NewbDay Tuesday post for 09/21/21 September, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/09/21 00:00 ID: ps6zrs

New to the game and have questions?

Have a great cautionary tale of when you were new to share with all the beginners?

This post is dedicated for helping new players, and sharing new player experiences.


Dailys schedule

**Monday** - Money Monday = Loot Pics / Stash Flexes and Crazy Raids loots pics

**Tuesday** - NewbDay Tuesday = New players questions and Stories from when you or a friend was new

**Wednesday** - Workshop Wednesday = Gun Builds / TheoryCrafting and Endgame ideas

**Thursday** - Lost Connections and To the Guys Thursdays = Lost connections and to the guy posts and or stories about that missing in game soulmate

**Friday** - Fuckboi Friday = Funny stories and hilarious clips / Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed.

**Saturday** - Sherpa Saturday = A combined day with the Sherpa Hub to get new players help and get some groups happening

**Sunday** - Scenery Sunday = Cool screenshots, Cool pics and General Scenery. Also, cool Tactical Screenshots of squads and or game moments

Dailys will rotate at 00:00 UTC

2 : Anonymous2021/09/21 00:02 ID: hdnnse9

For new peeps,

It’s just a game, take it as it is and don’t worry about dying.

You’ll have more fun that way

ID: hdqlr9t

What do you do about the part where dying is really un fun?

ID: hdqm69w

….. I mean… you literally die in every video game…but you still have fun with those….

Gear is unlimited in this game, dying shouldn’t be an emotional thing and if it is for you, you’ll get bored.

Gotta remember why you’re playing this game and the reason shouldn’t be to “win”

3 : Anonymous2021/09/21 09:34 ID: hdp6ipy

i'm a month in and starting to get to grips with EFT, problem is my crippling gear fear, I spend most of the time avoiding any contact and extracting as soon as possible because I don't want to lose anything, so my raids are not very profitable for EXP or roubles, any tips for getting over it?

ID: hdp8vo6

Yeah I got a few for you:

set aside some money or gear to specifically use to throw away... meaning if you lose it you won't feel as bad..

Don't go nuts like all COD/BF.and start running around like an idiot..that will get you killed.

Just take your time but make sure before the raid starts, that you've already committed to losing that gear.

Then make yourself a run towards shots and kill 1 kill a scav boss loot X parts of a do a quest..and try to complete your objective.

ID: hdpmi3d

thanks for the tips, i've got some AK's from a couple of successful scav raids and some junk bags so i will try that.

ID: hdq73ci

Being a new player late wipe is really hard, don't beat yourself up over gear fear. We ALL had or still have it to some degree.

The best way to combat gear fear is to be confident that you can make money. Having the ability to quickly rebound from a string of total kit losses using only your scav or super-lite PMC loadouts will make you realize that gear comes and goes, and THATS OK.

As for making money, check these two vids out:

Run the stashes, exfil on your scav, sell the goods on the flea, rinse and repeat every time your scav is up. Easy money. With easy money, you don't have to sweat losing kits, just buy more kits.

Along side this, live within your means. If you are struggling to stay over X million rubles, then you need to scale back your spending. Make some budget kits, don't feel like you have to build a 350K meta HK and wear a brand new fully kitted out EXFIL helm and Slick every raid. Shit I have lots of rubles and I don't even do that.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/21 04:43 ID: hdollr5

I’ve had the game for about two days now and it’s most definitely unlike any game I’ve ever played. It’s odd, It doesn’t feel very time investing but yet the game play while it’s there is so immersive. It’s like even though my runs so far have been shit I’m still satisfied enough to walk away from it only after one or two runs and be psyched about it. Other games it’s like you gotta grind to get to a level where the game play is fun, or you gotta invest a ton of time into it. So, even though I’m shit so far, I say it’s one of the best games I’ve played yet.

ID: hdowbdu

Its my first wipe and i´ve been playing for two months, keep on grinding, trust me, this shit is addictive, watch streamers, videos, watch what they do, find your playstyle and improve, it feels awesome.


5 : Anonymous2021/09/21 10:54 ID: hdpc2e2

Not a new player, played last wipe for the first time.

