we talk a lot about the people who quit after 3 months because the wipe gets stale, but nobody talks about the ones who played the whole wipe and quit after their first wipe because they lost all of their progress. Ive known a lot of them over the years but they rarely speak up.

1 : Anonymous2021/10/07 15:09 ID: q3b5pa

It just seems like the people who watch streamers and play like its COD, play 6-8 hours a day, are in a lower age bracket, ALSO tend to ask for wipes (you see this trend passed on from Rust, which is very much peripheral to COD, CS, and yes Roblox). These are vocal and whiney people. These are also going to be people who dont want to play fair, dont appreciate the games immersion and realism.

On the other hand, for the first two wipes EFT had much different player composition, much older, a lot of vets, played slower and in groups largely. I saw a lot of these guys quit after the first wipe. A lot were unhappy with the second wipe but stuck around, but left after the second wipe. These players appreciate the gear and weapon customization features and even when they get 100m roubles in stash they still enjoy the immersion of running nice gear and playing with their friends. These guys didnt say anything or make any reddit posts when they quit, but they were there and there were a lot of them.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:29 ID: hfr3k2o

I'm torn on this.

I like both ends of gameplay early-wipe leveling and high-level juice kits..

Wiping does, however, kill my motivation to grind out the exceptional things like kappa or elite skills. Why bother? All that effort for somethin that wont last.

I think Tarkov can survive with no wipes but they need to change the gameplay loop so that it isnt as repetitive.

ID: hfrfn8g

I would love to see 1 wipe that was just a stash/hideout wipe. Level/stats/quests stay.
Call it an earthquake or something idk. I just hate redoing "run here grab this" quests every wipe.

ID: hfrj4ud

Yeah i never want to do the quests again

ID: hfrku39

They gotta do like path of exile do: wipe every season and transfer all progress to another permanent character

ID: hfrlplf

I'd like this game to just get a prestige system ala hunt showdown

ID: hfr5ix9

Have you ever tried being a sherpa? I find that it sort of helps me relive the early days of the wipe vicariously through the players i help.

ID: hfrkohc

I have like 7 friends that play this game and they're all fairly new / low level, thats enough sherpa experience for me I think

3 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:45 ID: hfr5xgh

Quitter from 3rd wipe checking in

ID: hfrfuno

You bastard, why cant you be addicted like the rest of us?

4 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:25 ID: hfr2xc5

I'm one of those people. I started playing again after the wipe and just couldn't do it. Felt so pointless after the amount of draining effort it took to make progress before.

ID: hfr375b

You have a voice here sir. You are respected in this safe space, and only in this safe space clearly.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:08 ID: hfr0imu

Imo I wish the wipe wasn’t complete, if I could keep my base then I would be good to go and could rebuild. It’s just so annoying when you build something up and lose it like that… that said flea at 15 will make that a lot less painful next wipe.

ID: hfr19ew

I think if they have to wipe for technical reasons they should only wipe the aspects of the game that they absolutely have to.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/07 18:48 ID: hfrf2f6

Woah, I was one of them!

7 : Anonymous2021/10/07 15:16 ID: hfqjzfq

The Kappa change killed it for me. After I hit 48, I really had no goal to grind for. Only thing to play for was seeing the roubles pile up. With the key and loot changes it just wasn't interesting anymore. 90% of the pvp I chased was people in rat kits.

Not really much of an "END GAME" in EFT at the moment.

ID: hfqrbx2

People aren't running rat kits because of the loot and key change, people are running rat kits because of the insurance, vendor, hideout, and btc changes that were with us at the start of this wipe. Everyone was running rat kits long before the loot change.

Your perception is also biased because free btc money rained from the sky last wipe, and everyone above level 30 was geared.

ID: hfrgs2g

Everyone was running rat kits long before the loot change.

If you ran the GPU path on interchange more often than not you would run into a meta kit.

Same thing for customs and the marked room.

Labs in general.

Bunker for reserve.

The number of people chadded out could honestly be the same before and after the loot change it's just that now I can't consistently find them

ID: hfr4zuw

Don't forget the part where it's not very hard to kill a Chad with just a rat weapon if you know what you're doing

ID: hfql7ce

It feels like everyone I kill right now is either a player scav or someone in a rat kit

ID: hfqkewd

What other games do/did you play?

