Parting gift from the PMC I tagged along with as a scav that made my whole night :’)

1 : Anonymous2021/10/20 07:05 ID: qbv1rb
Parting gift from the PMC I tagged along with as a scav that made my whole night :')
2 : Anonymous2021/10/20 09:47 ID: hhcd1zx

That's brilliant. I fully expected you to be one shot as soon as you stepped outside lmao

ID: hhcg9i8

As soon as I stepped out I was incredibly anxious bc i didnt want to fuck it up lol. PMC treated me to all of the good loot in the 10 minutes we travelled together. But I made it out at sniper roadblock!!! Sometimes Tarkov shows you there is pure goodness and grace in this world.

ID: hhcp6sv

Emphasis on sometimes, cos by god im gonna punch my monitor the next time i die to head-eyes 7mm buckshot

ID: hherw94

That’s good, I tend to kill all scavs and or nakeds because of my entire rust experience.

3 : Anonymous2021/10/20 10:16 ID: hhcf30f

This is what I love to do once I get rich enough 🙂 just try to befriend scavs and give the good ones some sweet gear at the end

4 : Anonymous2021/10/20 11:02 ID: hhcily8

I tried the same, got shot in the face XD. Lost trust since then :<

5 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:20 ID: hhcpss8

This is so cute 😀 I try and be wholesome in Tarkov but it never goes well.

Whenever someone is below Level 10 I always hide their gear in a bush so they hopefully get it back as Insurance, and when someone is knife running I try not to kill them especially if they do a cheeky wiggle.

Can't say the same for my team mates however.

ID: hhcq9mk

I wont took noob stufd but I kill the hatchet runners. they tend to be higher level anyways. just cheap fucks

ID: hhcrduu

Yeah or maybe they're completely down on weapons, armour and ammo or even better they're just trying to have fun.

I go on knife runs sometimes, not even for Tasks or because I have no equipment but because it's just fun working from the absolute bottom. I even killed Reshala, his boys and one other player from starting on a knife its mad fun.

(Fun challenge if you're bored: start on a knife run, and you can only use the equipment you find in that raid and subsequent raids and the only thing you can replenish in Stash is your ammo, magazines and medical. You have to find attachments, food, water, weapons, armour in raid. Oh and also use a random map generator so it's not stale.)

ID: hhdyjql

I hatchet run because I have a paralysing fear of losing the 20 million roubles I have accumulated. Only for tasks though so I suppose it's better

ID: hhepxkw

Yes rat bastard and there fuckin ice picks

ID: hhe9f6n

I kinda like that scav guns have no durability now, because it helps identify the players that are struggling. I killed a level 24 last night who was rocking a broken VSS with no dust cover, normally I would have taken that out of spite because I hate VSS's, but if you're desperate enough to run that broken thing, you deserve a break lol

ID: hhdcvjc

I do the same for 20 and lower, or a rat kit.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:37 ID: hhcyvs4

I still remember two wipes ago I was taking a break from Tarkov. So I loaded myself up with all 50 GPUs I had in BTC farm with the biggest bag, multiple rigs in bag, and a rig to hold the most GPUs in person. Hid in a room in shoreline resort until someone came in. I kept shouting hold your fire and tapping walls until they complied. We met up and I dumped everything on him.

After he checked all bags and rigs, he voice lines "Incredible!" Before headshotting me. He added me saying he felt bad but he was still freaking out.

Feels good to give back to people sometimes.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/20 07:48 ID: hhc5d06

holy shit what a homie

8 : Anonymous2021/10/20 14:51 ID: hhd8to9

That's awesome.

Meanwhile, I just get murdered for a can of peas...

9 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:12 ID: hhdkut4

When you pulled that m4 out while he was watching you in the extract he shit himself i guarantee.

ID: hhdu3ia

If he was willing to give that gun to a scav, I doubt he gets scared of losing gear anymore.

ID: hhe0d1x

It’s a reflex for the heart to drop on betrayal not a conscious effort

ID: hhe18dl

You come to a point a single gear set (Class 6 / Meta weapon) is just another day in Tarkov, then you rage equip a new set and go straight back in.

ID: hhe1j0z

See i’m just a massive jew because it’s my first wipe, i’m not trying to brag just giving you perspective but i have 20mil cash and 80mil stash value, but i just 5.56mdr with 55a1 i get from skier every restock so it’s dirt cheap and i have 5k rounds saved and do the bleach and shampoo craft for a tv-110 and 6b47 from ragman.

If i’m feeling saucey i’ll run a meta m4 and slick altyn combo but usually i just die with it anyway so i try and prolong my fun

10 : Anonymous2021/10/20 10:56 ID: hhci5di

23 minutes left? Every time i scav in, i get max 14 minutes. Is this tied to scav karma?

ID: hhck0qh

Scav karma isn't tied to scav raid time from what i understand. sometimes you just get lucky.

ID: hhd1ori

Its funny.. you spawn at 20-25 min mark and you are pretty lucky. When you spawn at 35+ min mark, you are no longer lucky, you are a target.

ID: hhcpil8

This probably isn't the case but almost every time I scav solo I get upwards of 20 minutes, sometimes even reaching into the 30s but in a group it's almost always below 15 minutes.

I also get longer Raid times in Customs and such, whereas Interchange is most often at something like 12 minutes. (But I've also played more group Scav Interchange than Customs so maybe it is when you're in a group)

ID: hhczpix

Holy shit, you got some good luck. I always spawn sub 12 minutes on every map except for Reserve.

ID: hhcqgv7

depends on map kinda..ive gotten my fair share of 40 min on maps that are not reserve. Also which and how many server you queue on and what time it is. Play prime time and all EU servers gets you often only few minutes..

ID: hhcyy9f

You do get penalized for being in a group, you get more time solo

ID: hhcirz9

Def not. I have 6+ since months and never spawned sooner then 20 mins.

ID: hhcyyjn

I usually find myself always getting 9-15 mins in Interchange. Everywhere else is 20-30 mins.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:07 ID: hhcojj6

Wholesome as fuck. Had a great experience as a scav on interchange. Saw 2 pmcs in kiba through the glass, wiggled and voicelined. They yelled back knives only, I though brilliant I can scav extract with them for rep. They went to saferoom exfil but dropped me a nice m4

12 : Anonymous2021/10/20 13:37 ID: hhcysjh

Its game like this that make me wish it was possible to willingly give someone your dogtag, or something. No way (sort of the ol reddit miracle) for these guys to become friends afterward.

13 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:30 ID: hhdnjem

I wouldnt have taken out the gun while facing him

14 : Anonymous2021/10/20 22:43 ID: hhf6tqm

it's always amazing seeing stuff like this knowing i'd murder someone for their food

15 : Anonymous2021/10/20 16:34 ID: hhdo3ab

Yeah I fully expected you to put a bullet in his back

16 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:22 ID: hhe4k32

I tried this, except the scav shot me and took all my stuff, big sad

17 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:30 ID: hhe5m44

Epic relationship

18 : Anonymous2021/10/20 18:58 ID: hhe9vmk

Advice: Dont sweep friendly players (those you dont know) with your barrel. it tends to make them nervous.

19 : Anonymous2021/10/20 19:47 ID: hhehaem

Me and a friend had the same thing happen with two PMCs on reserve. We ended up getting slaughtered by another group of scav players outside scavlands tho

20 : Anonymous2021/10/20 21:59 ID: hhf0wv8

This is beautiful

21 : Anonymous2021/10/20 12:24 ID: hhcq9v7

I woulda shot him in the dome and took everything


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