There’s Something About Being Heavily Geared In A Raid

1 : Anonymous2021/10/04 18:57 ID: q1c9jl

That just hits different. It's kind of hard to explain and most of my friend group doesn't really play heavily geared. I respect pretty much every loadout a person brings into the raid but people really do look down on geared players.

I do just mean geared though. I'm not hyper aggressive, I don't exploit map knowledge to try and catch guys looting or really even push third party opportunity's.

Going into the raid fully geared reminds me of what I think lore wise my PMC would want to do. He's got a handful of tasks in a dangerous area. He's got a few friends with him he really cares about. How else would he best try to ensure survival other than getting strapped the f*&$ up. Especially when he's finally amassed the wealth needed to do so.

What about you, do you ever just go in fully geared for the sake of being prepared and ready for whatever?

2 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:26 ID: hfe0rob

Gone in "heavily geared" to 4 raids today, 4 times I've died on first shot to head-eyes lmao.

ID: hfebrxk

Mate it happened last night I took good gear I looted from a player got 2 kills and a bunch of scavs excited I’m about to extract and bam head and eyes scav with a sagia 12 shotgun that I didn’t see. Such is life

ID: hfelbnq

Yeah no worries. I would like to make some quest progress but will work on that tonight haha

ID: hfe32id

lol it does still happen. I like that it doesn't make you invincible though

ID: hfelhdu

Nope but man you sure as hell fell good when you have good gear I was more open into pushing fights and having 4 frags really helped

ID: hfelgof

Oh I agree

3 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:36 ID: hfe2k5c

No matter how good you are at this game, you are going to eventually lose every kit. So why not do whatever you enjoy - if that means going in chad style, then so be it. Some people enjoy going in with a pistol and trying to be a hero. Whatever floats your boat, if you can survive. Me? I like moderate kits - usually a level below what chads are wearing. I just feel I get better value for my money and I can afford to run more kits if I get on a losing streak.

ID: hfelikx

I'm a big value for money guy in game and talk myself out of high tier armor. If I'm both using and dying to ammo that can go through tier 5 armor then I don't see a point in using a Korund when I can get an ANA rig for same price.

Faceshields I haven't messed with and just run a ballcap and balaclava. Since most seem to be tier 3 or 4 I struggle to justify it.

ID: hfeqxgw

Give a thicc kit a few try's. My original test sample size was ten loadouts, same map, kit and level of thiccness. Then I compared it to a lower tier kit, same ten runs, same map. For me, the proof was in the number of raids survived.

ID: hfex7bo

I used ghillie hat from the beginning just recently switched to exfil for lulz cause it is mid wipe prolly and when I will spend money if not now.

ID: hff0f5c

Steel helmet is cheap and has high ricochet chance. I’d argue ricochet chance is the most important helmet statistic and then area of protection. You’re not trying to stop the bullets, just have a chance to bounce off your head doing minimal damage

ID: hfezck1

I haven't run any armor or helmets in the last 2 wipes lol. As another value for money guy, I just go in with either a ppsh or a 9mm pistol with AP rounds. I'm so damn cheap I don't even like bringing the pistol anymore because I feel like my $10,000 M9A3 is more likely to be looted than a ppsh lol. Damn is it fun though to 1tap a chad's head with it though.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/04 21:04 ID: hfeh04t

I started playing at the end of last wipe and I've recently gotten over gear fear and dying is just another part of the game. Watching the streamers and learning from my cousin who I play with regularly I went from bumbling broke idiot scav to super suave and sexy Chad PMC. I still die of course I've been giving away slicks altyns m4s and M1A's with reap-irs for weeks now playing on the standard edition. I've never had more fun.

ID: hfelzbn

Very nice bro. Yep, losing gear is just part of the game and once you've learned a way to make money the way you like, you can always get geared again. Congrats on getting over gear fear, that's big man.

ID: hfemxp3

Thank you squire! My preferred loot run has some bronze lions, fuel, and bitcoins. I also get my m4s for free from a certain little place so I've been pretty well off for the past two months. Haven't dipped below 5m rubles in weeks!

