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1 : Anonymous2021/09/30 00:49 ID: py8rs9

With the introduction of Scav Karma and the increased non combat interaction between players, sometimes you meet people that you may never interact with again. Maybe it was your soul mate, or maybe just a person you want to tell "LICK MY ENTIRE ASSHOLE YOU SHITTER!".
Either way, this sticky will be available every Thursday (when we can manage with a 2 sticky limit) for you to share your stories, and reach out to that special someone that you spent a raid looting and clapping cheeky breekies with.
In the future we plan on turning the story telling into a sort of weekly competition, so stay tuned.

Daily schedule
Monday - Money Monday = Loot Pics / Stash Flexes and Crazy Raids loots pics

Tuesday - NewbDay Tuesday = New players questions and Stories from when you or a friend was new
Thursday - Lost Connections and To the Guys Thursdays = Lost connections and to the guy posts and or stories about that missing in game soulmate
Friday - Fuckboi Friday = Funny stories and hilarious clips / Hilarious clips are allowed to be Memey but no Meme images are allowed.
Saturday - Sherpa Saturday = A combined day with the Sherpa Hub to get new players help and get some groups happening
Sunday - Scenery Sunday = Cool screenshots, Cool pics and General Scenery. Also, cool Tactical Screenshots of squads and or game moments

Dailys will rotate at 00:00 UTC

2 : Anonymous2021/09/30 02:23 ID: hesx4no

To the chadded out PMC who adopted me as his pet scav on woods. We ran into each other at cabins, I voicelined before I hit the cabins out of habit to announce my presence. You mumbled back and I voice lined again. You said knives only and I hit the trailer wall with my knife. Thanks for the blackjack and shturman loot!!

ID: hexb7md


3 : Anonymous2021/09/30 01:59 ID: hesu4je

To the PMC on interchange a week or three ago who found me looting Kiba. We agreed to a truce thru the glass, I let you in and loot. We left together, out the door to the left, and ran RIGHT into Killa. He murdered me because I didn't spray long enough. I hope you killed him and successfully extracted.

ID: hesvyuy

Killa is so weird. He just.. sits there. And unless you run 'in front' of him, his almonds remain unactivated - despite there being a firefight next to him, 20 meters away.. bad design.

ID: heuorzn

At first he sounded like a normal scav so I gave him a good spray and assumed I killed him. Had I held the spray I might have nailed him.

4 : Anonymous2021/09/30 02:54 ID: het0ym4

To the scav on interchange a couple hours ago who followed me, and then somehow didn’t kill me with a PPsh at point blank thank you for the free scav run since you were full of loot and I had just hopped in with only 10 minutes left. You should have just left instead of getting greedy.

ID: hetf9k1

These are my favorite stories. Fuck that guy

5 : Anonymous2021/09/30 06:54 ID: hetng7z


So many missed opportunities of possible friends to play with wasted.

Before someone say I like it for "immersion" yeah right... get a grip you sado.

ID: heu5gp2

I think the idea of it is you are not your pmc just some random scav so.. maybe when voip comes you can figure out how to scav together

ID: hewyozl

Imo if you extract together you should be given the option to friend request. Hey nikita if you are reading this you know what to do

ID: hf0ex0q

In all reality, VOIP will just end up with me dead after unknowingly hot mic'ing my every move...

6 : Anonymous2021/09/30 01:53 ID: hesteg0

To the scav on Reserve a day or two ago who startled me into killing them by throwing a flash and making me lose .1 scav karma, well played. I hope you step on a Lego when you get out of bed in the morning every day for the rest of your life.

ID: heyjap1

lmao where on reserve did this happen

ID: hezmsdw

In the bunker

7 : Anonymous2021/09/30 05:23 ID: hetg0jf

To the 2 scav buddies running around customs. I had no meds at checkpoint and one of you lit me up with a ppsh. So I had to run in a bush with a heavy bleed and finish what you nerds started. Ended up with a black thorax and stomach. I still died after shitting on you two. Just to let you know that pilgrim packed to the gills never made it out cuz you greedy bitches don't know how to shoot and move.

ID: hetg6z4

For the record it was their pilgrim packed to the gills. I had a regular sks and no pack.

