Escape From Tarkov | Weekly Discussion | 06 Nov, 2021 – 13 Nov, 2021

1 : Anonymous2021/11/06 21:00 ID: qo95qn

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2 : Anonymous2021/11/07 07:10 ID: hjndj3n

Weird bug where items aren't available to purchase through flea market traders but can buy from trader. For instance, my ragman lvl 4 I can buy comtacs from, click filter by item, & through flea market I can buy comtacs from other players but from ragman it's greyed out as if I need a higher trader level. Strange

ID: hjngg1u

Generally means the traders timer is about to reset.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/07 22:36 ID: hjqe7vw

Do the "have you figured out whats going yet?" packages from Pravor eventually stop?

4 : Anonymous2021/11/08 05:02 ID: hjrqcer

Fuck the cheaters have been bad this week.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/08 08:59 ID: hjs8qe7

M4, Saker muzzle break with +20% loudness, and a jailbreak. The ultimate power move, ear rape gun. Too bad I suck at this game or that would be dope as hell.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:05 ID: hjtxdiw

Can anyone confirm they found Intel on reserve since the loot changes?

I'm positive they broke it just like gpu spawning in pc block issue

ID: hjuqel6

I've only found it once, it was this last week. Hard to explain what room it is but I'll give it a go. When your trying to extract at D2, one of the rooms you go through underground has the big military cabinets. (in the back of that area is a closed off room with a safe and filing cabinets and such. I found one folder of intel on the desk in that room.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/08 12:30 ID: hjsocfv

Have they changed spawn rates or locations for bosses? I haven’t bumped into Reshala or Shturman at all this wipe ( only putting in 5-10 hours a week?

ID: hjupfs2

Post Halloween event, I have not seen Reshala, but previously I was consistently finding him at new gas or Dorms.

I don't play much Woods, so can't comment on Shturman.

ID: hjuqk1n

I've come across Reshala once in 3rd Story dorms so at least that location is still there. Don't know about spawn rates being changed though.

ID: hjx69w8

Saw reshala for 6-7 times in the last 2 days. However I feel Zavodskoys are much smarter and I almost went crazy in every raid I tried to kill them

8 : Anonymous2021/11/08 20:21 ID: hjuhkkj

So how profitable is the Kiba store? I have the keys and Im trying to get there but usually just die lol 😀

9 : Anonymous2021/11/07 05:25 ID: hjn5pz6

I just bought this game last night and it's genuinely frustrating how bad it is to play.

No tutorials Scav was on cooldown when I first launched the game so I had to learn to play with all the super cool free loot they start me with. Every PMC run I do, I don't last more than 2 minutes. I just had a level 60 twitch streamer rush me down on spawn, I lived for 30 seconds. I queued/loaded for 5 minutes. Why is he in the same lobby as me? I opened his stream and he didn't even look at my body. What was the point of rushing me down on spawn? When I do get to play scav, I spawn across the map with 10 minutes or less left on the clock, and not only have to figure out where the fuck I am without a compass or anything to assist me, I have to actively avoid looting on top of it. I've done like 5 scav runs, I've reached the exit on 0.

I don't even want to play at this point. What am I even supposed to do? I'm at the point where I'm dropping in as PMC with a pistol because it's not worth losing whatever little loot I can get, but I always just die looking for a fucking coat to loot anyways. My queues are easily twice as long or more than I actually get to play, and when I do get to play, I'm spending half the time looking at a map on Google trying to figure out where I am or just walking because I can only run for 2 seconds. I shouldn't have to play offline mode where I get no reward at all for playing the game to figure this out.

ID: hju66pe

Use offline mode and find a map online with all the extracts

ID: hjsqgo8

No tutorials

Early Access game, a full campaign quest line is planned but not implemented yet.

Scav was on cooldown when I first launched the game so I had to learn to play with all the super cool free loot they start me with.

Offline mode, mate. It's risk free.

