This Armor event is insane!! Who thought this was a good idea?

1 : Anonymous2021/10/23 17:25 ID: qe99ib

How am I supposed to play without armor from Ragman??

I wish we had a method of saving/stashing gear so that we could have it saved up in case something crazy happened…

Wouldn’t that be wild, guys? If we could put gear in our stash? For later use? In case we couldn’t buy something?

Edit: Jesus this has pissed some people off lmao

2 : Anonymous2021/10/23 17:36 ID: hhrg1n1

Lol, and there is me someone who bartered for AACPC's and Slicks every refresh and have cases full of armor. While my friends said it was stupid.

ID: hhrl498

I have over 30 slicks and and like 15 CPC's. It's all I use my THICC Items case for.

I learned long ago what to hoard in this game. When they announced events I knew there was no way there would not be one to affect armor, so I hoarded.

ID: hhrpsot

First wipe here sitting on 5 thicc items filled with slicks and CPCs. I was buying hundreds of military cables when they were at 25-30k and at one point I asked myself am I even going to use these 90+ couch backpacks? The answer is yes and I wish I bought more. Got them at 50-60k and they're sitting at 250k atm.

ID: hhsdkpg

yall are the 5% and its very telling that you are unaware of the plight of the average player

ID: hhsisaa

That's chad life.

ID: hhrh70h

you the type of guy who bought Bitcoin erly and is ritch right now.

ID: hhrgxle

Same lol

ID: hhsgg6q

They said I was a madman for hoarding 2 thicc cases full of lvl 6 armor instead of just selling them for rubles.

Look at me, I am the captain now!

3 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:27 ID: hhrmvzb

I can't wait till the Weapon/Ammo shortage event. I really hope this actually happens.

ID: hhrpo2b

I have crafted some 10k AP 63 rounds. My body is ready

ID: hhrr0uh

Im at shy of 3k PBP 9mm because i'm a slut for submachine guns

ID: hhrsl7b

Hatchet runs are back on the menu boys!

4 : Anonymous2021/10/23 17:46 ID: hhrhbm8

I think it’s awesome. Again, the Gods of Tarkov teach the mortals: take nothing for granted. Adapt and over come troops!

ID: hhrj4m0

It's genuinely really nice to see I'm not the only person apparently not seething over this.

ID: hhsbr4w

Some people really need to spend a bit of time reminding themselves that it's just a game.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:55 ID: hhrqp7y

Now is the time to do rat stash runs, find armor, and sell it on the flea for huge profit. Just because it shakes the game up a little doesn’t mean it is automatically a terrible idea.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:57 ID: hhryyiu

Most people run out of stash space very quickly, most people don't have max stash size, most people can't afford to buy many item cases.

7 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:21 ID: hhrm10d

thank you nikita for this new salt farm

8 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:46 ID: hhrpfdp

Standard account has entered the chat, what the fuck do you want me to do lol

ID: hhsl3mf

same thing you always do. play through the hardships n maybe run some flesh ammos

9 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:06 ID: hhrk197

I didn't think it needed to be explained, but here goes. In a game where armor, guns, and ammo are the most valuable and volatile items, you should probably save some of those just in case lol.

ID: hhrth7s

This post is 100% sarcasm. Read the last paragraph.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:07 ID: hhrs9s6

They gotta give people something at least… because they are never going to finish the game at this rate.

11 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:05 ID: hhrjtvf

just like the deyhdration event, this does nothing to people with stashes full of gear, and only hurts new players or people without flea market

ID: hhrsx3b

half this game is ment to be inconvienet for new players for some reason, same thing with the moving flea market level up. By 4 days into the wipe i already was seeing mostly full lobbies of people above level 20. It literally has done absolutely nothing, and 2 days into the change i was saying this and getting downvoted to oblivion for it.

New players are deliberatly fucked over in this game, and ill never understand why. Theres so many changes that could fuck over the 2000 hour no lifers with 5 thicc cases, but nope, the guy running SKSes and bank robbers is BSGs problem. Its not fun, nor does it get you prepared for what you do later on, its literally just "play for 100 hours and learn what to do, we could help you but get fucked because hardcore i guess(aka were too dumb to make this system challenging, but still worthwhile)

ID: hhs645t

and this leads to boring end game! the tarkov difficulty curve is all backwards. it's abnormally hard early and much easier later. i

ID: hhscv3u

Genuine question, what could BSG do to make those high level players at a disadvantage?