8 : Anonymous2021/09/30 04:55 ID: hetdgpi

To the duo who camped outside of big red for 40 minutes while I was helping my friend get his docs case; fuck you

9 : Anonymous2021/09/30 08:41 ID: hetuhwo

This is to my scav brother who i will always miss! I went to reserve for scav run because i were out of money almost. I think we met near train station and started to clear buildings towards to the alarm hut. We looted all kind of good stuff and meds for fighting. Hit the alarm and run to the train depots. All of the sudden some fucker statted to shoot me on my back at the ramp between depots and hospital. You started to cover fire so i could cover and heal. A after that we pushed and killed that scav who were betraying us near the hill on the sniper tower at scav pmc extracts. He had full bag of expensive loot. After that we pushed towards train station. Where you just beamed the raiders so fast that coul’t even start the fire. Dude you are sick :D!! We started to loot i was covering you because you did all the work, so you can pick first and i take stuff if there’s something left. Raiders got really good gear this time. While you were looting the train was coming you didn’t see it coming and you were on the tracks looting! I started to mumble and hit the knife on ground and saved you! Both of us just watched each other’s and put thumbs up! After the rain stopped we kept min maxing loot and i were able to loot also but then an idiot betrayal scav shot me from train depots! 🙁 i died i hope you managed to avange my death and extract safety! It was one of the funniest random encounters for a scav run even i died! All the best brothers! <3

10 : Anonymous2021/09/30 09:55 ID: hetz8s5

To the PMC saving a 6Sh118, two mk47, hexgrid and Redut of his Buddies infront of IDEA Office. I sat 5m away from you while you did it. (:

11 : Anonymous2021/09/30 12:30 ID: heuch2g

To that pmc who threw 4 nades while extracting as a scav on emc checkpoint where my pilgrim was full of food only and the timer was 4 seconds left im glad you never made it. And to the scav that gladly took a bag full of food next scav run, i miss you friend...

12 : Anonymous2021/09/30 17:56 ID: hevlcvl

To the two lvl 40+ ABSOLUTE Chads who invited me into their random LFG factory raid. THANK YOU for not killing me off the bat as is the norm.

I was a bored Lvl 7, looking to maybe lighten my stash up and loaded in with a diaper rig and ppsh, you two were fully kitted. Point man lost his life to a Val 30 seconds off raid start, I avenged him with my ppsh and lost my arm. You secured your buddy's kit while I covered and you returned the favor so I could loot my kill. We NODDED our heads off and ran towards office stairs, But I was pretty damaged from the Val as well so I kicked it to extract and domed a scav in the progress.

I still wonder what havoc you wreaked upstairs in the office. I ran into Tagilla 5 seconds into my next raid and managed to kill him before dying to another pmc later on, thank you for the chad energy.

13 : Anonymous2021/09/30 11:53 ID: heu8rdz

To the fucking player scav that murdered my scav with 2 seconds till extract I hope you couldn't loot me because I was so deep in the extract. I was loaded with gear

14 : Anonymous2021/09/30 14:17 ID: heupqw7

To the guy I ambushed as you emerged from behind the train platform by Big Red, I hope you had your tooled up MP5SD insured. The Tarkov Gods decided I didn't deserve it and got me stuck in some terrain geometry where I couldn't leave. Also, a word of warning, don't crawl under the train platforms, you might never get un-stuck.

15 : Anonymous2021/09/30 15:17 ID: heuy6ot

To the scav that freaked me the fuck out on my interchange run by following me all the way from the back of OLI to the Eurocom Checkpoint extract. I was waiting to turn around from looting a stash or toolbox or whatever to see you ADS'ing the back of my head to steal my ill-gotten dirty scav loot. I'm glad I didn't hose you down with my PPsh and just happily skipped to extract with you. I was trying to give you a propane tank by the stash by the rocks, but maybe you didn't see it or your inventory was full, but it financed my next PMC run.

16 : Anonymous2021/09/30 19:50 ID: hew1mym

To the player scav who just responded to my shout, wiggled back at me and then proceeded to struggle (but ultimately succeed) to kill my scav in the bunker on reserve when there was easily enough loot to share, I hope the flechette rounds I filled you with did their job. You are a naughty naughty boy!!

17 : Anonymous2021/10/01 01:59 ID: hexd1rr

To the player scav killing other player scavs on interchange. There were about 3 minutes left, me and my scav brother were running to emercom extract when you decided to unalive him. I know you didn't see me until the last second, I hope it stings. Next time don't be greedy and murder my buddy right in front of me and I won't send you back to the main menu. You literally lost karma and all of your loot just because you wanted to be greedy. Thanks for the loot and positive karma "friend".

