I hate this game

1 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:00 ID: q7tnrf

loads back in

2 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:14 ID: hgkygds

‘Fuck you and I’ll see you tomorrow.’

ID: hgl427u

...Or maybe in 20 minutes.

ID: hglqgs0

ooh, my scav is ready, i will try to make some money for my next PMC raid.

ID: hgm4nj1

Felt good when there was no "and I'll see you tomorrow"

After playing 2 years of just war thunder and tarkov it feels so good to play racing sims and normal shooters

ID: hgmu7ez

Dammit...is...is this the algorithm?! Play tarkov for...thousands of hours and get burnt. Loaded up warthunder a few months ago. Why do I hate myself.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:23 ID: hgkz533

server connection lost, lost a kit

Fuck this game I’m done

starts building a new kit

ID: hgljcm1

Loses M1 I spent 45 minutes modding


…But what about this Vector?

ID: hgmsy48

That's why I have a thousand saved presets.

This way i can cry looking at the gun i just lost and can spend less time before losing it once more

ID: hgmtk0n

I spend a few hours every wipe once I hit 40 making META GOD GUNS and then never really consider the modding screen again.

Or I just use whatever nonsense I pull of people I kill.

People make the weirdest shit.

ID: hgl4gf5

Managing stash is more fun than the actual game in raid

ID: hgo66xv

Tarkov stash simulator 2022

ID: hglkdoo

Put thousands of hours into Arma2 Arrowhead Dayz. I can withstand losing kit to gun fights or my stupidity. Server connection is what is makeing me not want to play this game. I have the top package for my ISP and still get disconnected every other game.

ID: hgm3h2b

Are you playing with friends or by yourself?

ID: hglrz4r

How are you connected? WiFi or ethernet?

ID: hglj1l1

Thats where having 10 pp19 kedr comes in handy

4 : Anonymous2021/10/14 09:57 ID: hgldjzq

die 3 times in a rov as pmc, fuck this shit, scav run, +500k, omg best game, go pmc, repeat

ID: hglo1w3

This is my experience exactly.

ID: hgm2wyf

Bsg is making the game for scav gameplay i swear

5 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:58 ID: hgmi33y

Story of my life. When I ask my friends to play they said hell no that game sucks. I just say fair enough it does lmao

ID: hgmjq1c

Can't really argue when you had a 30 min raid and got head eyes from unknown each time I'm with friends lmao

6 : Anonymous2021/10/14 17:30 ID: hgmvlll

I just did the fattest run I've done in a while and died to two kids with knives. In done for the day

ID: hgn16jz


7 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:37 ID: hgl07au

Same. Came back to play after 2 weeks. Entire 5 man got wiped with 5 total headshots, I just closed the game.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:08 ID: hgkxzcp

Hey that’s me !

9 : Anonymous2021/10/14 06:48 ID: hgl0zut

Honestly you get to a places where you dont give a fuck about gear money comes fast and you have nothing to do. I legit run therms every raid and dont insure anything. I run solo therm. No fucks given

ID: hgl3a9s

Save some pussy for the rest of us

ID: hgl7ss6


ID: hgl7jty

Try running basic bitch kits, like fuckin scav vpo's no armor and see how you like it. Or run wierd kits, YouTube general Sam has some fun ideas on strange guns.

ID: hgm3l45

I have 6 wipes in this game. I'm not running naked. General Sam is a shitter with a large flowing of mindless sheep. The problem with this game is people get emotional over dying. Idgaf if I die and have no proble sharing loot with someone that kills me. No point in hoarding money, no point in gear fear. If you pvp go dressed efficiently not with a 4 round mag hunting gun.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/14 08:45 ID: hgl8w6h

There been times I close the game out of frustration. Then less then 10 minutes later I am loading back into a raid.

ID: hgllfi5

Me last night. All death by scavs.

ID: hgllven

For me it's loading the game and managing my stash and scav running. It's not gear fear it's disappointment fear, I don't have time to have bad game experiences, but the game has such high highs

11 : Anonymous2021/10/14 07:10 ID: hgl2l30

well it's a reason I completely abandoned it. If you will actually try to analize what Tarkov is, you will understand this is just an addiction, addiction so strong it forces you to go back no matter what and you should break that asap for good.

ID: hgl5vzw

I think for me it's the opposite. I go in once survive come out made like 500k and be like. "Yep that's enough for today"

ID: hgls3pf

you will understand this is just an addiction,

That's just gaming in general.

