Rampant Cheating Discussion 26th Of September

1 : Anonymous2021/09/26 08:24 ID: pvprz2

Refreshing the megathread so it doesn't have so many comments they get buried. Please continue to discuss cheating and RMT in this thread. Videos and pictures are welcome as long as no names are visible.

Please note, to keep discussion on topic we will be removing any off topic comments.

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2 : Anonymous2021/09/26 09:00 ID: hebr6h0

Ay yo, fuck cheaters dawg especially ppl with minimal cheats really trying to hide it.

ID: hec1v3c

I'd rather get aimbotted from across the map than killed by someone with radar

ID: hec1y17

I'd rather there was like a faceit client type anticheat. Fuck people who don't like that.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/27 18:46 ID: hei31zw

Pretty much everyone I played with has ditched Tarkov due to inaction on cheating… particularly that BSG are using the lowest level support available from BattleEye

4 : Anonymous2021/09/27 17:40 ID: hehudlx

I've been playing since almost release, and I'm close to quitting after this wipe just to put the game down for good. The amount of cheating is obvious, not to mention zero support to confirm or have feedback for suspicious plays too.

One of my absolute favorite games for so many reasons but I can't even pistol run fetch quests without dying to no sound by someone with some variation of "head, eyes" in their name.

ID: henjcmu

same here. just went into customs to try and do a quest for the fourth time in a row and took in some pretty solid gear. friend gets one tapped by an adar as he’s sitting in a corner afk. then i’m right after him. this shit is ridiculous and the inaction (validated by this sub) is awful.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/26 22:31 ID: heejbly

The fact that people can run in and take all the high tier loot and leave ASAP is just ridiculous. A cheater would literally run into a map, see if there are any GPU / Ledx and if there isn’t, they’ll just leave or kill the best equipped chad.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/26 18:47 ID: hedngvs

Got killed by a cheater yesterday. Guy was flying around in the sky. First time seeing that one.

ID: hef3d14

Got killed by cheaters 3 times in the same day yesterday, all of them blatant, 2 off spawn and one dude just has Mario superjump or something and hipfires me from 60ish meters away while jumping. It's the only thing that really makes me not want to play, I can deal with bugs and dead servers, but cheaters really kill all of my ambition.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/27 10:28 ID: hegf55c

There's been a lot of suspicious scavs lately on Customs in Asia. 2 shots of 7mm to the leg from 30-40m out, every fucking pellet must have hit because it damn near killed me. Healed up ran all the way to a nearby building to hide and do surgery, mr scav ran straight up to my window without checking and finished me off before I could even see him. Worst part? Just hit report like any other suspicious death and never see/hear anything about it again. No spectate mode, no replay system, no update on reported player. Nada.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/26 13:15 ID: heccp68

literally this entire weekend has been packed with cheaters, I have lost all interest in going in fully geared, and they aren't even hiding it

ID: hecylha

Yup, and I think its pissing so many people off, scavving is a free for all again, with everybody shooting on sight.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/26 08:58 ID: hebr13w

How come there hasn't been any safe guards in place to prevent cheaters from doing certain things.

Like for instance. Rust has a net in place to stop people from flying around and cheating

Why isn't there a net for that and running around at mach speed or dropping people for exceeding a speed limit.

ID: hecm8l4

I ran a bunch of Rainbow Six: Rogue Spea

Ops servers in the early 2000s and we tried a bunch of different things to stop cheating but the thing that actually worked for us was random validation. Other methods were either too CPU/network heavy or didn't catch all cheating.

Random validation is where at arbitrary times during the game it starts recording data from a random player - bullet counts, locations, damage in/damage out, etc and compares them against known good data - in other words, if the player is moving impossibly fast then it flags them. If they shot 100 rounds without reloading out of a gun that only has 20 round mags, it flags them. If they took 3 chest shots and still have full health, they're flagged.

