Unpopular opinion: Operational Tasks are Awesome

1 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:32 ID: qij9kv

I get the hate... Some of them are not fun, like extract a million times from your least favorite map. BUT they are voluntary, reset daily, and are an added feature. As a player up there in level with few, slow grinding quests left to complete, this is a major update for me for EXP. I have new things to do everyday and I'm leveling much quicker and sometimes it's definitely taking me out of my comfort zone and mixing things up.

I haven't gotten the crazy ones like kill x 100m away in factory that people talk about, but remember the game is still in beta, OT's just got added, and they will be refined.

2 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:38 ID: hijnw2b

Wow, is that a popular opinion dressed up as an unpopular opinion? Halloween isn't for two days my guy.

Gentle ribbing aside, yes, daily tasks are awesome and are a great first step in increasing the longevity of this game, especially wipe-to-wipe.

ID: hijpukb

All I read is people complaining. If it is a popular opinion, then it was a genuine mistake. Check my posts here, I'm definitely not that guy. I'm not trying to come off as rude, I just see a lot of hate for it here.

ID: hijqf4z

It's mostly low level players complaining that it's too hard. They're also the ones who skip the regular tasks and think the flea market is the endgame. You can safely ignore them. Same goes for "OMG I WAS KILLED BY A HACKER" threads.

ID: hiksya5

Don't worry about it. Most of reddit is people coming in to complain about your idea, you 100% right, have seen mostly complaints from people. Don't let these jerk offs get you down

3 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:39 ID: hijo2sy

As with everything BSG does with the game, it is almost always an imperfect implementation that they refine and adjust via feedback. They did it with the weight system, they did it with karma and I am sure they will do it with operational tasks.

It always takes time but it will be adjusted.

Personally I'm fine with them, though the exp rewards feel kinda low for me, I am level 36 right now and getting 7-10k exp per quest.

ID: hikb1t0

Biggest issue is stuff like.

Extract from Labs 3 times. Kill 6 PMC's from at least 50m.

While those are all feasible, for me at least ,24h are not nearly enough to do them and the rewards are awful for the tasks.

ID: hikshnw

...Isn't it good that at least some of the dailies are challenging? If they're not worth your time, just don't do them and you'll get new ones tomorrow. If they were all easy, they'd just be chores.

Also, I can't tell if people are just meming or actually don't understand the rewards. The XP is the reward. And the XP is usually pretty stonks. They allow you to advance significantly faster than you could have before, especially once you run out of easy tasks. The roubles and items are just a bonus.

ID: hiko255

for me at least

Exactly, for some it is. Some quests that are easy for you, are not feasable for others.

ID: hik7xmn

I agree. Nikita and BSG do well at adjusting systems. Give them some time and I'm sure these will be great too.

4 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:55 ID: hijqi99

I would actually like more than 3, or have an option where if you complete them all (even the ones you hate) then after a few hours they reset early for you. I get not everyone has the time for something like that, but they ARE optional, and it'd be a nice addition for us no-lifers going through college or whatever the situation may be.

ID: hijqqjr

I would agree, would definitely be a plus. Leveling would be so much quickerz but I wonder if that is the reason why they don't do more than 3.

ID: hijqxwx

That's a good point, it may expedite leveling TOO much, I just want something to do. Perhaps the first 3 every day give full exp, then the rest just give rewards but no exp? Or like 90% less exp and rewards?

I don't want to rush to 70, though these do help a lot with exp, I just want more random things to do tbh.

5 : Anonymous2021/10/29 21:47 ID: hikg8uo

They are great. Some people haven’t been around enough to appreciate progress. Clowns.

6 : Anonymous2021/10/29 18:52 ID: hijq37x

I like it

7 : Anonymous2021/10/29 21:59 ID: hiki0wf

I think its a good start. I imagine most actual players are just trying them out.

8 : Anonymous2021/10/29 20:55 ID: hik8ssw

I like them just find it funny when they use 100 ors instead of commas, shoot a scav in the head or chest or arms or legs or thorax or tail or antler

9 : Anonymous2021/10/29 23:03 ID: hikqmkt

Who said they weren't? They need balancing and some but fixes, but I love them.

10 : Anonymous2021/10/29 22:15 ID: hikk8n5

It would be nice if the dailies gave some rep. Jaeger already sucks to level. His tasks (for me) have been somewhat obscure. It'd be nice if there was some way to get 0.01 rep if you finish 3 dailies for a single trader or something. 0.01 per task would be too much probably.

ID: hiksyrc

As someone desperately trying to level Jaeger, I actually disagree. I like that in order to unlock Jaeger 4, you must complete some legitimately challenging tasks. No exceptions, no cop outs. It makes it mean something.


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