Just started with this wipe. With the new loot system, I need some GPU's - where should I look, are GPU's just on random shelves in Idea/power etc?

Any guidance on how it works would help me! tia

ID: hdq9jmw

So there is a couple of spots for sure spawns. The wiki can give more exact answers if you check that.

One of the spawn areas are the locked room on second floor of Black bishop on reserve.
The tech stores on interchange also have a chance to spawn.

Hidden stashes and computers have a chance of spawning one but the chance is so low that I've only found 4 that way in the 2 years that I've been playing.

Some people swear that some computers have a higher chance of a GPU but I don't believe them.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/21 17:16 ID: hdqo394

Beginner Tip: Add 'Steady Aim' to your RMB 'on release' that way when you ADS you automatically steady your shot.


Do not unbind anything. As an additional bind add RMB to your 'Steady Aim" along side of your normal keybind. Make sure you have it set to 'on release' so that two things happen when you right click.

On Click - ADS

Release Click - Steadies Aim


added better instructions

ID: hdqtzt0

Thanks for this!

ID: hdr8yyw

Fuck I should do this to my third wipe btw.

ID: hdrrgsd

Can you clarify on this? I tried to do it and it just removed my ADS lol

ID: hds08fm

Do not unbind anything. As an additional bind add RMB to your 'Steady Aim" along side of your normal keybind. Make sure you have it set to 'on release' so that two things happen when you right click.

On Click - ADS Release Click - Steadies Aim
7 : Anonymous2021/09/21 00:11 ID: hdnox8p

What's the best setup to run around level 6? I keep using scav guns but most of them feel bad. I hear SKS is good but what should I put on it?

ID: hdnrfh7

Buy a VPO-136 AK from skier (or Jager can't remember), buy the bastion dust cover and throw a cobra scope on it from prapor. It doesn't kick as hard as the sks, shoots the same rounds, and has 30 round mags.

ID: hdo1bv1

This is my second wipe and the VPO is my go-to for an early game weapon. In addition to the benefits mentioned above you can also buy the ak101 handguard from Prapor (I think it's that one? The black one) which lets you put a laser sight on it (and a grip if you're feeling fancy), which you can buy from Skier level 1. As point firing is very important up close (where a lot of fights happen) and can be tricky to master, a laser sight can be a big help.

Another thing I do with the VPO is buy a sniper scope from Jaeger and carry it with me in either my backpack or secure container, as in-raid you can swap your red dot for the scope on the VPO and become a budget sniper for 100-150m shots. This can be useful for taking out scavs for quests outside the range they attack you or engaging PMCs at a range where you can try pick someone off and sprint away if you miss rather than committing to a close range firefight.

ID: hdnr8fy

unlock jäger and buy the op-sks, slap a PSO or a axiom cobra (the dovetail version) on it and you are good to go, also bartering knifes for a mp5 is a decent thing to do, peacekeeper also sells the scope mount for it and pst gzh is cheap

ID: hdnr8a5

SKS or an akm with PS ammo.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/21 14:22 ID: hdpypxz

Not a new player.

Logged in today and was looking for all of my docs case, last time I played as a PMC was a couple of days ago.

The fuck is happening?

ID: hdq4vkx

are they tucked away in a container? Did you accidentally bring them into raid and then die with them not in your secure container?

ID: hdqllu9

hundred percent sure I didnt bring any of them because its in a rig inside a bag inside a bag. I have one docs case on me filled with keys though for a run before I stopped playing for a couple of days.

Edit: That being said, I'm done progressing for this wipe and will spend remaining roubles for PVP and focus on real life lol

9 : Anonymous2021/09/21 16:09 ID: hdqe2ys

Started playing ~1 week ago. Any tips for general money making and increasing fence rep?

ID: hdqpili

Fence rep: PMC car extracts give a nice boost. Use them about 3 times each as they have diminishing returns.

Spawn your scav in factory and go straight to extract between PMC raids for extra karma and gear.

Don't shoot anyone as scav unless 299% sure it's a PMC, accidental karma hit is not worth it.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/21 01:48 ID: hdo1fxy

I didn't know for the longest time, that you could "Edit" your characters height by holding the crouch button and scrolling. Complete game changer is some instances.