4 flags in a week = ban. We tweaked that number over a period of months and that resulted in the fewest false positives and the most cheat detection. The best thing is since we were simply copying regular data sent by the client, there was no way for cheaters to detect when they were being monitored. Cheating went down sharply after we implemented this.

Because of the modular nature of EFT weapons and armor, this would be a lot harder to implement. The only thing that comes to mind is "ghost" PMCs that are only visible to people using radar (shoot a few of those and get banned) and specific loot spawns that are out of the map to flag loot vacuum cheaters.

ID: hecvck6

"ghost" PMCs that are only visible to people using radar

Eh, if there is some kind of data being sent out to the client that this is in fact a ghost, any identifying data at all, it would be trivial to just make the cheat ignore PMCs that are somehow marked as ghost.

I think it's one of those ideas that sound good on paper, but fall apart once you actually start thinking about implementation.

specific loot spawns that are out of the map to flag loot vacuum cheaters.

I do believe they're doing this already, people have found that there's sometimes heavy loot in Resort rooms for which keys do not exist, also some keycard spawns in Labs that are juuuust out of reach or, again, behind a door with no key.

ID: hef98n5

One reason that method works so well is that it makes it nearly impossible for cheat debuggers to determine the root cause of getting caught.

ID: henjjuh

this is very smart and very interesting. i hope BSG actually reads this and looks into it

10 : Anonymous2021/09/26 16:26 ID: hed2cub

The only time I ever feel like I die to cheaters is when I decide to bring anything remotely high tier. Bad luck I guess.

I really hope the upcoming patches bring some ban waves as well. Shit sucks.

ID: hedkg1i

They can see inventory value, you get targeted if your over X amount

ID: hed2wn5

It's not bad luck. I replied to another similar comment above. It's a very skewed view by people due to this very reason plus some others.

Those of us lucky enough to have lots of time to play and can run meta kits everytime see it a whole lot more often than those who don't. It really does suck.

11 : Anonymous2021/09/26 20:07 ID: hedzchv

Yo i was thinking of joining back in, but it doesnt seem like a good time right now...

ID: hehcmev

Depends on your region. East / Southeast NA servers are MUCH better than they were say a month or two ago. There's still some cheaters around but far less recently.

ID: hejqg7z

I would still try it, it’s hit or miss for some people. I play on every single NA server and have met 2 definitive hackers in 260 raids

12 : Anonymous2021/09/27 05:07 ID: heftean

Need to have a feedback system where it tells you that so and so got banned or a recent report led to someone being banned. Something anything

13 : Anonymous2021/09/26 18:16 ID: hedis6h

The most blatant hack I had this wipe was on shoreline, we come in thick and somehow die in a house to 855 at the start of the raid. Not fun and not enjoyable. The 855 hit ever limb we had, 10+ times? (Non hackers it will show blunt or spread damage....this wasn't it)

14 : Anonymous2021/09/26 20:09 ID: hedzpaf

This UN quest that requires you to take an M4 in to kill scavs, I’m wondering if I’m getting hunted by cheaters because of the geared out m4. I’ve had almost no luck at all killing or even seeing any scavs the past 8 raids in customs, just dying in the first 10 minutes head eyes before I see or hear the enemy. I was wiping squads at the start of the wipe on customs and now I can’t seem to do the simplest thing without taking a dirt nap. maybe it’s me playing the wrong tactics but other than just staying in one place at this point I don’t see how I can avoid this, I’m moving around slowly and carefully

15 : Anonymous2021/09/26 21:14 ID: hee90nm

Any new anti-cheat measures announced or something like it? I quit a few weeks ago after being killed by blatant hackers 3 Customs raids in a row. Got an itch to come back, but not fucking doing so until there's some kind of action being taken by BSG. The fact that these motherfuckers don't even hide it anymore means to me that they feel invulnerable from BSG. That is not a good thing.

