When the devs add a “no fill” mode specifically for the people who throw games to practice, and they still can’t be bothered to use it cause “it’s pubs lol!”

1 : Anonymous2021/08/23 12:49 ID: p9z5fb
When the devs add a "no fill" mode specifically for the people who throw games to practice, and they still can't be bothered to use it cause "it's pubs lol!"
2 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:05 ID: ha10ju9

You know… blurring out the name of the Original poster does nothing… if you leave it unblurred in the picture.

ID: ha10qsw

Woops my bad

ID: ha1f87h

Gotta give better blur jobs, my man

ID: ha1fcuo

That guy got recommended to me so much on Twitter that after seeing braindead negative posts like this multiple times a day I had to block him. Theres so many negative, idiotic apex tweeters it's discouraging.

ID: ha1qkb4

I don't believe you did anything wrong. Never blur out the name of someone that said something publicly.

ID: ha1saav


ID: ha1w76e

Its a pub forum, why should he use the "blur" mode

3 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:26 ID: ha1asfd

LOL calling inhuman a pro player is an insult to the actual pros in the game

ID: ha1efkb

I'm not too into Competitive Apex/Apex Streams. Is this guy just streamer who's good or a pro player who's bottom of the food chain?

ID: ha1j239

From Liquidpedia:

Approx. Total Earnings:$676

LUL. Although that's $676 more than I've made, you definitely can't say that's a pro. His only earning has come from a Twitch Rivals event, which was coincidentally the start of his "pro career"

ID: ha1j529

He's not a pro lol. If you were to put him in a bracket with the other current signed players and pro players he'd be bottom tier.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:34 ID: ha1bt3b

That's why i play no fill. That way I do whatever I want without inconvenienceing my teammates.

ID: ha1qjhv

Taught a friend how to play (kinda) this weekend and we made them play no fill duos literally for that reason

ID: ha1trvl

Why not just duos?

ID: ha291ww

it's just a shame you have to check "no fill" before every match. Sometimes I just ready back up then get stuck with a teammate.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:18 ID: ha19lqb

No fill option should persist your selection though ngl

ID: ha1hk8k

They don't care though.

I tend to take the time from when everyone lands and that wraith is on the other side of the other map alone firing to go "You're too far out, I can't help you" while they're dying repeatedly.

Then I mention they shoulda solo filled and quit shitting it up for the rest of us until they drop.

ID: ha1v0ud

When they drop solo i immediately mute their mic and pings. Drop alone, die alone.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:04 ID: ha10euu

instead of using no-fill option he likes to be a shitty teammate and defending it.

ID: ha1eaaa

I can’t ever see this dude being picked up by an org after this. They typically don’t want players that are PR nightmares to deal with or carry baggage. There’s a reason why Sizz’s ban from Rocket League was a big deal and the org with other people were telling him to clean up his language.

ID: ha1nx6t

I thought sizz was the coach on nrg?

When was he banned?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:03 ID: ha1oi1g

"hopefully you can get out of gold this season"
Imagine rebuking an argument by bringing up the rank.

ID: ha20pl6

The superiority complex of most high rank players is enormous. They appear to think that rank equals intelligence. Their opinions usually show that that's very far from the truth.

ID: ha23mq6

Please do not ever boot up rocket league. Every single game someone gets a few points and immediately looks around at who's score he can quote. Not realizing that you know.. it.. changes.. as you play..

ID: ha2k3cy

And score is rarely a metric of how good overall someone is. It basically just measures how much you’ve touched the ball, and anyone with a bit of game sense knows that you shouldn’t be trying to just touch the ball the entire game.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/23 15:07 ID: ha1ge6w

landing hot isnt the issue, the issue is abandoning your team and then quitting when they come to save you. I dont care if you drop hot every match as long as we are all on the same page and playing tightly.

