The most intense fight I ever had in Tarkov

1 : Anonymous2021/09/18 17:50 ID: pqr2fm
The most intense fight I ever had in Tarkov
2 : Anonymous2021/09/18 19:39 ID: hddausp

Scav on scav crime

3 : Anonymous2021/09/18 20:06 ID: hddesoo

Right click stabs instead of slashes!

ID: hddfpvz

Which one is better? I generally panic and die so it likely doesn’t matter, but it’d be nice to know.

ID: hddg52z

Aim at the head with stabs not slashes.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/18 19:54 ID: hddcznm

I especially love the dude giving the live commentary in the background. :')

ID: hddgo5y

Lmao it is a podcast I was listening to and I have no idea why I didnt turn the sound off when I posted this

ID: hddxkhi

i too listen to podcasts/videos when i scav, it's nice to play tarkov and be able to chill and loot with having a modicum of safety, compared to 100% focus of PMC runs.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/18 18:40 ID: hdd293o

This fight looked like a great time.. this game can be fun!

6 : Anonymous2021/09/18 21:41 ID: hddsuf1

I didn't hear no fucking bell!

7 : Anonymous2021/09/18 20:23 ID: hddhdek

Traktujecie dżungle jako zagrożenie xD czego słuchałeś?

ID: hddtvis

Trochę brzmi jak Cejrowski ale mogę się mylić.

ID: hddvvp4

8 : Anonymous2021/09/18 21:15 ID: hddp2ja

No i widać że ta szkoła przetrwania ci się nie przydała 😉

ID: hddvy1a


9 : Anonymous2021/09/18 22:25 ID: hddz2p1

you two are fucking gladiators

10 : Anonymous2021/09/18 21:04 ID: hddng67

This right here is one of the reasons I don't scav customs anymore

ID: hdduo2o

It happens everywhere. People have so much scav karma they just don’t care anymore

ID: hddvfvw

Doesn't happen to me much at all on Woods

11 : Anonymous2021/09/18 22:56 ID: hde3kbp

Need to stop swinging, it uses your stamina.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/18 23:27 ID: hde7ygz


13 : Anonymous2021/09/18 23:34 ID: hde8xg9

You know someone had a good time watching this go down from the rock ledge

14 : Anonymous2021/09/18 18:18 ID: hdcz03j

This is what I expect from scav players. So unable to kill people they need to pull out the knife

ID: hdd0cs6

If only they had laser beam hose rifles with 60 round mags of 995, then it would have been much more entertaining. No wait, that would be boring as fuck just like 99% of fights nowadays.

Take your toxicity somewhere else my dude

ID: hdd2u3r

Good one, fight toxicity with toxicity.

ID: hddd612

Even though the other dude is a dick...don't need any laser beam gun to kill players as a scav... not uncommon to be knocking one down in under 1min of spawning.


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