18 : Anonymous2021/10/01 03:26 ID: hexnhf7

To the radar hacker that naded himself in dorms. I took all your gear.

ID: hey1v8s

Thank you for your service

ID: heybbbh

I try

19 : Anonymous2021/10/01 05:35 ID: hexzowv

To the two chadded out PMCs who took me under their wings on Customs an hour or so ago. I had initially just jumped on for a quick scav run before watching some TV with the wife. Got capped within 2 minutes. Decided to jump on to customs with my PMC and a handgun. Met up with you two Chad’s on the bridge and we extracted together having filled me up to the brim with loot. One of you in particular, with a reddish purple armband, was extra kind. Unlocked numerous rooms, gave me your ginormous backpack, and so much loot even as we extracted. Up until this amazing experience, this wipe had been grueling and lonely for me. I had no interest in running my PMC and was only at a level 4 as a result. You guys gave me a renewed interest in the game. Thank you!

Edit: We extracted from ZB-1011, btw.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:22 ID: hezoq1d

To the scav on customs last night, in front of new gas with a pilgrim and PPSH... I thought you were mega THICC with a bag full of loot... I ran past you and almost went toward extract, when I noticed 3 splints in my inventory

lightbulb turns on


Go up to him again, toss a splint down, and the happy dance and trading began!

21 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:37 ID: hf07i7x

To the guy holed up in locked cabin on shoreline a few days ago who heard me run up and spammed knife hits and "cease fire"... wtf was going on?? Here's how it went down from my perspective:

Heard your knives and cease fires. Returned them. I came into the backyard to mark the pile of meds, you came out the back door and ran into unlocked cabin, right past a dude crouched in the back entrance with the duffel bag. I thought for sure it was your buddy, so I kept wiggling and spamming cease fire, but he just kept looking at me like a creep. Finished my marker and suddenly he opened fire on me. Wtf bro, thought we were chill! Panic shoot back, and huck a nade. Scav voice "Grenada!" Wut? How did you run right past him like that?? Anyways, I'm guessing you were there for Sanitar's thing, so hope you made it out alive. I was creeped out about the whole thing, and just ran for my life.

22 : Anonymous2021/09/30 01:07 ID: hesnh03

Hadn't played in over a month. Decided to hop into a scav run. Wiggled at a fellow scav, he wiggled back. I run towards shots, he shoots me in the back. Tarkov break continues.

ID: hesvtjf

I cannot handle betrayal.

If you don't wanna co-op, shoot me straight away. Don't wiggle and play-pretend just to clap me when I stand still, cos you're a shitter with potato aim.

ID: hf067ws

I run a lot of scavs, and sometimes they do that, but STILL fail to kill me before I spin around and get them. Always makes me think what a shitty time they must be having in the game to go for cheap shots like that and still lose.

ID: heyqxjq

Big facts, be a man and bang it out or fuck right off

ID: hey0m5p

Fuck that guy.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/01 01:28 ID: hex931w

To the sweaty chad rushing gun corner in goshinn, smd. Dont run up on any of my boys again. Ty for free mutant nerd

24 : Anonymous2021/09/30 16:30 ID: hev8ra6

To the pmc sneaking around power station on customs. I have no idea how I heard you and you didn’t hear me. I’ve been one tapped in the back of the head so many times. It was my turn though and I had to take the shot. Still semi feel bad. Sorry you never saw me. Thanks for the loot.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/01 00:05 ID: hewywm5

To the USEC on factory from the ks-23 BEAR that was spamming diccy needles on factory, excellent job batmanning me from the rafters. I laughed my ass off and applauded you.

26 : Anonymous2021/10/01 15:41 ID: heziyyt

just now. id like to thank the 3 pmcs having a 2v1 fight at forklifts on factory right in front of where i spawned. they didnt see me at first and i got all of them with a pistol and completed my 3 pmc pistol kills quest. i honestly had no idea how id ever get that quest done that just about doubled my total pmc kills

27 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:39 ID: hf07tqt

To the scav I just coop extracted with on Woods. Thank you for restoring my trust. Enjoy that T-5000 she shoots real fast


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