Make Interchange Light like in IRL

1 : Anonymous2021/09/28 16:58 ID: pxapu3

I like this map a lot, but for some time there is still something wrong with it.

Reference :

And finally it dawned on me that real shopping malls are being built so that they are very bright during the day and that no additional lighting is needed.

I am fed up with going 8 or 12 inside the building on the intersection and not seeing anything because there is impenetrable darkness in every store while I stand under the huge roof skylights ...

2 : Anonymous2021/09/28 17:31 ID: hemb8fa

yeah but interchange plays in russia, everything looks sad, dark and abandoned in russia

ID: hemrpwk

Yeah you gotta remember we're in a communist hellscape

ID: hen0rvt

Wouldn’t that be a Sephora filter? Oh wait that’s when you cross into Mexico mb.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/28 18:20 ID: hemi9tw

Darkness isn’t as bad as the fog on Interchange. Makes NVG’s useless

ID: hemutq7

Think they’d ever drop or reduce that fog?

ID: hemuzl3

It's actually the lighting effects.

ID: hene3nj

Brightness: -100

Saturation: -100

Never worry about literally anything again when using NVGs with these post FX settings. To note: NVGs still won't work with scopes, due to the way light is rendered through scopes. The magnified optic will see everything as super dark, which is just a super gamey black veil applied at about 75 meters from the scope's glass.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/28 18:18 ID: hemi2mg

I stopped playing interchange this wipe cause I couldn't see anything. It's just more enjoyable going to reserve, labs, anywhere really where I can actually see in front of me. The fog is so bad on interchange and I think they made it worse this wipe.

5 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:36 ID: hemtgu2

I thought that RTX would do wonders of the interchange map, all the light thats coming in bouncing around and lighting everything up

ID: hen2thb

Yeah it's great until you turn and get 5 fps

ID: hen5h36

EfT is largely CPU limited, so together with DLSS it won't be an issue.

6 : Anonymous2021/09/28 18:14 ID: hemhg6i

dont forget that the power is off so theres only the emergency lights on. Turning the power on also adds more light shafts but the amount of light stays exactly the same which makes 0 sense.

ID: hemyxje

But even on a bright day there is barely any light inside with this huge windows. It makes sense for the back parts like storage rooms etc. But not as dark as it gets in the hallways when there are huge windows 50 metres away

ID: hen2xaq

Even more reasons the lighting is garbage and needs to be fixed. It's crazy that is the 2nd time time lighting had been reworked on interchange

ID: henrlbb

unity is so weird with the way lighting works, especially with emission shaders like are applied to light tubes in interchange. This has been a pain in my neck at work for a while lol

some of the lighting bugs are straight up a unity problem and not a BSG problem unfortunately

7 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:29 ID: hemsg0o

They should do an event with proper lighting, too much work though so it will never happen.

ID: henhpn4


8 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:01 ID: hemwtxa

Everyone always tells me to play Interchange to get mad loot, but I have no idea where the fuck anything is on the map and I can't see anything either. I never find any decent loot when I play there.

ID: henbdjw

You can go: 1. High risk high reward - the GPU route (check the nearest GPU spawn and proceed to the next, be prepared for fckload of PVP) 2. Low risk, decent reward - Oli shelves, offices, back of goshan, 3. Stashes - don’t do stashes, that’s for pussys, sure solid money but boring as hell

ID: henexq7

check the stash routes, you can hit 7 or 8 caches and be loaded on loot without running into anyone but scavs.

ID: henqqun

As a PMC: Depending on my spawn, I'll hit the loot spots PanProjektor listed above, or I might just go for the stashes on the outside of the map.

As a Scav: Go in Daylight, walk to the middle of the building near Kiba, see if there was a large firefight - loot bodies of anything left. Walk to coffee shop towards back and see if anyone died in the coffee shop as its dark and often doesn't get looted. I've found PMCs fully looted from the KIBA fight there who bled out and died. Then, if not fully loaded, check out the area in front of IKEA to see if there was a fight there, and depending on how much time is left, head outside to hit the stashes and extract. If you still have plenty of time before the last bit because there's no bodies, try hitting the filing cabinets in the store near the front entrance of Kiba along the main hallway with the dual escalators. Those often have plenty of random goodies, and I've pulled a three flashdrives from them.

Sometimes as a Scav you get really unlucky and there weren't any PVP or the PVP happened in a random spot and you won't find the bodies, and you won't get the sickest loot. But other times its like christmas.

