So many negative posts lately… can we give BSG props for the new AI Platform they’ve implemented?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/20 09:29 ID: qbwy06

I have 1500+ hours in this game and nothing has given me quite an adrenaline rush like fighting a group of geared PMC's... that is until I ran into a gang of 5 AI scavs. Them being attracted to gunfire and seemingly work together almost made me piss myself, scared because I'm hearing 5 AI's yelling about dividing my cheeks while sprinting around and going for 360 dropshot no-scopes.

Seriously though, multiple times today I've fought a pair of AI scavs and had another couple AI scavs run up on me because they heard the gunfire. They also seem to try and flank you from what I've noticed, using cover and leaning around it to throw 8.5 magnum buck my way. It's added a flair of excitement to fighting scavs that I haven't experienced, really ever. Great work, BSG.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:09 ID: hhcvd4o

The scavs are terrifying now. Rushed a few yesterday and they smoked my ass. Also I think they randomly shoot at nothing now which is confusing

ID: hhd7is4

Yes, they do bait shots randomly. Me and duo partner were hiding in Customs Dorms the other day, waiting for players for the quest. There was a scav just wandering around on the floor below and every so often he would fire his gun. Freaked us out at first but then we realised he was just doing bait shots to lure in players. Amazing.

ID: hhd8u2l

There was a bit of this going on before, notably the ones who would sit at gas station would sometimes just shoot at walls for no reason.

ID: hhdwd7z

I've actually had multiple raids as scav where i hear scav guns (like shotguns or the makarov) go off multiple times and i excitedly run half the map expecting pmc combat to realise the lad was just baiting. It's really cool

ID: hhe0d6d

If you ever do an offline raid this happens constantly. For a while I even thought their AI was broken and they were trying to shoot me through walls because there were so many bait shots

ID: hhe0fzw

That's been a thing for a couple patches at least now. I've lost scav karma a couple times thinking there was a scav fight going down in dorms and blasting the ai

ID: hhdf779

Reshala can do this too, the funny part for him luring on gas station is he being the first one to go hiding.

ID: hhdrami

Shooting randomly been on and off since the beginning. They always double tapped all corpses randomly when I started playing (planned down state, so it'd be an execution) but it was taken out for a while after interchange and has been in and out at least 3 times since then. Was put back in beginning of this year pretty sure

ID: hhd485d

Could they be baiting players?

ID: hhd8eop

Maybe. It's certainly worked on me

ID: hhe7wj6

They're still not the scavs 2 or 3 years ago that had wildly overtuned aim and would instantly head-eyes from 50+ meters. That was easily the most insane period of Tarkov ever.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:17 ID: hhcphgc

I haven’t played the game a huge amount, and have only just got back into it after a long hiatus. I find the scav behaviour now is much more player-like, and sometimes have difficulty telling which they are. Their tactics do seem to make sense more; running for cover etc. and actually allow for better engagements than them running up on you like a madman.

I do however think their sight lines seem a bit unfair. I was crouched in a thick bush in pitch black, listening to a scav moving around probably about 10m away. I then got lit up by this scav that I couldn’t see one iota of.

ID: hhczfdn

They need to have player negative health effects. I was doing tarkov shooter 3 (bolt action leg shots > 40m), found a scav on woods, shot him in the leg (completed the quest so I know it was a leg shot) and the scav sprinted away, like he had premeded his patrol run

ID: hhdli45

Yeah the ai cheat like crazy and I doubt it will ever be fixed

ID: hhdngaa

I have a video of a streamer getting lit up by shotgun scav while the scav was barrel stuffing a wall. The shotgun completely ignored the barrel stuffing and shot in the direction the gun would've shot if it were being held straight like normal. Kinda bullshit

4 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:56 ID: hhcttuk

They are amazing, slacking in the fishing mini game though

ID: hhd4t06

Just aim down the dorms hallway and you got fish in a barrel

ID: hhd539b

I'm the fish

ID: hhdjxwk

I’m the fish

5 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:31 ID: hhdelcm

Yesterday in Factory, Tagilla and 4 other AI Scavs surrounded me in the bathrooms under office and tried to pincer me. The regular scavs pushed in from both sides of the bathroom... I was running back and forth trying to take them out as they pushed in. When my back was turned engaging the Scavs that pushed in, Tagilla came barreling in the door and heading straight for me. I managed to take them all out and survive and extract.

I was one of the most intense AI battles I have fought in a while. 12 Scavs in all plus Tagilla for about 12k XP was nice.

ID: hhdggl1

Love the story. I would've been shitting myself, especially after I heard the Sledge from R6S bounding at me.

ID: hhdq4se

My heart was pounding by the end... I even had to take a minute or two to just calm down and start breathing regular again before looting everything up. And to make sure there were no little rat boys hiding out.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/20 11:29 ID: hhckxh3

People need to watch Pestily's video about the game being dead. BSG is doing more now than they ever have.

I do wish they were a little more transparent at times, but them at least doing memory optimizations and making the game smoother overall in the latest patch is the main thing I've been concerned about.

I'm glad they're clearly working hard, especially in the past year. I'm excited for the next couple years, especially for streets.

