Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 16 Oct, 2021 – 23 Oct, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/10/16 21:00 ID: q9ki1h

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2 : Anonymous2021/10/17 04:11 ID: hgy2lhj

New player here, so far my experience has been as follows:

PMC Raid: Die within 2 Minutes of leaving spawn, usually without seeing or hearing the enemy.

Scav Raid: Walk around the map looting with zero action.

Are there any new players who have gotten any good at this game?

ID: hgz99qs

Don't sprint everywhere. People by now have knowledge of every spawn in the game and which direction people are likely to come at the start of the game.

ID: hgyhjyq

Are you playing factory?

Customs is kinda like that too.

Woods can be more beginner friendly, customs/factory are noob grinders.

ID: hgyqq0n

Yeah I'm trying to do the quests, so I need to go to Customs often. I did notice I had an easier time with the Woods quests though since it's so easy to rat it up on that map.

ID: hh1ri5k

Most of the action in raids is usually in the first 20-30 minutes. by the time a lot of player scavs spawn, PMCs are on their way to exfil, usually

3 : Anonymous2021/10/17 06:43 ID: hgyg9ep

Does anyone actually use the 20x scope? I can only think of a handful of spots in the entire game with long enough view distance for it to be viable. And yet, at that distance with bad netcode it's not good for much other than Scav farming. In most cases a 4x is perfectly fine and with it raining half the time in Tarkov you might as well go sniping with a shotgun.

ID: hgyhglc

No it’s worse than ironsights/red dot. Sell it.

Even sniper rock, you really don’t need more than a 4x, 6x at best.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/18 03:23 ID: hh2fh7h

Where do you find GPUs now? took a break before dynamic loot and I've been playing for a few weeks. Just not sure where to look.

Thanks guys!

ID: hh2jcl7

Hey Alchoron! Besides labs, the most reliable places to find GPUs are the tech stores in Ultra and some of the locked rooms in resort (Shoreline). Be warned, it’s one of the most sought-after loot in the game. Joining a LFG server on discord or subreddit would help as you’d then have a buddy to watch your back. You could find them in hidden caches, but it’s pretty rare.

EDIT: I initially said Oli rather than Ultra

ID: hh46jfd

Hey there! I was going crazy too and asked a streamer and she told me she’s had the best luck in interchange for GPUs. Sure enough I found 3 GPUs in Emercom throughout the day yesterday and countless Tetriz throughout Interchange.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/17 02:51 ID: hgxtmt8

Has anyone else noticed more scavs in the game. I just did a woods raid and I was in for about twenty minutes and killed like ten scavs. Crazy good run and finished the junkie quest for jaeger but still just loads of them.

ID: hh4yndi

I think the newest patch reworked the Scav AI. As a result they can at more scavs without the servers slowing down. Along with this the reworked AI is more likely to path towards firefights from farther away, so even if they only bumped the numbers up a little you're more likely to encounter multiples if you hang around the kill site too long

ID: hh5fsr6

Ok makes sense because I killed like six scavs near the EMERCOM camp

6 : Anonymous2021/10/18 01:59 ID: hh25xlw

Are there any subreddits or communities that welcome and help new/retuning players?

ID: hh2jn5n

I don’t know about another subreddit but a lot of new players post here! If you have some common or basic questions, the weekly discussion thread is a good place for it. Some EFT streamers have their own discord communities that have LFG channels and most players are pretty helpful/chill. The Jessekazam discord server is particularly good, imo. If you have a specific question, feel free to DM me!

ID: hh2jxrj

Not really many questions, more just wanting people who are chill and wanna play casually, well, as casual as tarkov can be lol. Figured It'd be better to post here than ask in a new thread.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/17 14:28 ID: hgzkf2w

Hey all, I've just started playing this weekend - really loving it so far, but it is definitely brutal!

Question for those who are more experienced - starting off is it better to try to do raids in good gear or just bare minimum? I'm obviously dying a lot, so I thought maybe I should just use a pistol and see what I can scavenge. But then maybe the reason I'm dying a lot is because I just have a pistol! What do you lot think?

Edit: Thanks for the all tips guys! Yesterday I killed my first chad by absolutely shitting myself hearing someone approaching and hiding in a bush. Popped out and sprayed him just before he extracted and got his gear! Of course then I got shot in the leg by someone else, managed to escape, only to slowly hobble across the map from Sniper Roadblock to ZB-1011 extract point, then of course I got sniped just as I walked through the door. Love this game.

ID: hgzusv3

it depends on what ur trying to do that raid. every raid I do I have a plan for what I want to do while in raid. run stashes, key rooms, fight, do quests, kill scavs etc. plan your gear around what ur trying to do in that raid

ID: hh1xucj

gear only aids you in your objective. Bring appropriate gear for what you aim to accomplish in raid

ID: hh2lfop

Also: stash space is the most important commodity in EFT. If you have “good” equipment sitting there but they’re unused, ask yourself: “Am I going in the next raid with them or am I selling it?” It’s better to use it and get mileage out of it or sell it and use that infusion of cash to buy better ammo/armor

Gear fear is a natural experience everyone goes through. Once you start reliably getting a flow of roubles from scav runs, you’ll become more comfortable losing better gear.

ID: hh2kwy1

To echo what others have said, gear only ever increases your odds of surviving, but you can’t entirely rely on it.