ID: ha2arnq

i just wish "im warming up" or "its just pubs" didnt translate to "im gonna drop us on top of 5 other teams and get us back to the lobby rq" so often

ID: ha2b38z

the thing is, there's a method to dropping hot, that many people just do wrong. You cant be the last team landing on a building. If you see 3 other teams landing on the garage well before you, call an audible to flip to a different building. every one grab a gun and then you can push in any direction with a significant higher success rate

ID: ha25h20

I hate playing 'chase the wraith or octane' all game because I know the second they go down they'll leave. So I chase them around and play bodyguard, bullet shield if I need to, to make sure they dont go down so I dont have to play duos vs trios

9 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:57 ID: ha16vk9

Would rather have a team mate who isn't great mechanically, but has good team play over some guy like this any day

ID: ha1c18r

You can still be useful without outrageous gun skill, even if it's just pinging enemies and giving good comms.

ID: ha1jgqh

I got a friend request at level 50 because I was a Gibby who sucked with guns, but always pinged and gave good comms and stuck with the team. I got better at gunplay and he got better at communicating, slowly by playing together.

Was the best learning journey of any game I've played for sure.

ID: ha1bxlq

Even if you can't hit a single shot, is rather have you with me as a distracting extra body than in a different area of the map. There have even been plenty of times where I killed the last person and went down myself and 2 of us are down while our third teammate is in a different game.

ID: ha1o8b5

A player who isn't great mechanically but communicates. Preferably microphone or at least pings and acknowledges what he hears. Top tier in my book.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:05 ID: ha1ophr

I know pros love to talk about how there's this divide between the casuals and pros in the Apex scene, but they do absolutely nothing to try and understand why we have such disdain for some of them.

This tweet, reddit post and so many others will just be screenshotted and bitched about by these guys on their Twitter, making fun of by calling us hardstruck gold. I swear sometimes these guys forget that majority of their viewers on Twitch (and probably majority of their twitch income) comes from hardstruck bronze players, so they better tread carefully insulting them like that.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:16 ID: ha19crb

If only no fill didn't have to be clicked every single game.

ID: ha2y34o

And worked half the time, or even had a semi faster queue time lol

12 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:05 ID: ha1oqc4

If being a bad teammate is playing how you want to play...<

There's so much wrong in this statement already, he's just a toxic piece of trash. People shouldn't play team games if they don't care about teammates. If you wanna play how you WANT to play, play a game with solo capabilties. The only reason why these assholes do it in team games is to use their teammates as a distraction while they mop up everyone else's work, which equates to them being even more pieces of trash.

ID: ha23efo

"You don't want to drop fragment? Well, I do, so I'm going there SOLO and you guys are terrible teammates for not grouping up with the team (me)" ..

ID: ha2rexv

Lol "I am the TEAM, come find me, scrubs."

13 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:52 ID: ha16a4u

Yeah. Load in no fill or play warzone.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:37 ID: ha1tfzf

This dude evidently doesn't have the brain power to comprehend how he's being a shithead, no point in trying to convince people like this.

Try not to engage with this guy, I've heard idiocy is contagious.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/23 13:07 ID: ha10tdp

Shitty players gonna be shit. Doesnt matter if they're 'pro' or not. All this does is make him and his team look like trash.

ID: ha1hapr

He’s not a pro at all lol

ID: ha1148l

"omg I'm just practicing on the mechanics! You guys suck that's why you're mad. Definitely not because I'm ruining the game for you. Lol imagine being a casual and having an opinion haha you're just a tool to help us get better"

16 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:44 ID: ha1ug7o

Yes you can use pubs to work on mechanics and skills… and surprise surprise, you can actually play the game while doing so, and play an entire game without your adhd driving you crazy

17 : Anonymous2021/08/23 16:17 ID: ha1qhej

Being a shitty teammate ruins other people’s fun. If you have to ruin someone else’s fun in order for you to have fun then you’re a piece of shit

ID: ha20vck

This. Being good at the game, or wanting to get better, is no excuse for being a dick.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/23 14:44 ID: ha1d6sy

I've used the no fill option to practice a few characters in duo queue . But they really need to make it so the no fill stays checked after you finish a match .Countless times I've entered with a random partner I don't know and end up dying with them spam pinging me and calling me out for everything I did wrong.


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