Every PMC run I do; Why is he in the same lobby as me?

There is no matchmaking. It's completely random.

When I do get to play scav, I spawn across the map with 10 minutes or less left on the clock

You can't expect to jump into a new game as complicated as EFT and just know everything. I have about 400 hours and I only really know 4 maps. Took me 200+ hours before I took the time to learn Reserve and spawning in as a Scav, even at 200+ hours I didn't get out at least half the time.

Study the online maps, explore the maps in offline to learn them and use your Scav on cooldown to get a feel for the map. We've all been through it.

ID: hjuqa7j

Fellow noobie here. Best thing to do is have a map up too. I use a laptop next to my main screen. Learn a few extracts so you always have a go to. Armor is #1, armor penetrating ammo is #2. Everything else is meh. Sell your starter gear, its actually a detriment to getting good. Learn to rock the SKS or a shotgun, they are cheap and people done take them often so you will get the back from insurance. Dont kill scavs, you want positive Karma.

ID: hjnxid2

Tutorial is PlannedTM

Scav cooldown resets every time the game updates as well, have fun

The point of rushing spawns is to gain an upper hand in a potential engagement because you never know what the other guy has. He didn’t know that you were a lv1 until you were dead. He left your shit alone because you could’ve get your shit back if you insured them don’t expect to learn anything… You’ll do a whole heap of absolutely nothing for the first week and that’s perfectly okay. It’s a slow burn

What are you supposed to do? Do tasks from the traders, scav raids to supplement gear, supplies and money, slowly learn the maps (start with customs and interchange), know and accept that you will be garbage for a very long time as you trek the trail of suffering countless others has walked before you. Everyone’s been there

10 : Anonymous2021/11/06 21:45 ID: hjlmofi

I really hope full release happens within the next year or so as planned

11 : Anonymous2021/11/07 05:05 ID: hjn3y6r

Hey all, I just pulled a Rival's band out of my scav case and want to list it for GPU's, how many should I go for? I'm thinking 15 but just wanna get other people's POVs before I drop 2 mil on this

12 : Anonymous2021/11/07 09:31 ID: hjnmemb

What does it mean when some people in the looking for group screen have yellow names?

ID: hjnwxkf

EOD players

13 : Anonymous2021/11/07 09:35 ID: hjnmn8m

Therapist is level 3 now after completing Chemicals p4 for skier, i have no more quest from her until level 55, what do i do?

ID: hjnxmbm

If you turn in chemical p4 to skier you should’ve got the reputation repair tasks for therapist and prapor, see if relog fixes it

14 : Anonymous2021/11/07 20:56 ID: hjpznme

So I'm starting to get back into Tarkov again - hadn't played since the last wipe.

Has it always been this way, or are keys really cheap?

Bought a customs marked key for 190k, made it all back on my second use by finding a med case. Sold for 280k.

Again, for interchange bought a KIBA key set and easily made my money back on first use. Bought a 21ws and made half back on first use.

Is it just the case that most players already have a decent key collection? I think the dynamic loot may be a factor, but e.g. marked room still seems to be really strong.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions for any other really undervalued keys?

ID: hjq5cp6

Towards the end of the wipe, keys naturally fall towards the traders' buy price as most people who wanted those keys already have them.

However, in this wipe BSG introduced "dynamic loot" which means loot is more spread out and not spawning as much in fixed places i.e. in rooms behind locked doors. Consequently, the price of keys instantly plummeted.

Lucky find with the med case - the last time I opened customs marked room, there was just a Makarov pistol.

15 : Anonymous2021/11/08 04:33 ID: hjrngik

Are sights just preferences, or are some of them actually bad/misaligned?

ID: hjtxpz8

They will always be aligned properly, but some sight reticles don’t float as much when you sway or are much more pronounced in the day time.

All that aside, it’s a lot of preferences and what your play style is.

