player, but anyone new to the game or even average will just get melted if using him.

19 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:31 ID: ha1bhaz

pathfinder good

20 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:07 ID: ha1oymz

So, when does he get a real passive?

21 : Anonymous2021/08/23 18:27 ID: ha29kdl

Needs a better passive.

22 : Anonymous2021/08/23 20:05 ID: ha2nxi5

I still think path is one of the best legends since day one. A skilled hand with path is greatly rewarded. Yea he could do or have more but even still a good path can just wreck house and get out of nearly any bad situation.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:26 ID: ha1apt6

Pathfinder is actually an incredibly strong legend IMO. Maybe just a quicker grapple reload time, but idk if it would make him too strong.

By the way there are no other legends with his movement and the amount of push/retreat plays he can do.

There are no other satisfactory plays of pretending to running away/jumping down buildings/bridges just to put a grapple and slingshot back on the right angle.


ID: ha1kk71

Fighting against a good pathfinder is a pain in the ass

24 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:34 ID: ha1ka1y

I would say that pathfinders zip line (ultimate) Path should be able to destroy his own zip line

25 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:50 ID: ha1vcez

He has some of my favorite legendary skins in the game. Always makes me want to play him from time to time when I get bored of my mains (Wattson and Valk currently)

26 : Anonymous2021/08/23 17:12 ID: ha1yk9o

You’re a bum friend

27 : Anonymous2021/08/23 19:15 ID: ha2gm9d

legend monday who?

28 : Anonymous2021/08/23 22:53 ID: ha3bsmm

Passive reword idea: make him faster on zip lines

29 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:19 ID: ha1qqki

Path will always be fun to play. Your hitbox is huge, you’re a sitting duck on the zipline and other legends have WAY more utility, but flying around when you know how to properly grapple will never get boring.

That being said, Path desperately needs changes to push him back into being viable, especially in higher ranked and comp. He used to be a must have back in the old comp days when he was the only one who could scan beacons and his zipline was actually useful. Now you have Octane and Valk and playing for endgame doesn’t really matter. Everyone just fights nonstop.

Pathfinder could desperately use a new, actually useful passive, as well as a buff to his ultimate.

New passive ideas:

1) Eagle Eye - Pathfinder can ADS and get the view of a 4-8 scope to view distant enemies. This would tie in perfectly with his character without being OP. It wouldn’t be digital threat, wouldn’t see through walls, and could help a Path get high ground and scan around to look for third parties or the next place to go with their zipline.

2) Cord Cutter - Pathfinders can cut ANY zipline on the map, whether it’s a map-included one or a zip put down by another Pathfinder. Obviously, this could be game changing and arguably broken, but it would be an insane buff none the less that could have direct effects on gameplay in high ranked and comp. He wouldn’t be able to break jump towers, obviously. Just ziplines.

Buff to ultimate ideas:

•Move faster along ziplines for Pathfinder teams, and have enemies move slower. Say maybe a 20% speed boost for Path teams and a 20% speed reduction for non-Path teams. Apply this to jump towers as well.

This will allow teams with a Path to rotate quicker while also giving a disadvantage to enemy squads. Enemies will still be able to use zips, just slower.

This will be a buff to not only Path, but to his teammates as well. Everyone on a team with a Path on it will move faster on ziplines/jump towers.

Any feedback on my ideas is welcomed! As you can tell by my flair, I love Path and want to see him more viable in higher ranks. I’ve played him since preseason and will continue to do so, with or without buffs, but hopefully the future is exciting for us Path mains.

ID: ha1vgkm

Cord cutting is way too OP. There are certain situations where an entire mid to late game strategy revolves around map-based zip lines.

I think a better buff to ziplines is that you should be able to use your knockdown shield while on a Pathfinder zipline (not a map zipline). You get to decide if you want to play defense or offense while on a zipline and if you play defense, you still have to point the shield in the direction of incoming damage. If you are in a cross-fire you are still SOL.

