Buff Wattson, please… and no tricks this time, Respawn.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/31 09:47 ID: pf2lrp
Buff Wattson, please... and no tricks this time, Respawn.
2 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:13 ID: hb1qob2

Fence cooldown needs to be improved. I used to main Wattson and she is quick and fun when being chased as you can lure pursuers into traps.

ID: hb21fv8

Maybe the passive shield regen could be a bit higher

ID: hb22f1u

Nah they’ve already said that won’t happen and listening to multiple pros they’ve all kinda agreed it’s not a feasible buff because it would be too strong. She’s needs a buff to her tactical and ult and possibly a minor rework. Rn there’s no reason for anyone to pick her over Gibby caustic or rampart if going for ranked grind or wins

ID: hb2jowv

Nah if it were any higher than it is it would be too overpowered. As a wattson main more fences are definitely the way to go. Decrease the fence cooldown and also allow her to stack more fences. Maybe 15 second cooldown and up to 6 fences stored at a time.

Whenever I play caustic I never feel the cooldown limits my abilities. Whenever I need a trap, I have one. Playing wattson, I'm constantly finding I need to wait for fences to recharge.

I know the ult buffs it dramatically but come on 60 seconds for a full fence is a bit excessive

3 : Anonymous2021/08/31 11:37 ID: hb1n34l

I legit won a match with a Watson teammate the other day and she used her ult a grand total of ONE time (which never even block an ordnance cause it's just for sniper wars of attrition).

We won but it means we just added to the statistics of Watson's high winrate.

Also, very cute comic.

ID: hb1skek

The first or second highest kills Wattson apparently doesn't use her abilities at all, just thinks she's cute

At 10k kills myself, same

ID: hb21hdq

doesn't use her abilities at all

Pretty sure this is true for almost every high-ranked "Wattson main". They're players that are good enough that they could win a fight on gunskill alone and don't even need to use her abilities, which is kinda dumb when that's what the devs are basing her OP-ness on.

ID: hb232l8

Based but hard agree, she cute

ID: hb20az2


ID: hb1sy4f

I’ve been playing more wattson lately and have won a few games but I struggle to use her ult. Usually I realize too late once the enemy calls in an air strike. I think it could be good against fuse but I usually don’t realize they have fuse until I’m hit by the first knuckle cluster. And then using the ult in open space forces you to stay there while I think the better strategy is to move into different positions to let your team off angle.

ID: hb1vqfs

Put up your ult everytime there's a fight I would suggest. My problems comes from my luck... Everytime I want to play her, there's no accelerant around.

ID: hb20egz

I wouldn't even try to use it to counter airstrikes. Between the time needed to realize you need it and it deploys you've probably already been hit. Start by just throwing it out whenever you're in a battle of attrition and then expand your use cases from there as you improve

ID: hb229dv

If you see them throw their ult: drop your pylon. As soon as you have a nade thrown your way: pylon. (You might get hit with the first nade but they rarely throw just 1).

If you hear the sound from the Gibby ult or bangs ult (even if bangs ult hit the ground already): pylon.

As soon as there is a lull in fighting pop an ult accel. Your first pylon might not have been thrown with care and once they get an angle they'll shoot it. But if you pop the accel you'll have another.

If you are getting pushed and don't have cover: pylon. Duck and weave behind it.

When you pylon is out throw up random fences, even if they "don't make sense". Teams will pad on you or come flying in and they never account for randomly placed fences.

Make sure you announce that your ult is out. If you have a Gibby, bang, caustic, horizon, etc they'll all get their ults destroyed if they aren't careful. Also let them know it's out so they know to move toward it / not sweat a bombardment.

ID: hb27tvt

I’ve been playing more wattson lately and have won a few games but I struggle to use her ult. Usually I realize too late once the enemy calls in an air strike.

Bangalore airstrike isn't really that reactable with a Wattson ult unless you are far away [or really early] (due to how the rockets fall down immediately and only then explode).

Gibby's airstrike you can react to when you hear the sound.

But that's just one use of the pylon, you should really in later rings think about best positioning and place a pylon where it is difficult to shoot it down then set up fences to secure yourself a good position to fight from. Reacting to airstrike or ordnance is not really its main use. It's not like you're supposed to be REACTING to a Fuse knuckle cluster or someone throwing a grenade by placing an ult down. It's that you should anticipate that you're gonna be susceptible to having ordnance thrown at you (like if you were the opponent, the logical step would be throwing stuff at you - place a pylon to secure your position).

Also carry 2 ult accs so you can always put new pylons (and even put one down immediately if it is shot down).

And then using the ult in open space forces you to stay there while I think the better strategy is to move into different positions to let your team off angle.

In later rings you can use the pylon to make a bad position a viable one, like you have a rock that would be bad cover on its own, other teams may have better position but the ult makes it survivable.

At that point you're also no longer running around the ring because there's teams everywhere.

In fights you place the pylon if you think you'll need a place to fall back. Your teammates are gonna take damage in the fight and will need a place where they can somewhat safely heal and get back into the fight.

ID: hb1woaf

Every fight. Dont hesistate. As soon as you’re in a great position with cover, pop your ult. It only takes 1 accelerant to get it back, so USE IT.

ID: hb20me7

If you place the ult as soon as you see the enemy airstrike flare, it will be up in plenty of time. You're best off placing it behind a point of cover that you know you need to control. If there's no such cover or you're pushing, you can just put it in front of you and it'll act as surprisingly resilient cover with a nice tight hitbox to shoot around.