ID: hfr61iz

Diablo Resurrected, New World

8 : Anonymous2021/10/07 15:41 ID: hfqnk58

It just seems like the people who watch streamers and play like it COD, play 6-8 hours a day, are in a lower age bracket, ALSO tend to ask for wipes

I'd love it if someone could make one of these posts without resorting to these incredibly lazy, highly inaccurate generalisations. It's all this sub seems to be lately, no one can make a point without slinging shit at other groups.

ID: hfrpsdy

I'm mid 30s and think that wipes every 3-4 months are not only good but essential to this game.

ID: hfrq998

Same, I'd probably say more like 6 months just so the guys who don't get to play as much can make decent progress, but wipes are essential and play style is irrelevant to that.

ID: hfs3uda

I'm in my mid to late 30s and I am conflicted. Me and my farming friends (mostly RL friends who play after kids are out to bed etc a few times a week) started after the wipe around Christmas. Most of us got the Kappa around May, but a few got tired of the stale and grindy type of tasks. Then the wipe (which was anticipated) came and all progress gone. The idea of starting over was not that bad, however the idea of doing quite a lot of unoriginal and somewhat poorly made tasks was just too much for mod tof us. Me and one other do still play, but only once a week. Rest went back to PUBG while they wait for more stuff to be added to the game.

I also think there should be a huge money sink somewhere. Like dropping 100m to out your name in grafitti on a wall inside the game or something like that.

TLDR; Wipe should also come with refreshed tasks and added content.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:54 ID: hfr7a7i

When (if) the game goes into full release, they should have a prestige system instead of wipes. Then you lock end-game content behind prestige.

Like kappa for example. You reset your character once you've done all the quests and hit level 62, then you start back at level 1 but with a bigger ass.

ID: hfr97zg

I used to play an old ass MMORPG called Asherons Call that allowed you to achieve Enlightenment by restarting from level 1. You would keep you rating, which was like a damage/defense modifier or mastery rank, and once you reached max level again you would have higher rating parameters. It was a moderate advantage but well worth it for many players who loved the game.

Here's a link to the description of Enlightenment:

ID: hfrayrz

You're the second person in my life who has ever mentioned Asherons call lol

It's still a thing, it's been revived by the player base

ID: hfrfuy0

They said they would have one persistent game mode and one with wipes eventually.

But I do like the concept of prestige. Maybe they could do that on the persistent server

ID: hfriz4p

Yeah, like the first time your do a reset it could be called bootcamp and you come back as a black site pmc and then the second time you reset you become a field commander and you can start a clan.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/07 19:30 ID: hfrl817

losing all progress after a wipe is so demoralizing to be honest. I play a lot of games and just why keep playing a game I will lose progress when I can play something else.

ID: hfrls7o

Thanks for your feedback. I think its been a somewhat productive discussion.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/07 17:05 ID: hfqzz55

One thing that always bothers me about this community, is that players dropping off during a season in any game is pretty normal.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/07 16:52 ID: hfqy5i4

Not sure what this nonsense is, people who play the whole wipe beg for a wipe constantly bc they want to experience early level 1 fights again and grind quests that aren’t “kill killa 100 times”. When you’re banging out 15 quests on day one you feel like a machine (even though they’re easy) and when you have an extended firefight with a new PMC bc you’re both using dogshit weapons and ammo fights last longer, more tense, and more meaningful with value given to players with good movement and aim.

End wipe is stagnant, stale, everyone is a cod super trooper with max skills, same guns and meta ammo, and there’s no desire to keep any of your loot. I ran a 600k kit and died? Better grab the next 600k identical kit sitting in my stash.

TL;DR Tarkov feels like Tarkov at the start of the wipe. At the end it becomes a CoD death match.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/07 16:52 ID: hfqy40z

No wipe in Tarkov would be annoying for the same reasons playing GTA online can be. I just want to play to have fun, but the people who have 3 years worth of gear and money stashed up will go full suicide mode to ruin your game, because everything is disposable for them. I don’t understand why people rush end game. What’s the point in playing much after that? Most games aren’t designed to have longevity after you’ve reached the end.