ID: hhdtl9o

The game could lose half its player base and still have more players than it did before the first twitch drop event

ID: hhcz32r

Lol yeah that video was posted here and quickly got downvoted to oblivion. The people who make this subreddit so negative actively ward against anything that might moderate that extremely toxic environment they prefer. It's so lame. All these overly dramatic shitposts about the game dying need to be deleted. Not only is it straight up a lie, but it furthers more negativity which is entirely unfounded in reality. It promotes an environment completely void of appreciation and defined by overstating problems. The perfect echo chamber for toxic teenagers who think you can prove how tough you are by playing a hardcore video game, and then brag about it on a an anonymous forum. It's asocial bullshit budding, and it is allowed to flourish and bloom here. It's a shame we can't have some adults in charge, this is the sort of discourse you get when the kids run the show. Also why the developers themselves said Fuck You to this subreddit long ago.

ID: hhdzcki

tbf this sub also despise any youtube

apparently. Doesn't matter who.

ID: hhduuyi

game won't die, too many hardcore people, but the hackers will kill anyone's recommendations to newcomers

7 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:02 ID: hhdae1x

Yes, fantastic upgrade. Just in time for punisher 5.

*Weeps in penetrated PACA.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:03 ID: hhdamaz

I have noticed that they shoot me through brushes again.

9 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:11 ID: hhd3emu

Don't see a lot of people talking about the performance updates from the last patch either, it's a huge improvement. I'm loading maps quicker than ever and the difference in time from end of raid to main menu is insane, there's definitely been moments where loading times seriously discouraged me from playing another match. Thanks BSG, hope the next major content patch rolls out smoothly.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/20 11:32 ID: hhcl77b

Lately? I am a member of this sub for over 2 years now and the negativity was always around. It got more and more with each wipe and subsequent drop event. Because a lot of new players come complaining. and a lot of veterans come complain as they have done everything there is to do in EFT. Just like me. Playing since closed alpha and have done almost everything. Now I try every wipe to play differently and focus on different aspects. And sometimes I take a break but I don’t write about or complain about things I can’t change anyway. I write my 1 bug report a day as I am not able to post more for some reason.

And as I have seen also almost that can make or break EFT every iteration is an excitement and when something finally works as intended it is more of an excitement. I love EFT and I wish always just the best for it.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:55 ID: hhd16jk

I have been consistently tricked into thinking a scav was a PMC. I like being afraid of scavs a little, still usually not a problem but I have to worry about them a lot more now.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:43 ID: hhd7r3e

I cant fight scav bosses anymore, their aim is even more cracked. Plus the zavodsky’s actually work together to my demise now.

ID: hhdqyos

Yes. And other things too. I've been practicing offline and noticed that if they are at New Gas and you start firing on them from a distance, the whole crew will transit to cover on the other side. And then they'll dispatch someone (usually a scav or two) to push your location. But if you take them on from closer, they'll flank and pincer and push. It's a lot harder to take them down one at a time now. It's awesome.

My only complaint is that I keep getting weapon malfunctions and inevitably it is when I'm firing on a Zavodsky. Happened three raids in a row (offline though).

ID: hhduy64

I just flat out couldnt peek a single guard, I had him singled out put whenever I peeked he would tag me super bad. He killed me.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/20 09:30 ID: hhcby7o

Could you imagine if they added in learning algorithm to the AI….

ID: hhcckc6

That would be insane. Raiders b-hopping at you (・□・;)

ID: hhcn4sr

They learn to wiggle then betray

ID: hhclc03

When the hackers get killed by the raiders

14 : Anonymous2021/10/20 15:49 ID: hhdhcy5

Its reddit, of course there is more negative posts....

15 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:32 ID: hhd674s

anybody that is a true fan of tarkov knows the 'this game is dead' banter is a bunch of bull plop

16 : Anonymous2021/10/20 11:19 ID: hhck0a3

Yeah I'm really enjoying the new scav behavior. How they'll either run for cover or push you makes scav hunting exciting as opposed to shitty target practice

ID: hhcpw7z

they've done some wild shit to me. crouch walked so I couldn't hear them until they scream and shoot me after they flank. they crazy lol

ID: hhdn4w9

They can also enter new buildings. Ive had multiple scavs walk up the stairs in usec stash building. 400 hours in this game and thats the first time ive ever seen them do that. Scared the shit out of me.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:49 ID: hhct15w

New scavs remind me of the AI in Stalker Anomaly

18 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:29 ID: hhcxsgx

I do love the scav update but I have been killed being shot through bushes where I couldn't see the scav at all. Had this happened to anyone else?

19 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:33 ID: hhcyaji

Scavs feel like they’re more accurate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After the recent AI update, I’ve been shot in the helmet by scavs more times now than I have the entire wipe.

20 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:32 ID: hhd66ra

Yeah, the new scav ai is horrifying. I never truly feel safe. Love it!

21 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:51 ID: hhd8tjq

Yeah they flank, I tried shooting through the SMP grated door on Reserve at a scav, somehow hit the metal both times.

First shot I hit the metal scav went outside, ran around the building and peeked through the broken wall. I thought he was a PMC.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:50 ID: hhe8q8a

Tarkov is the only game I've ever played where people get defensive about it when people complain.

Every other game, you can say "I despise this piece of piss" and "I play it every day" in the same sentence and no one bats an eye, but to the tarkov community you CAN'T be saying mean things about tarkov.


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