ID: hjtxpha

They will always be aligned properly, but some sight reticles don’t float as much when you sway or are much more pronounced in the day time.

All that aside, it’s a lot of preferences and what your play style is.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/08 19:55 ID: hjudmv8

What to do if you find a website selling hacks

ID: hjw58ra


17 : Anonymous2021/11/09 20:13 ID: hjz7zk7

What the cost difference between the LEDX and alcohol trade in for the thicc case atm?

ID: hjzelo0

Neglible difference (depending on time of day and flea market prices). They're both just over 12 mil.

ID: hk1kcxj

The price always fluctuates, no single snapshot of the current prices will ever be accurate. You are better off picking one trade and keeping all the required items in the watchlist to snag any cheap offers.

A quick glance at the Database for Tarkov app says booze trade is 11 974 850, and the meds trade is 12 790 830

18 : Anonymous2021/11/10 17:05 ID: hk37vwl

Got my first wallbang yesterday. Guy was in surgery in the marked room at the barracks on Reserve. I got him through the barricaded window. Felt so dirty and so good.

20 : Anonymous2021/11/07 22:35 ID: hjqe4i0

I really hope they dont ruin pvp with the addition to pmc karma

21 : Anonymous2021/11/10 11:28 ID: hk20z20

Can there be any other outcomes? Scav raids are ruined this wipe pvp wise, I imagine pmc karma may ruin things even more.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/08 23:58 ID: hjvcz9y

Was thinking of picking this game up, but I heard it's infested with cheaters just like Rust. Is this true, and would any of you recommend this game to someone who only has limited experience in this genre? (Not fps games but hardcore looter shooters)

23 : Anonymous2021/11/09 00:49 ID: hjvjoeu

I haven't experienced a huge amount of cheaters - I play in Australian servers though.

Yes if you want something challenging and sick of the 'hardcore' battlefield options then yeah it's pretty good and a different feel

24 : Anonymous2021/11/09 02:59 ID: hjw0v3v

Ive played both and rust official servers were worse imo

25 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:22 ID: hjyr91h

The Cheaters are a problem but overblown. I play regularly and only die to blatant cheaters once or twice for every like 20 raids ar most. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes fps, it's an experience like no other

26 : Anonymous2021/11/09 23:15 ID: hjzytpl

I'd say the cheating problem is pretty bad but I doubt you'll encounter it much as a new player. 90% of the cheaters i've ran into are on labs and the rest on reserve/interchange.

27 : Anonymous2021/11/10 18:03 ID: hk3gu9u

There’s cheating problems on nearly every online fps. From my experience, it’s not an issue that should keep you from picking up this game. I’ve played 700 hours and only encountered one cheater so far (take with a grain of salt).

What will be a better determinant for getting this game is how appealing the genre is for you. I love the gun fights and verisimilitude of Tarkov. The harshness of the game really makes every encounter very thrilling. But there is a steep learning curve and significant time investment to get a handle on the game. It’s also still a beta, so there’s some bug issues.

If you like the “realism” of squad and scrappiness of Stalke

2033, you’ll probably dig this game

28 : Anonymous2021/11/07 07:35 ID: hjnf4dp


29 : Anonymous2021/11/07 08:43 ID: hjnjagc

Aside from the bugs I'd say footsteps are by far the worst. There are literally only like 6 different sounds, and wood and metal just sounds like a gorilla tap dancing in clogs even if it's just a tiny bit of scrap on the ground.

30 : Anonymous2021/11/07 09:09 ID: hjnky6l


31 : Anonymous2021/11/07 21:48 ID: hjq7fkn

Do you have negative scav karma? In a raid last night my squad scavved in a group and when one of the squad walked up to a AI scav, the AI scav instantly killed him. The scav didn't care about the rest of the squad. This guy has -5.7 karma, I'm positive and the other guy has a small negative karma, so it looks like the AI scavs are attacking player scavs with large negative karma.