ID: hfrfhds

Solution - 2 separate game modes: Seasonal wiping game mode and a permanent one. Community can pick which they would like to play on at any time and can alternate between both even if they'd like. An example I've seen of this that works relatively well is Old School Runescape. It has a permanent deadman mode where everything stays and nothing wipes to include gear and skills and then they have a seasonal version that wipes. It works well and would incentivize the casuals to play more as you typically don't see casuals playing the seasonal deadman as much as you do streamers/nolifers who get paid to play the game.

Edit: Another thing I'd like to add to provide a solution to one of the problems you mentioned about having 3 years worth of gear. If a server is permanent, have it spawn significantly less loot as often in comparison to the server that wipes. Also, add a much more significant money sink to the game beyond running labs. A couple examples would be increasing durability ware on weapons/armor per use/raid and significantly increasing the cost to repair equipment. As well as adding a tax to purchasing anything from traders in the game.

ID: hfr7f3h

Many many many games have a static gameplay loop and years of playability

ID: hfr85is

A static loop of the same game I’ve been playing for years? Wow, sounds enticing. You’re misunderstanding what I meant. Physically being able to play past the endpoint, and actually having a goal or something to work towards after the end are two different concepts. Most games don’t have a second game immediately after the credits roll.

14 : Anonymous2021/10/07 19:01 ID: hfrh008

They are probably playing other games and having a great time.

Some games have grind. I wouldn't recommend EVE, or BDO, or POE, or Warframe, or Tarkov to anyone that hates grinding.

I also wouldn't recommend any full loot game to anyone that gets upset when they lose stuff.

I also wouldn't recommend any early access games to anyone that gets upset when they lose stuff.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/07 19:57 ID: hfrp1qn

i think if the gear stary, the game STAYS stale indefinitely, i stay all wipe every wipe though

16 : Anonymous2021/10/07 20:02 ID: hfrpqtf

I mean, I can understand this but it's kind of the price of playing a game that's still technically in beta. I think most of the problem is the beta period's dragged on so long.

Maybe at least some kind of recognition of people who've been around for multiple wipes, or?

ID: hfrq7ra

Yeah why cant they look at our account registration date and give us a rank or something lol. They dont even have my registration date ingame correct. I registered back in jan 2017 on the website and it says my account is like 90 days old in game.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/07 22:15 ID: hfs855m

They don't speak up because they are gone lol

18 : Anonymous2021/10/07 23:15 ID: hfsfosr

On my fourth wipe and the only reason why I’m not playing much this wipe (lvl 35 or something now) is basically because there isn’t enough changes yet so I quickly get bored. I also don’t want to overplay it so I’ll lose interest when more content actually comes out. It’s also very empty on the servers I play on and in the times I play, so getting past the 3 pmc kill on woods and SBIH is almost impossible at this point.. still the best game I’ve played and can’t wait for more content! (Factory expansion didn’t cover it for me)

19 : Anonymous2021/10/07 15:23 ID: hfql2lp

Stopped playing bc of level 20 flea, switched over to dayZ and squad. I played like crazy last wipe but I just don’t have the energy to grind this game this time around, maybe next wipe.

ID: hfqs6yn

Not sure if it matters to you, but they reduced it to level 15

20 : Anonymous2021/10/07 18:20 ID: hfrb1jf

So I quit playing this wipe for a couple reasons but mainly my progression to “end game” was slowed. By end game I mean max traders. I play in groups and we only get a handful of runs in a night so my leveling/task progression is pretty slow. This usually means after I hit full unlock I get maybe a month of gameplay before a wipe happens. I got sick of the grind so I’m done until the game changes enough for me to come back.

Oh and New World just so happened to come out right now so that might have tipped the scale of “Is this fun or not”.

ID: hfrdxcy

“i got sick of the grind”

starts to play new world

buddy i got something to tell ya (i also play new world)

ID: hfrh3k2

I understand the irony. But it is a bit different kind of grind... a lot different.

ID: hfrb8mz

I never liked the quest system honestly


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