ID: hhrphgw

There is like 1-5% of player base who no-life this game for 10 hours a day, most of them are here on reddit. As a casual gamer I’m lvl36 now and I have enough content to make me enjoy the game for 3-4 months of constant playing. Each event affects my gameplay which is the idea of these events. They work as intended by developers and there will be more of them making the game periodically harder in some way. Not sure why complain about nolifers, they will be ahead no matter what and that’s ok, they still can die from a single bullet.

ID: hhrtjuv

no I'm saying that this event doesn't really do anything and would make a lot more sense early in the wipe

ID: hhrkrdp

those are the ones Nikita wants to hurt, of course. working as intended.

ID: hhrpv5b

Yup. Another utterly worthless "event" that the BSG polesmokers are jerking it over.

ID: hhrobsa

Nikita HATES new players and wants to kick their teeth in and fuck their wives!!!!

ID: hhs3u23

Sarcasm aside you cannot deny how bad this game is for new players. Especially if they didn't start playing at the start of a wipe. That on it's own is bad enough. Bullshit events like this just ramp it up. The forever absence of any type of matchmaking will continue to ensure it. It's just not good.

12 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:00 ID: hhrj6vm

Only two posts made before this regarding the event so far and those were just asking if it was a glitch and suggesting a new quest idea.

Can we stop complaining about people that don't exist complaining about shit?

13 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:36 ID: hhrw91q

I just find it funny that all these events fuck over those with little stash space. Meanwhile they actively will sell you said stash space for real life money. 5D CHESS MOVES

14 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:37 ID: hhrwbsb

This does nothing but hurts newer players who don't have those stacks and stacks of slicks, backpacks etc... Dumb event.

15 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:47 ID: hhrphy4

I don't understand how me having a stash already full of level 5+ armor makes this event any more fun, interesting, or well conceived in any way. You people really do seem to lap up any shit that BSG squeezes out, no matter how low effort it is.

16 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:55 ID: hhryrim

I've just started playing this game - the concept is pretty cool but of course it just means guys like me get fucked because long time players have stashes of armour.

So now on top of not having the experience, weapons, ammo, etc, I also have no access to armour.

It's a strange idea.

ID: hhsh6zz

Kind of part of being in beta. Just rat around and take things slow. Play your scav. It’ll be okay.

17 : Anonymous2021/10/23 20:06 ID: hhs07hw

And it’s be fine if pre stashing armor or not was a choice all players get to make, but lots of plays (mostly standard) don’t have the luxury of being able to sit on multiple sets of gear “just in case” something like this happens.

18 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:06 ID: hhrjzk0

i dont understand why most events only have negatives about them why dont we get sometimes a small positive outcome out of them like if we cant buy from ragman give us a initiative to get things differently in raids or something

most of these events are just lazy as fuck in my opinion

19 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:17 ID: hhrlfsi

Happy I hoarded 15 TV-110s lol

ID: hhsj5u0

Best armor trade imo!

20 : Anonymous2021/10/23 18:32 ID: hhrnjl4

I don't know if it's the event's fault, but I'm already sick of dying because people are 4-manning factory with shotguns.

ID: hhskgfe

ItS SuPpOsEd tO bE HaRdCoRe/ReAlIsTiC, nOt FaIr or EaSy

21 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:36 ID: hhrw6qm

I know it's satire but I don't find this affects my play style at all. I don't have gear fear so either I use or sell but about 90% of my raids are no meds no Armour running a PP Keder and tbh its a really decent gun with the 30rd mags. I just go into raid naked and pick what I find. The only time I ever see myself buying armor is for labs raids.

22 : Anonymous2021/10/23 20:52 ID: hhs6emq

But it sucks when you picked this weekend to start the wipe. I can't get anything lol

23 : Anonymous2021/10/23 23:13 ID: hhsoqe4

Me, who just runs a MP-133, Magnumbuck, and a cowboy hat anyways: hehe.

24 : Anonymous2021/10/23 21:11 ID: hhs8x12

what a stupid event, and even stupider that “hoarding armor” through the wipe is the way we “should have done” things if we were to avoid this. some people just sell everything and buy what they need to with their rouble stash, others hoard everything. either way, for armor to not be purchasable in this game that doesn’t make it hardcore or cool, that’s just annoying and lame. imagine you’re a casual player who doesn’t really have money or time or the foresight to have saved a thicc case worth of aacpcs…. get fucked i guess, enjoy not playing the game lol.

25 : Anonymous2021/10/23 19:55 ID: hhryqo4

Time to play space Tarkov lmao.


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