ID: hglswl7

Session-based/ grindy games cause this much more often than other games, I have no problems with single-player games and it doesn't have that strong effect on me, but with Tarkov it was the second time in my life (first was WoW back in 2008) when addiction was pretty strong.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/14 09:40 ID: hglcfdc

We all do.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/14 11:10 ID: hglj1fw

You're welcome

14 : Anonymous2021/10/14 12:40 ID: hglrmr8

Tarkov giveth and Tarkov taketh away

15 : Anonymous2021/10/14 13:21 ID: hglwce6

Played three games of customs in a row where I died in the fist two mins and will have lost everything and killed no one. Started questioning why I even bother playing this. Loaded back in with a glock and comtacs only, killed a PMC and 7 Scavs and extracted full of gear. It's gone back to being the best game ever.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/14 13:42 ID: hglyzm6

i feel powerful against my urges since i know where my psychology will end up and thats why... i didnt load back in

17 : Anonymous2021/10/14 13:58 ID: hgm16v6

Don’t be afraid to put tarkov down for a while it certainly can be a lot

18 : Anonymous2021/10/14 14:11 ID: hgm2wzn

This is first wipe, only like a month in at level 21. Best game I ever played because it has all the mechanics I've wanted in a shooter since I was young. But why unity. WHY UNITY

19 : Anonymous2021/10/14 14:29 ID: hgm5eoh

same bro

20 : Anonymous2021/10/14 14:34 ID: hgm644c

Hahahahaha fucking same

*queues up for customs

21 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:01 ID: hgm9u8d

Finally some good fucking content around here.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:20 ID: hgmcjnr

Don’t hate the game, hate the players…?

23 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:25 ID: hgmddjl

I found a money case in marked and got head eyes across the map by a hacker so I’m done with the game. Until tomorrow.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/14 15:58 ID: hgmi7ts

Tarkov is my favorite game. I hate it.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:00 ID: hgmigz7

I've said it before and I'll say it again this game is like a heroin addiction

27 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:09 ID: hgmjqkn


28 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:34 ID: hgmnery

yup, I know the feels.

"fuck this game!" "I hate this bullshit..." "well, maybe just one more game..."

29 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:42 ID: hgmoj3c

Hey this game got me to stop playing league so I don’t know how I feel about that

30 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:45 ID: hgmp0p9


31 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:55 ID: hgmqjgo

"I'm gonna play one more and then I'm done"

32 : Anonymous2021/10/14 16:56 ID: hgmqnmj

SP Tarkov.

33 : Anonymous2021/10/14 18:36 ID: hgn53or



next day

shamefully logging back in shit still have tasks to grind

34 : Anonymous2021/10/14 18:56 ID: hgn82ga

I hate my life Wakes up

35 : Anonymous2021/10/14 19:06 ID: hgn9h32

Dies to a scav after killing a stacked 5 man in Factory Fuck this, fuck this game, fuck all of you I'm fucking done... . . . Does 10 scav runs after

36 : Anonymous2021/10/14 19:28 ID: hgncllu

The game also hates you

37 : Anonymous2021/10/14 21:31 ID: hgnsbzg

I'd probably hate this game too if I didn't hate it so much.

38 : Anonymous2021/10/14 21:58 ID: hgnvu3k

If there was a metric calculating the ratio of awards/upvotes to total word count, you would win.

39 : Anonymous2021/10/14 22:25 ID: hgnzkds

I’ve said “fuck you game!” 3 times today. On interchange rn lol. #I HAVE A PROBLEM

40 : Anonymous2021/10/14 22:48 ID: hgo2plf

I had all these task items I needed and some dickhead was camping extract. I said I wouldn't play again. Guess what I did

41 : Anonymous2021/10/14 22:52 ID: hgo36h8

people have said it before, but the shame of alt f4'ing and then re launching to turn off your generator..

42 : Anonymous2021/10/14 23:16 ID: hgo6bmv

This is too true

43 : Anonymous2021/10/14 23:22 ID: hgo70qx

Man I hate this bitch too but when she puts out... There's just nothing quite like it.

44 : Anonymous2021/10/14 14:45 ID: hgm7myk

Useless poste,

gets alot of upvotes for no reason

45 : Anonymous2021/10/14 11:13 ID: hgljcbx

Naked guy with no headphones and Couhc backback throws grenades exactly where I am, then proceeds to shoots 3 headshots into visor.

loads back in.

Nikita, your anti-cheat is not fucking working, get your shit together


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