Anybody know any reason for this happening or maybe a fix? Just yesterday this started happening after I completed a task & turned it in. Everything freezes up, I can’t accept any more tasks or rewards or move anything in stash w/out restarting first. Thanks for any tips.

1 : Anonymous2021/09/28 20:50 ID: pxfkdi
Anybody know any reason for this happening or maybe a fix? Just yesterday this started happening after I completed a task & turned it in. Everything freezes up, I can’t accept any more tasks or rewards or move anything in stash w/out restarting first. Thanks for any tips.
2 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:44 ID: henb072

It's been happening for a couple days now. Just have to restart the game to get it to go through

ID: henblu8

Yep, started yesterday or the day before. Shit really sucks because I usually can get at least 2 tasks done at once so after the raid I have to restart at least twice if not 3 times in order to turn it all in & accept rewards. With my schedule that ends up making me loose a raid or 2 before having to get off for work or sleep so it’s pretty shitty in my situation lol. Hopefully someone can find out a possible fix or BSG get a patch out.

3 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:34 ID: hen9p1j

This never happens to me...

I suck so bad I never get the opportunity

ID: henbba6

Hahahaha you’ll get there eventually! Hopefully not with this same issue but I’m sure you’ll find the satisfaction of hitting that complete button once you get some experience, it’s a tough ride for sure lol.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:10 ID: hen6e53

It's a new fun event

5 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:02 ID: hen57j6

Do have the same issue, haven't spotted the root cause though, unfortunately

ID: hen5jfa

Damn, yea all I know is how to trigger it which for me is completing a task. Shit sucks, yesterday I had 2 tasks I had finished & had to restart twice to be able to turn them in completed & get the rewards. Never had the issue before yesterday so I’d really like to figure out what’s causing it. Good luck though! Let me know if you figure anything out & I’ll do the same.

ID: hen5y2a

I manage to get a reward (and transfer items) only by restarting a client. Hope they fix the issue with the next patch

6 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:29 ID: hen91yv

I’ve had that before it fixed itself the next day

ID: henb6i5

It’s been going on for 2 days now. Haven’t been able to find anything that helps.

7 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:06 ID: hene18v

Is this Nathan? If not then yes, it’s happening to my friend as well as of recent maybe last Friday?

ID: henehp0

Uhm, no I’m not Nathan lmao idrk what you meant by that. Seems as though quite a few ppl are experiencing this as well. Hoping for a quick fix!

8 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:09 ID: henefx6

Have you tried using the “Check game integrity” in the battlestate launcher? Clear cache option might work too

ID: henfeud

I have not. Will give this a shot tonight when I get off work. Thanks for the tip! Is the clear cache option also on the launcher?

ID: henfta0

ping me if this fixes it, my friend has the same problem (but i don't)

ID: henfr3m


9 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:37 ID: heni3ld

When this happens it means you are having trouble communicating with the server. Usually fixed by reset.

ID: henjr8n

But for it to only happen once I hit ‘complete’ after finishing a task literally every single time without fail you’d think there would be some type of fix for something so specific no? There’s no way I’m just stuck with having to restart every time I’m done with a task for eternity, that’s so shitty lol. Just today I had already lost enough time to miss my last raid before work due to completing 2 tasks in one raid & having to restart twice to turn them both in & collect rewards. I’m counting on a fix that I can do or that BSG comes out with, until then I’ll have to reset every time which sucks with the time loss. Thanks for the tip though I appreciate it!

10 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:16 ID: henn4pw

Its been doing this for me for weeks now. I have to alt+f4 just to get the rewards and accept each new task. Every. Time. It is annoying and I don't know hpw to fix it.

ID: henog88

Yeah dude it’s fucked. It just started the other day & it’s been so goddamn annoying. Really hoping I can figure something out. Good luck on your end

11 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:19 ID: henngv1

Dude, I have to restart Tarkov everytime I complete a quest and turn it in. Otherwise I can't do anything. Since last update if I remember correctly.

ID: heno9vg

Damnnnn mine just started the other day, I hope I don’t get stuck with it forever smh it’s so damn annoying. GL on getting a fix.

ID: hensbqn

Thanks dude. Love the game, but every patch or update seems like it breaks something else!

12 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:26 ID: henoef9

My game has been having the same issue since the last update. Anytime I complete a quest i have to restart the game in order to do anything else. It’s real fun when you need to turn in multiple quests.

ID: henooas

Damn that’s a long time. Just started the other day for me & yea it’s so goddamn annoying, literally takes like 10+ minutes to turn in 2 or more tasks. Hoping I can figure it out, good luck on your end.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/28 23:32 ID: henp5l8

This has been happening to a mate and me since the last patch, so like over a week now? Good fun.

ID: henrn4a

It’s so fuckin awesome dude my favorite feature they’ve added so far 🙂

14 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:16 ID: hen75l4

Welcome to the club.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/28 21:55 ID: henclwl

Yup happens to me too

16 : Anonymous2021/09/28 22:19 ID: henfrr9

I’ve been having this issue multiple times a session (about 2 or 3 times in a 8-10 hour session) it’s so annoying, but a quick restart fixes it so can’t complain too much I guess. I find it usually happens when selling a lot of items on the flee

ID: hengfyl

I’m able to replicate it at any time, for me it only happens after I finish a task & go to ‘complete’ it in the trader task screen. Once I do that I’m screwed out of accepting any more tasks, accepting any rewards & also I cannot move anything in my stash without it doing what it did in the video then completely bugging out like it doesn’t exist lol. Restarting my game also solves it until I complete another task but still not very ‘quick’ for me especially with my schedule literally every minute of playtime counts & today I missed out on an extra raid because of having to restart twice for the 2 tasks I did at once. Really hoping the few tips I got here will fix it, or at least BSG sees & gets a patch out.


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