Spawning as a Scav Boss Guard

1 : Anonymous2021/10/01 13:40 ID: pz88fx

As of right now, leveling up your standing with Fence beyond 6.00 yields absolutely 0 perks for your PMC or your Scav, so I've come up with the following idea: The ability to spawn as a guard for one of the Scav bosses.

Basically, once you've reached a certain standing with Fence (say 15.00?), you get something like the following message from Fence:

"We've come a long way together and your performance has been noticeably outstanding lately - you have my gratitude for that. Long story short, Sanitar wants to talk to you so I'm letting that happen. Keep in touch and don't screw it up."

Now, the next time you scav on Shoreline, you get matched then deployed (just like your PMC) except that you will spawn next to Sanitar and his other guard and you only have one mission - Survive with Sanitar.

Failing to keep Sanitar alive will result in a MIA status once the raid is done. On the other hand, finishing the raid timer while BOTH of you are alive results in Survived status, you transfer the guard's loot and get a random drop from Fence (similar to coop extract).

There's a lot of space for brainstorming here so let me know what you think.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/01 14:01 ID: hez5d0n

That honestly would be really cool as it would make PVE a whole no level to games and make the loot more rewarding possibly the only thing that I think that would be challenging would maybe be loading times if there’s many other people like that trying to do the same map or being able to choose what boss you would want to protect

ID: hez5ppm

That's why my suggestion is to make the Karma requirement WAY high, higher than where average people stop grinding. Making the boss selection random will help solve this problem, too.

ID: hezxied

I had a similar idea. You spawn in with a group, highest rep is boss. You can’t keep the gear only gear from the pmc’s or hostile scav players you kill maybe to keep it from being abused.

ID: hf0b1gv

Could even be a dynamic threshold throughout the wipe. E.G. make it the top 5% scav karma players rather than a fixed karma value of 15 of whatever.

ID: hezafze

Player with the highest karma gets the slot, bam, solved.

ID: hezl2sr

Came here to say what the other guy said. This is a great answer. Or.. have maybe three guards can be players

ID: hezfffd

At that point though it's not PVE as the player is protecting the boss, it's PVP now. WIth a player scav who is arguably better geared than every other player scav and in some cases more geared than PMC's, who is essentially free to roam the map if he so chooses?

ID: hezb2sr

They might have to up boss spawns then 🙂 I think boss spawns should be at least 50%

3 : Anonymous2021/10/01 14:42 ID: hezav1s

When Nikita talked about Scav Karma just prior to release he claimed you'd be able to spawn as scav guards if you get max karma...So we'll probably get his feature in 2 years as a DLC

ID: hezkgr8

I put my bet on 5

ID: hezr9jw

We'll be glad to play full streets 5 years from now.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/01 17:01 ID: hezu8yt

You realize that as a scav with 6 rep you effectively become a boss guard, right? Heck you can command bosses to follow you and go roaming.

You don’t start with guard loot, but you can quickly get it by waiting for pmcs to try to kill your boss.

ID: hf057h5

Gluhar doesn't listen at all

ID: hf06bu6

Gluhar is a strong, independent scav boss and doesn’t need no cheeky beeky telling him where to go!

ID: hezv4gq

Correct, but as someone who used to scav A LOT on Shoreline, you would be super lucky to find Sanitar alive once every 20 raids. Not to mention there's barely 15 mins left on the clock.
Besides, what do I gain by guarding him in that case? During the Reshala on Shoreline event, me and my friend would sit there and wait for someone to kill the bosses before we attack them from behind and get all the loot for ourselves. This is not ideal lore-wise.

ID: hf08glc

That shoreline even was so fucking fun to scav into. I got some great screenshots of me hanging out with Sanitar.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/01 15:14 ID: hezfaic


Interesting idea, with a few little elements to ponder.

Firstly, that's a 50 minute raid. That's 50 minutes of doing nothing but sitting next to Sanitar. I presume the idea is not to roam about the raid in guard gear spanking PMC's, because frankly if you can just run about and kill people with the superior guard gear or just head straight to extract then it's broken.

So picture this. You spawn cottages, do you have an extract? Can you extract? The answer needs to be no or they might just hit extract before Sanitar is killed.

So you definitely need to spend all 50 minutes in raid. NPC guards have unlimited ammo and unlimited meds. How do we accomplish this for a player guard?

Secondly, given how shoreline plays this could be a really boring 50 minutes. Especially if you're at Pier and everybody just decides not to fuck with Sanitar and his crack goons today. What things is the player allowed to do without it being considered abandoning his post?

ID: hezpojn

See, I think it SHOULD only be for a limited window. So, for example you spawn in as a Sanitar guard AS SOON AS PMCs spawn. You need to defend him for the first 8-10 minutes of the raid. Then, you are "freed" and forced to run to extract or something

ID: hf0wmkh

Sanitar 10mins after raid start "where the fuck r u guys going, IM PAYING YOU"

ID: hezs3pp

Or have it at a selectable option, so you know you’re signing up for 50 minutes of boredom with the chance of some worthwhile loot

ID: heznbs3

True, there needs to be some tweaks here and there but regarding the boredom, having a proper reward should make up for it. I mean, think about it as a quest that you need to get done at all costs. Maybe even add a penalty of some kind upon failure? Gives you another reason to insist on staying around the big guy.

ID: hf0be56

NPC guards have unlimited ammo and unlimited meds.

Wait, they do? Why do you find so many half empty mags and half eaten ifaks, then?

ID: hf0ci75

I dunno but have you ever seen a guard run out of ammo or stop shooting at you?

ID: hf0rq2z

Do your leandry, empty your dishwasher

6 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:15 ID: heznont

Maybe instead of being forced to remain in raid for 50 mins the mission becomes a protect the president style run.