ID: hefih5t

I think there’s been some ban waves but they are fighting a losing battle unless they change their strategy

16 : Anonymous2021/09/27 09:46 ID: hegcbwz

They like to one tap you on customs through the storage Containers next to big red. With a Makarov straight through the wall and kill you lol

17 : Anonymous2021/09/27 17:08 ID: hehpyoo

More cheaters just now on Customs at night. Grenades dropping at my feet from New Gas, ALL the way to ZB-1011, and I mean literally I would run 200ft, grenades nearby, another 200ft, more grenades dropping. As I was extracting, knowing there were cheaters, they tried entering ZB-1011 as I was leaving LMAO. So fucking obvious.

18 : Anonymous2021/09/27 06:38 ID: heg0ws8

Had 2 blatant hackers within 3 days. I only play about 2 hours a night if that. Getting head/eyes by 9x21 in the 2nd clip, and head/eyes in the first before his gun is up makes quitting tarkov more appealing by the day.

Also, this sub will report you if you try to post anything about hacking outside of this thread, forcing anyone that wants to provide video evidence to take the time to find a 3rd party hosting service. Shady and unnecessary.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/26 11:05 ID: hec0617

I know the issue is quite huge and became much more if an issue certainly over the past 6 months to a year in general FPS gaming as a whole.

Not to take away from the discussion but my first play session in a month or so last night felt pretty flawless. A couple reserve scav raids, some woods RP and factory shenanigans s with a friend. Nothing felt suspect at all. And it felt fucking great.

I really do hope that these newer deteraant measures for cheating can come much sooner so that we can all just always get an experience like I had last night, to log in play a few hours of just good raiding live or die and not feel like any sort of fuckery has occurred.

ID: heczlrt

Depends on how often you're playing matches and how geared you're going in. This is why people have such skewed views on the cheater discussion.

A first play session in a month or so to me sounds like you're not playing much. It also causes me to believe that you've probably not sunk in much time this wipe therefore are running low-level kits without much risk. Not to mention what you mentioned: some scav runs, and PMC runs on the 2 maps with arguabley the least amount of hackers and players in general; Factory and Woods. Factory shenanigans usually means fucking around with meme kits which typically aren't worth anything. This is why it seems flawless for you. You're playing in a way which will make you see the least amount of hackers. However, a large number of players don't want to play this way. They want to play often, they want to run high tier gear, and they want to play on maps with good loot and to compete with other PMCs who will also be geared. This is where people run into hackers.

From my perspective, as someone who plays usually 5+ hours daily, and 90% of the time running a meta gun and tier 6 gear, it's a very different experience than yours. Labs is unplayable. I'd say about every 3/4 raids you'll run into a hacker. Both blatant and non blatant. Running an Altyn or similar will only make it more obvious.

Not only that but it comes in waves. At the start of wipe it was atrocious. Then, about after 3 weeks they did a ban wave and matches were clean for about 2 weeks or so. I'm talking like almost every labs raid has legitimate players, and you die to situations which feel normal. Then, after that 2 weeks it's back to hacker infested servers. This just to me shows how they do their ban waves and so far it seems like they only did 1 major ban wave this wipe.

ID: hedsr3n

Thanks for coming out but I was good kits hexgrid the lot. I played the start of the wipe I am actually level 32 and I got there in 8or 9days after wipe.

I do fine.

From my perspective, as someone who plays usually 5+ hours daily,

When I play trkov that's how many hours unplaybtoi but I personally take break because the shit is addicting and I want to do other stuff outside tarkov. Ya feel me?

ID: hekukq3

You forgot that servers play a huge factor as well. Coastal US servers get hit the hardest along with any other server countries with incomes that don't rival RMT can reliably connect to.

20 : Anonymous2021/09/27 05:28 ID: hefv6fc

I haven’t played this game in months I just like stopping in to see how nothings changed

21 : Anonymous2021/09/27 12:57 ID: hegss2s

Hey guys, can I trouble you to have a look at this clip and share your thoughts?

I forgot to bring heals and the doc case with the factory key inside. I was waiting for the fights to die off and extract at gate 3. Stood still the entire raid till this guy came. Was this guy walling? Sorry if I got this wrong, I don't mean to sound off like someone who blames cheats for every death, but I had way too many suspicious deaths lately.

