About the raids lately..

1 : Anonymous2021/09/25 11:06 ID: pv4ozw

Holy fuck, is it just me or is there hardly anyone in the raids nowadays? If I do find someone they're not geared at all and don't really know how to PVP.

Either that, or they are extract camping or crouchwalking from the second they spawn. Hardly anyone actually wants to fight.

Labs is dead because it's pointless to go and even keyed rooms are worthless now.

It just really feels like since the dynamic loot changes, all the pvp-oriented players have stopped playing. Has anyone else experienced this as of lately?

2 : Anonymous2021/09/25 12:35 ID: he7qjap

I've averaged 1 or 2 PMC kills every raid. I havent noticed a difference, but I'm also not a techlight rusher lol

ID: he7qs2b

Likewise, most maps seem as active as ever to me, and ever since killa change, interchange is far more dangerous all around as well.

ID: he82wmo

Everyone is outside the mall now! The other day I fought two solos and finally died to a duo after I got one of them. Normally I see like one person outside max.

ID: he86piw

Ever since the Killa change I have to run around the entire map to see if he spawned for my kills :/ but PMC wise it's great

ID: he7uc75

Raids still feel full but it is harder to find people because half the players arent rushing to one spot on the map. I wish there were more scavs to act as trip wires essentially so that PMCs could have an easier time hunting players. Silencers let you be way too quiet imo

ID: he7vrrv

Lumber Mill on Woods is still a bloody bus station though.

ID: he814xq

I really need more enemys around in terms of NPCs

ID: he8fkxq

I wish there were more scavs to act as trip wires essentially so that PMCs could have an easier time hunting players.

I feel like the number of AI scavs in game has gone down quite a bit since a few wipes ago. I remember after a patch at some point there were waaay fewer scavs.

Now that PMCs aren't all hitting hotspots, the lack of scavs really seems to make itself known.

ID: he91xkb

Yesss silencer too silent sometimes I think I'm all alone only to find a group fight that happened

3 : Anonymous2021/09/25 12:57 ID: he7swsz

I'm seeing less people on the typical high pvp maps like reserve and interchange. I'm seeing a shit ton of people on woods running big kits and thermals on customs as well.

Without the guarantee of good loot spawns in static locations most people are shifting their focus to maps where players are forced to a certain area for limited loot like customs and woods. Just loot pmcs for money now lol.

ID: he80c8v

I love that people think there's no loot on Woods lmao.

USEC camp, bombed convoy, scav bunker, container fort, sunken village, bridge town, radio tower, power house, outpost, and all the caches between them.

I only ever loot Woods because I regularly walk out with 600k+ in about 12 minutes with zero encounters.

ID: he8dfv3

Shhhhh, no Woods is awful for loot, don't let the hackers know!

ID: he8cata

Everyone (successful...) has their own little way that works for them. I think Woods USED to be an awesome loot map but mostly a lot of junk after dynamic loot with a boring trudge to get to it all.

ID: he94c22

had this convo the other day

don’t you know that the only real loot is gpu, bitcoin and aesa. silly goose!

every other map and location is not worth bc nikita doesn’t inject my account directly with 1mil roubles in 10 min

ID: he8azzj

I was doing exactly this on both day and night as im new and not that good yet.

Then i started getting cross map sniped at night.

And just regular sniped during the day.

Personally i like sniping so i don't really fault them for it. But the last couple times i didnt die instantly. Ran away a bit to hide in a low spot behind a bush and somehow they still snipe me... it did something as they dont shoot me while im healing but as soon as i get 2 or 3 parts healed up, headshot. Been really annoying. Haven't survived a raid on pmc for like 3 days where i was doing pretty ok

ID: he8lies

Woods has been insane.

ID: he8t3m7

I think it's because of the chad mentality, they have to go around a huge map for this. They like to just rush 1 spot, kill everyone and get out with 1 million.

ID: he7vo12

Trying to do tarkov shooter 8 with everyone running mutants on Woods is just impossible. I'm gonna call it on this questline for now, not like I'll get level 71 anyways.

ID: he8bsun

That was the quest that annoyed me From getting kappa last wipe

ID: he902q5

Yeah I can’t bother with those kinds of quests when it doesn’t matter unless I’m lvl 71. I haven’t decided yet if it’s a bummer or a blessing that I don’t have to strive towards kappa this wipe.

I’ll say though, as painful as those quests are, it’s pretty satisfying completing them, but a lot of that excitement came from taking a step towards kappa. So I’m not so sure how rewarding it would feel now (assuming lvl 71 is out of reach).

4 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:35 ID: he7xi1u

3 raids in the last 120 minutes, central EU, 5 pvp fights, 3 deaths, usually 1v2 anywhere on the map.

I am 100% pvp but i am not a deathmatch (labs/factory) player. Dynamic loot bringt’s exactly what the game needs: more dynamic gameplay instead of rushing to a room, fighting and then the entire raid is dead.

ID: he84a6o

I've gotten into interesting firefights in a lot of new places since the loot changes. Its not perfect yet but def headed in the right direction

ID: he84bag


5 : Anonymous2021/09/25 12:14 ID: he7o78l

Try different servers, I’ve had decent luck on central ones

ID: he7oxlz

Sadly I'm European. I've tried NA East and West Europe. Guess I'll keep looking a little more.

ID: he7snxe

Sorry homie. I playing a woods night raid on East NA and grenades/gunshots were going off until the 15 minute mark. Loaded into interchange, kiba alarm already going off and I got deleted right as I get into OLI.