ID: hdr10pw

Similarly, you can alter how far you lean to the left or right by using alt + q or alt + e. Really good for peering through small vertical gaps/holes.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/21 04:08 ID: hdoi6s5

I'm not a patient man. I've tried for 44 years to gain some of that stuff with zero luck. I'm an avid gun guy irl and always loved shooters. With that said I am new to PC gaming and Tarkov. I spent the last month more frustrated than the previous 40+ years combined all in hopes that I would finally begin to pick up the concept of this VERY brutal game to new players. I finally got to lv15 and got some traders up to ll2 and it OPENED the doorway to my comfort zone because you don't get a large selection at the beginning at all. Take your time, don't rush and just know that this game gets so much better and my God the gun porn it has is delicious! Don't be lie me and play solo. It's brutal and I'm just now starting to look for a group to play with.

ID: hdpheuo

I personally enjoy solo but it is more punishing, especially as a new player.

12 : Anonymous2021/09/21 07:40 ID: hdozerd

Bought the game this weekend.

Performance ain't amazing but it's going alright. Really annoyed at the constant crashes though (have to restart or risk crashing every 3 or so raids).

I have 32GB ram but the game only ever seems to use around 8GB and then starts using tons of page file space? I tried googling around and couldn't find any help. If this game has a memory leak that's awful but I'd like it to at least use my RAM first and then the page file...

Anyone have this same experience? Know of a fix?

ID: hdpoqaj

It is unlikely a game issue. I've had similar problems on my last computer. Turned out it was something about the hardware that didn't play well with windows 10. New harddrive fixed it, but could also be motherboard. I'd look into whatever hardware you have and then see if that may be the issue.

If the game doesn't use more ram when it needs to that could also be a hardware issue or software issue, but generally not a game issue.

ID: hdqppja

Thanks for the input, I'll monitor a bit longer and do some googling.

ID: hdpy3bb

Hard to say without knowing your system specs. Might be cpu or gpu bound, could be bad settings in windows or the game.

ID: hdq9l4x

What are your settings ?

ID: hdqpy0y

3600x cpu

1080ti gpu

32gb 3600mhz cl16 ram

game is on a 1tb NVMe drive

I'll monitor the RAM use a bit more and do some googling, seems it's likely a system thing and not the game's fault... maybe.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/21 09:15 ID: hdp5bgu

I bought the game a few days ago after months of thinking about it.

I did offline raids to get comfortable with a map (shoreline) and the extraction points, which is still work in progress as my first scav runs ended because I couldn't know where I was. Learning maps and locations' details is very slow for me, in every game (I still don't know some areas in Hell Let Loose after 400 hours of playing)

I have two issues :

- Choosing the map for my first PMC raid (likely, some map with less crowded areas to do caches, some loot, one or two scavs and gtfo), Shoreline seems to have LOTS of sight lines everywhere. I'll do offline Customs today. Did Factory a little bit but it scares me so much x)

- I don't care about the gear, but I'm afraid to lose 450k rubles (bought a few things, sks, ammo, cheap handgun, budget helmet) ; it will last ten to fifteen raids, counting the gear I had for free with the game (two mp5, two m4, ammo, backpacks, headset, rigs, meds). Without money, even a SKS will be expensive. I insured everything I could tho.

Would you say to me "do more offline until you're comfortable with spawns & extraction points" or "stop overthinking, get in there & tighten your ass ?"

ID: hdpggay

First wipe player here as well. One thing that helped me learn the maps and loot spawns was using your scav to explore and loot the while having the mapgenie io map pulled up on my other monitor. With the scav you dont risk losing anything as its given to you for free and you can still collect some gear as you explore. I liked to stick to customs for a while in the beginning but now Woods and Shoreline are two of my favs as well. It just takes time to learn like anything else!

ID: hdpgk3z

Do Scav raids every single time you can. When you want to learn a map, scav raid it constantly for a week.

If you survive a scav raid take the load out and immediately go in as a PMC. You are using a free kit and it doesn’t cost you anything if you die. You will start to learn the maps very quickly doing this.