This preserves the game standard that all legends in motion are vulnerable to damage, with the usual exceptions (Wraith phasing or portal, Rev shadow, etc.), and doesn't make any drastic changes to the game. It utilizes an existing mechanic in a new way.

ID: ha1x2or

I've suggested that Path should be able to cut only his ziplines to avoid being followed as easily. Octanes can do 190 damage to their pad and shoot it as they leave to prevent from being followed. You can't follow Valk. Wraith can be followed but that can't get you anywhere a normal legend can't get.

I could be wrong but there's not so many places only accessible by zip, meaning not be the jump pad or Valk's thing, or a jump tower, that this would break the game.

Also, it's not like this would change much for people camping up high in later circles with two teams left and somehow nobody has an Octane. If I zip my team to higher ground only accessible by zipline it's not like we're going to let the last team come up that zipline. There's little chance of them making it up without dying, especially with the way recoil works on the zipline.

Maybe they let Path not have ridiculous recoil while riding a zip? It's so easy to kill him while he's riding it and he can't shoot back.

Anyway I've been Path main since release. I'm just happy they took away low profile because he's actually massive, so I never understood why they did that. He's not hard to hit. When I play Wattson it's shocking (lol) how short she is. I kinda think Path is fine but I'll welcome more stuff lol.

ID: ha1xd4f

I agree. Cord cutting would be a great buff without being OP, in my opinion.

ID: ha22bte

Great post and ideas. He does need something and any of your suggestion would be welcome. Other recon legends provide more utility, and octane/horizon/valk/wraith better and safer team repositioning.

Pathfinder’s ultimate is 120 seconds, and octanes is 90 seconds. Why does path need to do so much work for an already worse ultimate? you will always be easier to hit on zipline than the freedom of direction a pad gives you despite the floatiness, its why you see octane dominate the ranked and pro scene.

Cord cutting regular map ziplines is probably too much considering some random zones ends, much as i like the idea (imagine a construction game ending). But like you mentioned octane can break his pad, horizon’s tactical disappears, loba can yeet herself, even revant can slither now, and valk can fly or blast the fuck off. Cord cutting way overdue.

Same thing about speed boost, better only for pathfinder to be able to do imo. But he loves ziplines so make them fun adn useful for escapes. Something long overdue is some utility on the zip such as movement speed buff or recoil reduction. Most people forget they nerfed every part of the zipline a grapple before the cooldown nerf and then rework.

Edit: i also want path to grapple downed teammates to cover, maybe even pull them up the way horizon can use her tactical for teammates.

30 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:24 ID: ha1iteq

Just change his passive so he can zoom in on things without needing to have a scope. Maybe a 5x zoom. Obviously you could make it so maybe he can't use his weapon when using said passive but still that wouldn't be bad.

31 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:44 ID: ha0y614

Give him a passive like Crypto's map room when he hits beacons, then he could be an actual recon legend again.

ID: ha0z29v

That's a dope idea but it should be a limited range around the scan beacon and not the whole map

32 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:00 ID: ha0zxv2

Do you guys remember when pathfinder was considered OP and got a nerf to his tactical cooldown. What a lovely time without troubles

ID: ha11136

15 seconds cooldown.

33 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:45 ID: ha1lvvy

New passive: when pre-selected in lobby, I get teammates.

34 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:05 ID: ha10ler

I started playing him a few days ago. I remember not liking the feel of the grapple, but now I absolutely love it.

Remember to jump the moment your grapple hits the floor or wall and you'll YEET yourself so far

35 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:34 ID: ha13yrt

Needs a passive

36 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:02 ID: ha17lp7

Needs a new passive. 90% of the time when I’m scanning beacons, my zip line is already up. And I scan beacons whenever I get the chance.

37 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:14 ID: ha196qq

as respawn already have tons of reworks on the table, what part of the order is path in?

we know wattson changes are being considered after rampart crypto , but is path in-between crypto and wattson or after wattson ?

38 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:34 ID: ha1k7pq

Grapple boi very good. Very nice. That is all.


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