ID: henr96v

Thanks for the tips, I think I'll try to stash route outside to just get used to the map some more.

9 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:51 ID: hen3k93

if there was no dynamic day-night cycle they could pull it off no problem. However current engine does not support light diffusion of the walls an we get these crazy light/dark contrasts as light doesnt bounce of surfaces.

Hopefully this will change at some point.

ID: hen8dxh

Unity does it, the engine the game runs on. It's not perfect but it works, look up realtime global illumination

ID: henga6h

Will the update to the next version of unity (v19 I think?) Fix this?

10 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:34 ID: hemt4a5

A good gameplay/map design compromise is to have the main halls of the mall be very bright, as well as the super stores, but have the individual smaller stores remain dark.

ID: henjx0p

Except when someone turns on power

11 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:41 ID: hemu545

Nvg is trash on interchange

ID: henmx22

What, you don't like switching them on and off 46 times a raid?

12 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:51 ID: henjusc

No 🙂 /s

13 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:56 ID: henkid9

The lighting in general is fucked. Why does stuff look washed out and when I shine a flashlight I can't see what I'm looking at. Isn't that the opposite? Lol.

14 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:12 ID: henmnn8

At at least light it up when the power is switched. I don't get why cars inside will turn on and beep and shit, but lights don't?

15 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:10 ID: hempls0

Not a bad point for the main halls where there are skylights. But not all malls are designed this way.

ID: hemq6j0

Go to interchange and look up. 90% of the ceiling is skylights.

ID: hemqpkz

Yeah I know .... that's why I said "not a bad point for the main halls where there are skylights".

ID: henn3qw

This is actually what blows my mind, massive skylight, lights up the area super well, literally a line where you can move 2 feet and it's dark as hell. Light bounces, just not on Interchange apparently

16 : Anonymous2021/09/28 19:18 ID: hemqt8x

Nah add years of grime to the windows and no indoor lighting and interchange should be dark

ID: hemse8j

I dont think tarkov has been an active warzone for years. I always though there were at most 6 months since civilians evacuated.

ID: hendytl

Just checked it up. Political scandal in 2028 evolved into armed conflict over 6 months. Game is set somewhat vaguely after the 6 months, so its more than 6ish months and less than a year.

ID: hemt0hf

The glass is mostly broken and there is no grime textured on to the glass...

ID: hend3r6

From the lore on the wiki too, 'the region of Norvinsk 2028 had been thriving until a political scandal that evolved to armed conflict over 6 months. Most of the civilians had fled as the situation gets worse day by day.'

Based on that, id say Interchange has been abandoned somewhere between 6 months and 2 years. Not nearly enough time for grime to blacken windows to the point of blocking sunlight.

The game is Russia 2028, it's been less than a year. Me stupid

17 : Anonymous2021/09/28 18:17 ID: hemhwjn

It’s dark for game purposes. That way you have concealment

ID: hemm5p0

yeah, but realism aaaaaaaa

edit: i was kinda being facetious cause i know this is an often-downvoted comment, but i would literally trade features i like (like the dark, spoopy mall) in the pursuit of "scav simulator 2021."

18 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:06 ID: hemxgik

nah man, thats where the realism ends.

19 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:56 ID: hencnqr

it being dark is fine, it's the way in-scene contrast is handled in the game that makes it so difficult to see

20 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:01 ID: hendeo4

Yeah this map design is so cool but I am constantly getting killed by people I can’t see. I am ok with people setting up ambushes but there have been times I am looking dead at someone but cannot see them at all because of lighting.

21 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:28 ID: hengyd1

And It doesnt even have to be really bright like in that image, just atleast make it so its not pitch dark

22 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:33 ID: henp98d

Interchange with light would be the SHIT

23 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:36 ID: henppk4

To me a proper brightly lit abandoned mall would have a much more spooky and eery vibe than what we currently have. I’d definitely prefer that more

25 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:04 ID: hemx9cq

Get an HDR monitor

26 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:26 ID: hen046w

I agree and disagree.
I know its frustrating at times, like the map is unrealistically too dark. But that's the point. If it were less dark, there would be less shadows to hide in and make the whole mood of it not Tarkov.

27 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:52 ID: hen3rcj

Many places in this game have this issue- it's as if the devs didn't account for the light bouncing around. RTX would solve this instantly but it would of course be a huge performance blast.

They should go through all the dark indoor areas again and make sure to place enought light sources to properly simulate the light physics. However it's very difficult to do, especially considering the dynamic day/night cycle. But it's doable.


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