If you enjoy Shoreline then learn a hidden stash run. You will be in less populated areas and can run them as PMC and Scavs and get out about 300k per raid. It’s not an excessive amount but considering you’re worried about your 450k it will be a lot to you. Once you start to get the route down you’ll realise dying isn’t too bad because you can make the cash back quite easily

Stay away from Factory for a while. Most people recommend customs as a lot of early tasks are done there but I recommend shoreline as I think it’s less risky if you avoid the health Resort (which you should - until you’re ready)

ID: hdpxxlu

Like they said, scav as often as you can. I haven't had as much time to play lately but it has kept me from being broke and learned maps a lot better. Wish I'd used my scav more last wipe.

ID: hdq7roq

You should 100% learn your exfils on every map you intend to play when starting out. There's no value in getting trapped in a raid or having to back track because you don't know where your exfils are at.

Offline is great for this. Use offline along with a map ( and are both great) to get your bearings. I had a map up on my second monitor for the majority of last wipe and even still I will pull up a map to reference stashes on a map that I'm not a bona fide stashlord on already.

For money troubles, see:

As for first maps, you can get familiar with woods and customs to start. Those are where the majority of early game questing happen and then branch out to factory and shoreline after that. Reserve and interchange are mid-late game maps typically in terms of quest progression, however there have been some new early game quests added to reserve iirc.

ID: hdqtmcf

Thank you ; I'm running customs offline today to learn exfils and "never go there" places. I'll do the Shoreline stash run when I'm 100% sure I know where I am in every case, last Shoreline scav runs I ended MIA. I just couldn't tell x) Customs is easier to get I feel, I successfully extracted each scav run.

When I'm a bit more confident with the map I'll run it with my PMC !

14 : Anonymous2021/09/21 10:07 ID: hdp8ofw

I'm level 23 and all my rooms in my hideout are level 1 or 2. It's safe to say that it's gonna be a while before I can build a bitcoin farm. I have, however, looted a bunch if GPUs and am afraid to part with them. Should I just sell them in order to upgrade the rest of the hideout and then buy GPUs whenever I need them or do they get more expensive later in the wipe?

ID: hdpbem3

Hey man! This is my first wipe, i wasnt focusing on the hideout more then to craft things for quests and stuff. But at about lvl 33 I started exploring it. I was still on the first level of the crafting skill at this point. Had a bit of money by then so bought most of the stuff I needed and just made sure something was always upgrading in the hideout. Had a bitcoin farm in a matter of days. After the loot update tho, a bigger issue was getting graphics cards. Sitting on 3 as of today on level 37 and its working fine.

ID: hdpeiwy

Ah thanks, good to hear! I hadn't taken organic loot into account. A couple of weeks ago I found 4 GPUs in two days when I started looking for them. I guess I better hold on to them then.

ID: hdq67bb

The general wisdom is that if you have even one GPU that is not found in raid, it is worth investing it into the BTC farm just so it will slowly net you money over time. If all your GPU's are FiR then you can still slot them now and just swap them out for non-FIR GPU's as you find them.

There's a lot of math that I CBA to do right now or ever really but the gist of it is that there is a break even point between the cost sunk to get the farm running with X cards in it and the time it takes for the farm to make that amount of rubles in bitcoins. There are a lot of moving parts to that relationship and there are much smarter people out there ( that can answer this better than me.

My advice, build the farm and slot your cards up to full level 1. Then swap them out and sell them if you manage to get any non-FiR cards.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/21 19:04 ID: hdr3qs0

I got the game few days ago and Im kinda lost 🙁 I reset my account after first day cause I was running out of money. This time Im taking careful approach playing with just a pistol or guns I got as a scav and just focus on loot and selling for money.

I got 1 and a half million of rubles but I just run around, avoiding fights to get loot. As soon as I get engaged by a PMC im pretty much dead I cant even get to cover to heal myself.

I really would love to actually kill people, I can kill scavs but they are pretty stupid just standing around looking nowhere so its not very satisftying.