You have two equally valid choices of going in cheap but squishy or expensive and deadly. The former is more sustainable starting out especially as you get to learn maps, gunplay, and exfils. Once you feel like you’ve mastered the basics, start trusting yourself going in with better gear. Also, try scaling your gear to what you earn through your scav runs- scaving is a great way to give yourself a cushion of cash and learn the map!

A good heuristic: buy better ammo rather than “better guns.”

8 : Anonymous2021/10/18 07:31 ID: hh30ycy

I'm sort of concerned (either for my memory or my account), has anyone had items randomly disappearing from their stash? I swear I had a folder with intelligence (and a bunch of other stuff), but its just gone from my stash.

E: I might have sold it on accident, tbh, but I'm missing a dorm key and 2 bottles of moonshine as well so I kind of doubt I sold them

9 : Anonymous2021/10/18 13:12 ID: hh3rwy7

How do you get over the fear of losing stuff? I have an M4 that I've slowly been kitting out, but I only take it on offline practice runs because I don't want to lose it? Also doesn't help that I'm still really shitty and die like half the time too.

ID: hh4c013

I got over it after my first wipe. Logging in and seeing all my stuff gone the switch flipped in my brain.

ID: hh3uecf

You just need to use weapons that you're not worried to loose. I have no idea how much money you have, but I imagine you don't care if you lose an SKS? If so, just use SKSs. Once you build your money and get better at fighting you'll stop caring if you lose an AK, then you wont care if you lose a silenced AK. Eventually you wont care if you lose a fully kitted M4. Its all about the proportion of your wealth your load out represents and how confident you are that you will extract.

ID: hh4kwjl

Having confidence that you can afford to lose it is the key. Which needs you to have some sort of a solid, foolproof revenue source that you can rely on.

ID: hh3zla8

Just accept you'll lose it eitherway

10 : Anonymous2021/10/18 14:31 ID: hh41q39

I don’t see gluhar spawning anymore. Anyone else having the same problem?

ID: hh4blq4

I've seen other posts today about the lack of raiders on reserve, and i felt it this week scavving there, though nothing is confirmed.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/17 04:04 ID: hgy1vbm

There's a surge in cheaters again, specifically on reserve.

ID: hgyhltk

Yuppppp, love it headshot by playerscav in pitch black darkness from 150m with shitty 9mm.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/17 00:19 ID: hgxaxsu

Did bsg nerf moonshine i noticed the price of it and sugar went down?

ID: hgxj3ko

I think the BGS birthday gave out 2 bottles to all players thusly dropping the demand haha

13 : Anonymous2021/10/17 01:27 ID: hgxjh3f

What are the benefits of maxing fence?

ID: hgxmhli

Lower scav cd mainly and scav case. New stuff on him at max but not worth. It's mainly the cd

ID: hgy2c4p

I see thanks

14 : Anonymous2021/10/17 01:52 ID: hgxmm3t

How the heck is armor damage calculated. Can't seem to find a straight answer. Take quakemaker, would like to know how many shots to kill certain armor

ID: hh20voo

use battle buddy app

15 : Anonymous2021/10/17 09:11 ID: hgyrbak

For whatever reason I'm seeing an influx of level 1-10 on factory as of late, guess because of the sale?

ID: hgz3ccw

Also noticed a lot more cheaters recently, been nice for like 2 weeks before the anniversary but last two days I've not survived a single raid due to random lowercase names prefiring in my jaws.

ID: hh1aqht

Same thing happened to me. I was in a group of 4 PMCs on factory and we all got head jaws within 2 seconds…

16 : Anonymous2021/10/17 13:40 ID: hgzekzx


ID: hh18uqn

Not to be seen until you are a PMC in good gear and you run into him on accident right after a fight with another PMC as you’re low on ammo and need healing.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/17 13:57 ID: hgzgkcp

What would you guys say is the minimum pc specs required to run the game? I would say my pc should be enough to run it but I have incredibly long load times which usually result in me not even being able to get into the game?

ID: hh32dyd

I have an ok rig, 1660 TI and 16GB ram i7 - I'm running it off the SDD though so load times are really fast, takes about 3 mins to find a match and enter the game. Get yourself an SDD it really makes the difference!

18 : Anonymous2021/10/17 16:54 ID: hh04fry

Is there a way to quickly distinguish a pscav from a pmc if they're wearing the exact same gear?

I'm still new here so I panicked when I saw a helmet and body armor and started spraying (if you had 2 scavbps and died to a ppsh on customs, I'm so very sorry)

ID: hh0qjkb

Not quite. If they are wearing similar armour, unless they have an armband, you can't confirm. Most of the time though, the scavs do have some sorta different clothing (white jacket, red sleeves, black pants) whereas PMCs usually have the usual green pants (USEC) short sleeves (BEAR). Unless they are high level and change their clothing ofc then its a whole mess again xD

19 : Anonymous2021/10/18 08:10 ID: hh33jz4

Has this happened to anyone but i cant load into pmc Raids anymore. When i try to load it up it says loading map and then it will bring me back to the tarkov menu screen but i can load into a Scav with no problem

Any tips?

ID: hh3eh2y

I have the same problem and just need to load on that map on offline before going pmc

20 : Anonymous2021/10/19 02:00 ID: hh6n198

Just ricocheted an M80 off an Untar helm. Fuck all of you and I'll see you tomorrow.

23 : Anonymous2021/10/17 14:41 ID: hgzm6wj

Nobody, and especially Nikita, gives a fuck if you play today, or tomorrow, or ever


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