5 : Anonymous2021/10/04 21:37 ID: hfemd71

I get fully geared when I rip that slick off the fat cunt my 153 just slapped in the face meat and feel like a god amongst the fellow rats and what you think I pick up his mutant? Oh you silly boy, see a rat with a rat boom stick is dangerous, but a mega rat with a rat boom stick well, we don’t play fair

ID: hfeopon

I mean, I'm not really talking about rat vs chad. I just as easily might slow play and chill in a dark corner with the same kit. It really depends on the situation but the kit is adaptable and that's the beauty of it. To me at least.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:10 ID: hfdya8w

Fully geared =


20 round mag

Pso scope on dovetail mount boofed

Uley rat rig

Duffel bag

Cheap prapor ears

Come at me bro!! … but be loud about it so I hear you coming.

ID: hfe2cqs

I feel like wearing the GSSH ears gives my enemy the advantage lmao.

ID: hfe2wpz

Why do people hate on them so much? I get that they amplify some ambient noise, but they amplify enemy footsteps which is by far the most important

ID: hfe2x5t

but be loud about it.... I died lol

7 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:57 ID: hfe5xg0

Ill stick to taking my PPSH to Factory in search of my next loadout 😉

8 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:36 ID: hfe2fbi

There's something about going into a raid with just a SR-1MP pistol and head eyes-ing a Chad through his visor that just hits different.

this comment was brought to you by the RAT GANG

ID: hfe39bx

I see you rat gang lol

ID: hfeol1v

Can the SR-1MP kill through the thorax? What if you use the BT ammo

ID: hfeoyl5

Depends on the armor. It can pen class 4 armor no problem (it has 39 pen), so in theory you should be able to 2-tap kill someone through class 4 with the BT ammo. It's shockingly high damage too. Just to put it into perspective, it has more flesh damage and pen than m856a1.

ID: hfezolv

It's the best. Plus the speed, mobility, and high ergo of just running a pistol feels soooo good.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:24 ID: hfe0i3g

What about you, do you ever just go in fully geared for the sake of being prepared and ready for whatever?

What other reason is there to go in with gear? Lmfao

ID: hfe36jk

To stomp on lowbies. To flex. To meme. Many reasons.

ID: hfermoz

Because you know you're rushing in dorms, opening some rooms and leaving, and know other people will do that. You're not preparing for the unexpected in that case, but preparing for the obvious.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/04 21:15 ID: hfeis1e

I usually go in pretty cheeked up, since I tend to stay in raids for a while and I like to have a lot of my own resources right to the end of the round.

If I'm already geared, I don't waste a lot of time looting random scavs or scrappy PMCs I encounter. Bodies attract bodies. Once I've shot someone, I usually reposition away from the shooting area and check if I'm in immediate danger of being third partied. You can punish lots of greedy players by leaving a visibly geared body in an exposed position.

Tasks are much easier to complete if you come into a raid prepared to fight all the way through to the end, imo. The key is to assess your own risk tolerance and skills and then wager the appropriate amount of gear each raid to stay ahead and make profit overall. Once you get more comfortable walking around with more gear and using it tactically, your survival rate shoots up and it pays for itself many times over.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/04 19:29 ID: hfe19aq

I just go out with whatever armor or gun i have at the time and now that i sold thicc case at lvl 35 i can use any gun i wanna try

12 : Anonymous2021/10/04 20:18 ID: hfe9f68

What’s your go to “geared” kit you like to run My big map geared kit is a ulach tv-110 and always 762 mdr. Factory kit Altyn slick and p90

ID: hfeadnh

Big Maps : Slick / Altyn. M4 with either a Valday or Eotech. Since the optics rework I cant decide which I like more. Grizzly and some stims. I've lost a lot of money on stims over the wipes lol but theres some fun combos in the game.

Factory : The new level 6 Thor armor with the same other stuff from up top. Sometimes I'll run the razor holo sight if I'm not overwatching quests.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/04 22:21 ID: hfespzt

How many roubles do you have and how many hours / raids played this wipe?

ID: hfeswdw

5 m, this wipe idk, less than 100 or so hours. In total, over 1500 hrs. Why?

14 : Anonymous2021/10/04 22:53 ID: hfeww3o

I will die eventually. So I just run poverty tier kits until I put something NUTTY together then I die because I’m stupid. Good strat tbh

15 : Anonymous2021/10/04 23:11 ID: hfez3cf

Every single raid, even when I'm down to my last rubles, whatever the most appropriate gear for the task at hand I have available is what I bring in, unless it's earmarked for something.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/04 23:39 ID: hff2dwe

If I’m not geared I die on first shot fired of a shootout because everyone is running m61 or m995.

If I’m geared I get head eyes, what is the point

17 : Anonymous2021/10/04 21:45 ID: hfeni2r

that is just disgusting....

Oh sorry I was finishing your title.


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