Or they are really good and kill me like nothing , I actually thought the maps would be much bigger with like 50 actual players 😀

So what the hell am I supposed to do? Should I start buying gear? Im afraid theres no point at this stage. Not to mention the tasks, they are so freaking hard I cant even get 3 Salewa kits how the hell am I supposed to level up? It feels like its gonna take forever. Im on level 6 currently and I just want to enjoy the game and have some fun but I either just die very fast or run around to the same places I know already, get some loot and extract but I dont enjoy ot that much its great to get some money but I also want to actually fights.

How much would a decent gear cost? Sometimes I buy some level 3 vest but I swear everytime I gear up at least a little , I die.

ID: hdrouwt

At level 6 accumulating 1.5 million roubles as a new player is a hell of a start.

I will always recommend that you run the best gear you have available that won't unduly stress you out. Getting over gear fear is one of the initial challenges, and is often tough.

Ammo is the single best investment you can possibly make. At level 6 your best ammo available is 7.62 PS, which you can buy from Prapor and find pretty abundantly in the game world. Run an SKS or Vepr KM/VPO-136. MAKE SURE ITS THE 136 THAT SHOOTS 7.62! You do not want the 209.

The VPO-36 runs about 33k from Skier level 1. You can buy a foregrip (wooden dong) from Peacekeeper or the AK-100 handguard from Prapor. Both cheap, the handguard will let you slot on a foregirp of choice but there really isnt' one that's meaningful available to you right now.

Now the hard part, how to kill people: there isn't 1 good answer. You really need to get the hang of the flow of maps, learn routes that people usually run, and understand good spots to engage from. If you have a second monitor use and have spawns enabled, this will help you understand potential relative starting positions of other players.

Beyond that it's grind, grind, grind. If you're surviving more than you're dying, or otherwise steadily accumulating funds you're going in the right direction.

Consider running scavs as well. There's a perspective that Scavs are a waste because you get no exp on the main, but I don't generally agree. Scavs are easy, safe money if you run at night. You can also use them to get more comfortable with the maps as well.

ID: hdrp37p

but I swear everytime I gear up at least a little , I die.

This is a common feeling in Tarkov. Having more gear definitely helps you survive, but it feels more punishing when you die, so it sticks with you more.

That being said, Level 3 armor will help you vs scavs because they tend to use rounds with less penetration, but most players are using ammo that goes right through it now that we're a couple months into this wipe. It can still help against other players like yourself that are running cheaper ammo or something like buckshot. Higher penetration ammo is dramatically more effective (and expensive) than lower pen ammo, but it's worth it to make sure you can kill players quickly no matter what armor they're wearing.

Using good ammo in your gun is often a more effective early-game use of your money than expensive attachments for your gun or expensive armor, because it means you can kill another player with one shot to their head. Looking up ammo charts or recommended gun/ammo combinations will certainly help, but you'll be constrained a bit by what you can happen to find in raids until you unlock higher levels with the traders and hit lvl 20 for the flea market. Some ammo like 7.62x39 PS is cheap from vendors and goes through lvl 3 armor and below, but you'll need a gun that can fire it like an AKM or an SKS.

The other option is to get rounds with really high flesh damage and focus on shooting players in the legs, like buckshot or many of the high damage/low pen bullets out there, but high pen bullets to the head/chest is the more consistent option if they are available to you.

Also as you pointed out, scavs aren't usually that hard to deal with, but the longer they have eyes on you, the more accurate they tend to become. Re-peeking them from the same spot can be more dangerous if they are already staring at you waiting to shoot vs. flanking them and shooting at them from a new angle. If you don't panic spray and instead take a second to focus on shooting them in the head then scavs are pretty manageable. Bosses and raiders are certainly a different story (more health, better accuracy), but they're still pretty manageable if you take care not to let them look at you for too long and flank to a new angle if they have you dialed in.

As for things like the Salewa quests, some people find those pretty quickly by looting areas with medical loot spawns, but another option is to wait until you can build the medical station in your hideout and craft them there.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/21 21:53 ID: hdrrviq

Stupid question - I know when you kill a scav as a scav , other scavs will be hostile towards you but only during that one round or does that carry over? Because when I played first day I had no clue who is a scav so I killed a lot of scavs when I wasnt supposed to and then they were hostile even in a new round (playing as a scav). So I reset my account and am doing better, no scav kills as a scav but Im still curious about this.


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