ID: hb26odo

Nice anecdote but as someone who has 100s of wins with Wattson (solo q into diamond with Wattson every split) you do notice in the end game when you aren't playing her. The pylon and fences are most useful in the final rings and if I play different characters, like Horizon sometimes, I have added mobility but I don't have the end game capabilities / win button that the pylon and fences can be. If I wasn't using her abilities in the final ring that would mean a lot fewer wins. If you wanna dispute her utility through most of a typical game, ok, but there's no doubt that in the final rings her abilities are top tier and make wins much more likely. Saying otherwise and not acknowledging where she is in fact good is a bit dishonest and takes away credibility from the whole "buff wattson" point really.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:23 ID: hb1rpzu

If anyone wanted the know this is a drawing of a scene from the anime “Charlotte” but instead it’s wattson

ID: hb1wutb

I dont remember this scene. What was happening?

ID: hb1xeaj

if i remember correctly, they were grocery shopping and the girl who was replaced by wattson (forgot what her name was) wanted to buy some meat but the dude holding the nessy (also forgot his name) kept suggesting on buying vegetables. Hence the disappointed face she made

ID: hb1xswi

It's in the camping episode

5 : Anonymous2021/08/31 10:44 ID: hb1icmj

Surely her ult could charge shields a lil faster

ID: hb1jzvn

Or it could fling out Nessys while whirling.

ID: hb1mtma

Instead of destroying ordnance, transform it into Nessies

ID: hb1u4hb

That’s not what she needs tho tbh. Reddit loves these small ‘buff’ ideas which sound cool, but won’t really do anything to solve the problems characters face. This may help a lil, but it’ll be negligible

ID: hb1wivt

As a Crypto player, I cringe when I see Reddit ideas on how to "buff" him

ID: hb1sc7u

Or her passive could charge her shields faster. Or both. Both of them are laughably slow

ID: hb29eko

her shield regen is ok. if you took damage, you pop a few syringes maybe or a medkit, then some of her shield is recharged and you'll see if two or three cells are enough. it helps mostly your economy and if you just take a little poke damage, you can often not pop a cell at all, giving you 3 seconds to do other stuff (and that's important in a fight). you can spend the time doing other stuff, placing fences, popping ult accs etc. In short it helps with backpack space and it helps with time management in fights. It's not supposed to be the sole thing fully giving your your shield back.


also talks about the consequences of this in higher ranks here /comments/pf2lrp/buff_wattson_please_and_no_tricks_this_time/hb1vona/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/pf2lrp/buff_wattson_please_and_no_tricks_this_time/hb1vona/

Also if you know what aim punch is, you'll realize that due to her shield regen she has it less often, even if her shield has just slightly recharged from zero after a few seconds.

ID: hb1vona

Disclaimer: I'm a big fan of Wattson and have a 20b/4Kdmg badge on her. I've been playing since the first week of launch and remember having some of the most fun back in Season 2 when Wattson was meta.

With that said, her shield regen is slow now for a reason. I know this sub loves to hate on pro play and high level streamers but Albralelie talked about this on his stream about a month ago. Shield economy is very important for competitive play. The whole reason her ult was given a timer was because teams were just sitting on the pylon for infinite time and never having to burn their shield cells and batteries. Buffing Wattson in the direction of better shield regeneration would most likely break the comp scene, and we'd go right back to Wattson being a 100% pick rate.


ID: hb20c2n

I always thought buffing her fences was a better idea

ID: hb1xfkb

Makes it permanent again!

6 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:41 ID: hb1tov8

surely the artist didnt have to make her that adorable

ID: hb39w6x

Legit what I was thinking like what in the heck

7 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:30 ID: hb1siy5

Whats the sauce of the anime this was based on?

ID: hb1t5e5

Anime is Charlotte, the girl wattson is imitating is Nao Tomori

ID: hb1ui0n


8 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:24 ID: hb1rt47

Part of me knows she needs a buff, then the other part of me is picturing them making her OP and the meta shifts to everyone sitting in a trapped up building all game and that sounds like a nightmare.

ID: hb1ydg8

People can already do that with Wattson right now, since the cooldown for her tactical is really low near her ult. So that won't maje a difference. For me, the only needed buff would be a lower cd on her cooldown. HOW is it normal that she can place only 2 fences before going on cd again. That is sooo stupid

ID: hb2547u

Yeah she needs like 3/4 charges too, at least if they don't lower the cd

9 : Anonymous2021/08/31 11:17 ID: hb1l51b

How strange to see Watson ... I would swear that Watson was the first blood ...

10 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:40 ID: hb1tke3

Her winrate is solely due to how cute her voicelines are.

Good vibe in the team, good result.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/31 13:10 ID: hb1x40e

Wattsons trophy ability should also zap enemies who jump in using Octanes bounce pads

ID: hb1zcdw

Stun them as they get within range. That would be huge.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:58 ID: hb1vq6m

This is such a great comic, the art style is amazing and gotta love the way they’re asking for a buff but still manage to make Wattson, well Wattson, with not being able to resist the Nessie at the end lol.

The artist did a fantastic job here!

13 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:07 ID: hb1q0as

I think she needs a re-work rather than a buff. This camping meta where you have to wait for another team to get 3rd partied is really unenjoyable.

ID: hb22jxs

Camping to third party is a valid strategy for a BR and had been the strategy since the beginning.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/31 11:40 ID: hb1nb5s

I want to HUG Watson so fuckin hard bro

15 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:38 ID: hb1tbz2

Buff ideas are all well and good, but they don't address the core problem that Wattson is astoundingly unpopular, even back when she was considered strong.

Wattson needs a rework, and I'm pretty sure that's what they're planning.

16 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:23 ID: hb1roha

charlotte gang

17 : Anonymous2021/08/31 12:50 ID: hb1uq4l

I am curious,Who is in charge of finalising changes now as DZK left?

PS:Buff Watson,she veri cute


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