If you can handle the ping hop on over.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:16 ID: he7v63y

Same here

7 : Anonymous2021/09/25 12:38 ID: he7qt2s

They need to add more Scavs and higher boss spawn rate because a lot of raids are boring as fuck. Especially on bigger maps.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:12 ID: he822om

Not enough new content, game will be stale until Streets.

ID: he8x458

Lighthouse is shaping up to be delayed and underwhelming, they couldn't even finish it. This game has a lot riding on Streets.

ID: he9lpj3

I’m so stoked for the 2019 Streets release

9 : Anonymous2021/09/25 11:19 ID: he7iyaz

Only those pvp'ers who rush marked just to camp it lol. Dynamic loot brought the PvP everywhere instead of specific zones, and people don't like not choosing where the PvP will go down.

10 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:40 ID: he7y27y

Has there been some sort of matchmaking implemented? I’ve only ran into sub 15 past 2 days, which is also what I am.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:16 ID: he82nzy

Please stop killing me. I’m still new lol

12 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:24 ID: he83mz2

On US central and east customs has been a fucking blood bath. I’ve not seen this many players there since the start of the wipe. It’s been insane.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/25 19:49 ID: he9b9ja

I believe(Actually almost certain) the player base is lower than last wipe when I got into the game, how much? idk. Another factor some raids feel dead is due to the recent changes and players are just ratting a lot more. Still like I said, I'm almost 100% sure there are less players in the game now than before.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/25 16:46 ID: he8meju

Isn't this exactly what Redditors want? Dead raids with mostly ratting? Duffel bag looting simulator?

ID: he9u2vc

pretty much on point here

ID: he9y2sp

Seems that way, the majority here wants a walking sim with a little bit of loot scattered around amongst some trash in a dark unused corner of the map. no fights and god forbid you want to use meta gear.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/25 11:29 ID: he7jvc9

Loot shit = no one plays

16 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:25 ID: he7w9fr

I have noticed two things;

As PMC it's much rarer to run into other PMCs and they usually only come running if ypu end up in a fight with multiple Scavs where everyone can hear you.

As Scav I get killed much more often late-raid because PMCs tend to hang around longer for some reason. Maybe because they can't just rush the one hot spot and die or extract right after.

17 : Anonymous2021/09/25 13:41 ID: he7y6wg

Weirdly for me labs has been both super populated or empty, like a 50 50 split on what I get. It's also when you play as well, I find Friday nights are where the PvP is at while Monday through to wednesday are mostly empty at least on labs.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/25 14:07 ID: he81ggw

Been trying to finish Chumming. Two days of hitting Interchange. One PMC kill and only because he was looting in the open. It's either, most often, oops all Scavs or headeyes by somebody who's moving too fast for Razor to pick up their movements.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/25 15:13 ID: he89ylu

It just really feels like since the dynamic loot changes, all the pvp-oriented players have stopped playing. Has anyone else experienced this as of lately?

I really, really, feel that something fundamentally changed globally in the game. Since "dynamic loot" introduction I've personally seen the following changes. YMMV, this just has been my personal experience:

Scav: Have not spawned with anything remotely decent. Used to spawn with keycard almost every other run. I spawned with a thermal and then dynamic loot change came in and best thing I have spawned with has been a grizzly. Karma is 4.2 Scav: Loot seems significantly nerfed. I run the same shoreline routes every scav run. When wipe first occurred I was pulling out meta gear - slicks, AR's, etc from hidden caches. Now I get bandages and hats PMC: Dramatically less players in raid or, at least, dramatically less interactions with players (similar in scav runs too) PMC: Keyed rooms suck asshole. Out of last ~ 10 marked rooms, 1 time it had anything remotely decent PMC: Significantly less deaths / less cheaters. This may be controversial but just has been my experience. Prior to "dynamic loot" I would die almost every raid, however, since the change I die maybe 1/3 raids now PMC: Less empty caches, stashes, etc - possible less vacuum cheaters because the loot sucks ass?
20 : Anonymous2021/09/25 16:25 ID: he8jjp8

All the casual players have left for the rest of the wipe and now all that’s left is meta chads and people who just bought the game

21 : Anonymous2021/09/25 16:33 ID: he8kp32

Game is dead. Nuff said, 1 year since last major patch.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/25 18:19 ID: he8z43l

I was playing tarkov a lot at the beginning of the wipe and got to lvl 17 within the first week, I was killing 3-4 PMCs on average getting a lot of loot and money, it was great. Now after a break of playing due to life I only run into groups of chads during every raid and I die every time. Thought i liked the lvl 20 flea market change but honestly I can’t compete this late without it. Every quest snd every run I get shit on

23 : Anonymous2021/09/25 21:51 ID: he9rdtw

Yesterday in my 1 customs raid I killed 2 PMCs with another 2 bodies on the ground then I got ambushed by a 3-man only 3 minutes afterwards but I only managed to get 1 of them before I took igolnik to the head.

Given 8 people were in dorms within 5 minutes of each other, I'd say it's maps are rather packed and the PMCs agressive.

(Obviously labs is dead since it's a pointless map this wipe).

24 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:19 ID: he9uyu8

Games boring as hell now that the loot is "dynamic" and hackers can pinpoint immediately where it all is. No point.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/25 22:49 ID: he9ytdu

Game is dying out, unfortunately. BSG decided that releasing 2 new maps over the course of 4 years will keep the player-base entertained… so long as they would ensure they would work on a new backpack or new gun that no one will use as a substitute for actual content.


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