32 : Anonymous2021/11/08 04:54 ID: hjrpjtb

nah I'm at 1.0

33 : Anonymous2021/11/07 02:33 ID: hjmnmjz

Scav runs have been weird all day today.

34 : Anonymous2021/11/07 14:52 ID: hjogg9t

I went into Customs with a friend yesterday and was tagged and cursed despite bringing with me an MDR with 5 reserve mags, body armor, a helmet, meds and food.

Something is wrong with the T&C requirement right now.

35 : Anonymous2021/11/08 03:39 ID: hjrhggu

i killed this level 9 who had just about everything he had on him and i felt bad took his backpack and loaded it up with all his stuff and i was throwing it away in the lake on woods and got sniped. needless to say i wont be doing that again or rather i was fool to do it anyway

36 : Anonymous2021/11/08 18:10 ID: hjty2by

Nah, you did good, dude. Altruism is never overrated

37 : Anonymous2021/11/08 04:40 ID: hjro594

My scav rep is -4, how can I fix this. I feel like resetting my account

38 : Anonymous2021/11/08 06:47 ID: hjrzckp

Stop killing player scavs....

39 : Anonymous2021/11/08 06:07 ID: hjrw3v8

Do better next wipe

40 : Anonymous2021/11/08 20:10 ID: hjufwdc

Honestly unless you take car extracts until the diminishing returns and scav every single raid, the likelihood of going neutral or positive by the end of wipe is slim. I would reset if you’re not too far along the PMC route.

41 : Anonymous2021/11/08 17:56 ID: hjtvzh7

Try your best to exhaust the car extracts on Customs, Interchange, and Woods.

You can also try hunt PMCs on Woods or Reserve. Reserve might be a little easier.

this is the hardest one, but sometimes you might get lucky and extract with a PMC. I think the reserve scav lands is your best bet since scavs standing at extract is a clear sign they’re not hostile.

then there’s just trying to not lose rep on further scav runs. If you can, build the intel center to cut down on the cool down timer

What’s terrible is that there isn’t a comprehensive tutorial that explains scav karma to new players. It makes it easy to wreck your own karma by accident.

42 : Anonymous2021/11/08 15:40 ID: hjtbivx

only -4 catch up. -10.5 here 🙂

43 : Anonymous2021/11/09 18:27 ID: hjyryo4

What do you just run around killing ai and players scavs?...

44 : Anonymous2021/11/10 11:27 ID: hk20vcn

Why you need it to be higher anyways? 🙂 Car extracts can be avoided, scav cooldown shouln't matter cause in perfect case scenario you only need one scav raid to warm up and I doubt you have scav box.

45 : Anonymous2021/11/10 12:13 ID: hk24xgb

Where are people? In maybe 10 reserve runs I've run into 4 PMCs and heard maybe 5 firefights total. I do rat around but I was expecting more gunshots in the distance at least

46 : Anonymous2021/11/10 12:47 ID: hk28cgm

I still can't download the patch. I have tried everything, like restarting the client, pausing and unpausing, and nothing works. It still goes below 90 KB/sec and when I do a speed test I get 1Gbps on fiber

EDIT: nevermind I just deleted the whole game redownloaded it in 3 minutes

47 : Anonymous2021/11/10 16:22 ID: hk316w5

Why would anyone run Fast MT with the face shield, instead of running the black wendy helmet with a BETTER face shield for LESS total cost? Am I missing something here?

48 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:38 ID: hk4n42d

I one tapped someone today with a fast mt trooper thingy. The helmets are just for camouflage I think

49 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:40 ID: hk4neha

Does reloading a mosin still level the sniper skill?

50 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:56 ID: hk4pqch

anyone know where i can find toothpaste and soda bicarbonate with some consistency? got to get 12 of each for my weekly and i've never seen either this entire wipe.

51 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:59 ID: hk4q4ew

Woods. Try the base with all the medical supplies near the RUAF/Factory gate extracts.


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