You spawn in at the beginning of the raid as a guard but Sanita

boss is locked to a perimeter (ie. sanitar cannot leave cottages) for the first 25-35 minutes. Then a random scav extract opens up in which you need to guide sanitar and successfully extract to get the fence bonus.

ID: hezoufd

I like this! Escorting him in the open sounds pretty scary and dangerous but definitely loads of fun.

ID: hf0r3p9

This, this idea i love, if they are able to create route like this, then i am all in

7 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:40 ID: hf07zbo

This is almost confirmed as a future possible DLC for SCAV life.

ID: hf0hfcn


8 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:39 ID: hf07s98

I'm finding it really difficult to level up Fence. Extract as a scav with no scav kills, I get .01. If I kill a scav, either bc I thought it was PMC or a player scav attacking me) I lose .1. How the heck am I supposed to manage that?

ID: hf092st

Factory is your friend. You can sometimes spawn with +15 mins left in the raid and find juicy PMCs still running around. These should be your main source of Scav Karma.

ID: hf0a30u

True. I found that out and have been doing nothing but factory when i scav. But to me it seems unbalanced. At that rate, it'll take me 10 successful scav raids to get .1, but one scav kill will set me right back to where I was. I'm sure it's intentional that way, of course. Just doesn't seem worth it to me. I just use my scav to loot PMC bodies to kit my own PMC bc im a broke boi.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/01 19:01 ID: hf0as8c

Love it, except maybe not with sanitar specifically. Nobody really bothers to fight him, and shoreline raids are long as fuck, so this seems like a lot of sitting around. Same mechanic for Reshulhu, Glucose, or Shturmy would be awesome, though.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/01 20:34 ID: hf0n919

Honestly. We need the guards and bosses to be hard to kill. Not some little Timmy that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn

11 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:05 ID: hf0r7x6

Another perk that would be cool, would be having a chance to spawn as a raider instead of a scav. This might give more incentive for people to be nicer as a scav as well

12 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:05 ID: hf0r9nk

Boss specific rewards would be cool too.

Rashala hives you a gold TT and special wallet.

Shturman some rifle or other sniper gear.

Sanitar gives you a med duffle with meds inside.

Killa gives you some Adidas style stuff or a gold watch.

Tagila gives you "tagillas famous frozen chocolate bananas" with some good energy/water stats or his helmet.


13 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:54 ID: hf0xcs7

I love how mfs who farmed max karma already go around telling people that it has no benefits. I guess improved loadouts and reduced cooldown are not benefits then

ID: hf0xiz4

The statement is true beyond 6.00. There is absolutely nothing noticeable.

ID: hf0xrxg

Why would there be? 6 is the max, you get the benefits when you reach it. What else do you need? Just because they didn't hard lock karma it doesn't mean that by farming more you should start spawning with Altyns

14 : Anonymous2021/10/01 22:53 ID: hf14q1l

Been hoping for some kind of "Spawn as Raider" option for a long time now

15 : Anonymous2021/10/01 17:02 ID: hezuenu

"As of right now, leveling up your standing with Fence yields absolutely 0 perks for your PMC or your Scav"

At max rep I've made around 35mil from just scav runs on reserve. With intel center level 2 and rep, I'm spawning in every 5 mintues with decent kits that have ranged with good keys, to intel, moonshine, numerous labs access cards, and even a FLIR. It may not be as in depth as some people were hoping for but saying 0 perks isn't true.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:25 ID: hezp6s7

Planned TM, or at least spawning as bosses is planned

17 : Anonymous2021/10/01 15:56 ID: hezl496

Greatest idea I have ever seen posted here.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:25 ID: hezp74l

This has been suggested many times before and then general consensus (in my opinion) is the argument between this game supposedly being "hardcore"/difficult to level up and get good gear, whereas this idea just babysits the scav mains even more by allowing them to spawn in as raide

guards. I think the MIA balance you suggested could be a good idea. It would honestly be incredibly boring, as the AI is still in a pretty abysmal state - so it would just end up with you sitting around for 40 mins hoping that someone doesn't pop the boss in the head from 200m away

19 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:06 ID: hf0rdnq

Yeah let's just make scavs even easier. No. Fucking. Way.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:06 ID: hf037r7

I've often thought even just being a regular boring non-boss guard would be a cool duty as a Scav. Maybe it's a scav quest, but it could be a PMC quest. Your mission, should you accept it, is when you next go to Customs you'll spawn in the Big Red warehouse area. Protect the loot there. If you spawn elsewhere, it means you didn't draw guard duty this time - or maybe some other sort of notification.

While doing this mission you aren't allowed to touch the loot (otherwise, you'd just hide it in the grass) but you can loot bodies. Your reward at the end is all the loot that remains in Big Red and the surrounding grounds, that wasn't taken by players or other scavs. (That's three or four file cabinets, a safe, a possible intel, two weapons boxes, some loose loot, two computers, a med container and I'm probably forgetting more).

21 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:14 ID: hf04d05

Prob should also make it so you can kill any player scav if they get within x distance from the boss obviously not for sanitar but for gulkar or shturman

22 : Anonymous2021/10/01 18:14 ID: hf04df2

had this exact thought the other day. I love it so so much. any variation of this would be soooo cool. i just would love any more deep gameplay with scavs. i think theres so much untouched potential there.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/01 21:41 ID: hf0vqc0

Fuck that OP.

I want to spawn as TAGILLA.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/01 16:28 ID: hezpm4e

I love the idea !!

26 : Anonymous2021/10/01 23:10 ID: hf16sfr

This is already planned

27 : Anonymous2021/10/01 23:16 ID: hf17ja8

yes, please add BSG!

28 : Anonymous2021/10/01 19:05 ID: hf0bcbp
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