ID: hehdyp7

Eh, I wouldn't say this is enough evidence to really say. If this guy went Factory just to fight people, he would definitely come take a look in that area to see if anyone else is left on the map before extracting. That is a very common PvP spot and a place I usually check every time for remaining PMCs or bodies.

It is odd that he seemed be heading directly for you but still could have been a coincidence in this case.

ID: hehfz4c

That dude seemed lost if anything. He would have shot yo

you if he was cheating.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/27 13:03 ID: hegtjad

An update on my recent in game experience. I played for a few hours this weekend and only encountered one possible cheater! Thats way down from the past few weeks. Anyone else having a similar experience? I'm pretty stoked to have a playable game again.

23 : Anonymous2021/09/27 13:44 ID: hegydvy

Got killed by a cheater yesterday on my interchange run. Dude was just blatantly hacking, he wasn't even trying to hide it, what's worse is he's LVL 30?? We just heard a huge commotion by Oli and decided to spot them out from 4Life and suddenly there he goes charging at us like he knew where we were. Insta head-eyes me and vogs my friend who hid in a dressing room somewhere.

24 : Anonymous2021/09/27 18:14 ID: hehyw2l

Got killed by 3 cheaters this weekend. Makes me want to not play the game.

25 : Anonymous2021/09/27 19:36 ID: hei9mlr

I have my friend shoot my 6b43 armor to get it under 50%, i hide it somewhere safe for the insurance return. It never came back, i forgot radar for loot is a thing, especially on interchange. I should have done it on another map but still.

26 : Anonymous2021/09/27 21:12 ID: heimh69

They have better anticheat technology than what is currently applied in tarkov. This game is beyond screwed.

27 : Anonymous2021/09/28 14:14 ID: helip8c

I love this game. I'm pretty patient and can shrug off the deaths that are suspicious better than most. The problem is that my friends are at the point where they can't stand the blatant cheating anymore and are dropping from the game. This needs to be addressed before it kills the game.

28 : Anonymous2021/09/28 14:37 ID: helm0o4

Went about a month without seeing anything sus, last week has been the most terrible rampant cheating I've ever seen in a game, running interchange is hilarious, you can go hide in a hole, make sure you bring something worth something and wouldn't ya know it someone will "find" you by spamming nades into a room he has no business spamming into. This game and warzone are tied with the shittiest, most blatant cheaters of ANY fucking garbage can community I've ever come across. I'm going to literally stop playing video games because these "competitive" games are the only ones I'm interested in, and subsequently draw the worst type of people to "compete" with. Lvl 57 shooting through walls running 3x the speed anyone else can move.. still not banned.. guess I'll find a new hobby..

29 : Anonymous2021/09/28 18:40 ID: heml50y

The worst cheaters are the ones who cheat as player scavs. Too much of a pussy to at least put your name on it.

30 : Anonymous2021/09/27 04:04 ID: hefnofv

3 customs raids today…3 blatant cheaters using aimbot and a guaranteed radar. All white named with multiple (5+) versions of the Same name with one letter or number Variance. This is really getting out of hand. I’m not stopping playing, and shrugging it off because you have to if you wanna even try to enjoy this game anymore…but damn. This cheater ordeal is the worst I’ve seen and as blatant as they can be. The Small PP army is all around us, and they’ve been showing themselves more and more recently

Edit: Make that 4 raids in a row today. Me and a teammate Just died on interchange under the garage in oli to someone who flew around the corner at Mach 2 and one tapped both of us while we were easily 40 yards apart.

31 : Anonymous2021/09/26 09:24 ID: hebsumg

I literally just got killed by a guy with a mosin that bolt loaded in like 0.2 seconds, cmon bruh. 5 shots in like 4 seconds from a mosin wut

ID: hednxca

he just has those very rare Shroud Gaming Gloves. +10 Reload; -20 Recoil; +15 Aim; 0 Shame.


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