Random Post: I know the feelings towards heavy rain/storms are mixed, but the storms last night when I was playing were incredible!!!!

1 : Anonymous2021/11/10 19:25 ID: qr21ax

Felt like it could have been an event; ran most my raids at dark on customs. The sky/fog had this like red glow to it at times.

I loved going from Boss spawn to boss spawn looking for CQB fights. I personally love how some intense weather can randomly change everything in regards to how I usually move, push, and hold specific areas.

Best example turned a typically routine scav duck shoot at Old Gas into something more challenging. Where I usually stand at the corner on top of the little bridge looking into Old Gas to clear out scavs now felt too sketchy because of the weather; flashlight wasn’t strong enough to see through the rain/fog. The scavs would start yelling at me before I could see them. Had to go in close behind the van and then quickly behind the truck and sand bags to maintain cover and actually get close enough to see the scavs loitering around old gas before they saw me.

Just really had a good time last night; just wanted to share how much fun I had specifically because of the stormy weather as I know the feelings towards rain/storms are hate it or love it. I for one definitely love it.

2 : Anonymous2021/11/10 19:38 ID: hk3vk25

Honestly even with how loud the rain is I love playing when its rainy, its atmospheric and immersive. I get what feels like a 20+ fps boost while its raining so thats nice too lol

ID: hk4l1cx

I cal rain “the great equalizer,” because it tones down on the need to be hyper aware of audio differences.

ID: hk47ql7

Same. I have good hardware (3070, 5600x, 3200mhz 32 gb of ram, nvme) and I get like a 20-30 fps boost when it's raining.

ID: hk4v4fa

I get what feels like a 20+ fps boost while its raining

You do. The lighting/shadows in this game absolutely murder performance. It is most apparent on maps like Woods where so many complex shadows are cast by trees/grass.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:03 ID: hk3zit8

I just want the thunder to be sync to the server so I can mask my gunfire with the sound. Splinter Cell stuff.

ID: hk44z2h

Hey is that how that works? My thunder is not that same as other people's thunder in the same raid?

ID: hk466dr

That is correct. Thunder and lightning are client side so don’t think you’re being sneaky shooting with the thunderclaps. Also a quick way to tell if it was thunder or a grenade is to ask your squad mates if they heard the thunder

ID: hk49us2

Sadly when you hear thunder, others might not, so you cannot count on it to mask your sounds.

4 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:01 ID: hk48f79

My rat powers are at their peak when it storms in tarkov.

ID: hk4wt7f


5 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:06 ID: hk497lc

Do they still tie weather to irl Geo location?

Used to love when all my raids in Tarkov would be rain for 3-4 days then brighten up near the end of the week.

Probably not as impactful for players that hop in and out. But when you play daily it really adds to the sense of a Living World

ID: hk4mpjg

They never did that afaik

ID: hk4vtgf

Idk but sometimes I can’t tell what the icons are portraying, like I get the rain icon but the rest are either inaccurate or idk wtf is going on.

Hope they add a weather channel/forecast or something to intel center

6 : Anonymous2021/11/10 19:58 ID: hk3ypps

It was a bad night to start trying for SBIH, I'll tell you that.

ID: hk3zbaw

Couldn’t even see 25m ahead let alone 100m lmao

ID: hk3zwdt

My favorite part is that I could see far until I scoped in. Then it was a foggy mess. Maybe Unite 2019 will fix that.

ID: hk4ow02

Was also a bad night for killing Shturman for the quest. I tried a couple of times then gave up. I suppose AI dont care about weather that much and still one tap you from who knows where

7 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:40 ID: hk455xm

the weather is great. People are just mad it interfers with their Call of Duty experience

8 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:11 ID: hk4a1ia

Makes me hope for a muted winter environment.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/10 19:51 ID: hk3xkjn

I did a 5.3 km raid on Woods, started out in the mine field nw and had to go to the three fuel drums. Totally dark, totally raining. Not a shot fired that I heard. Really reminded me of patrolling in the rain forest when I was in the infantry. Had to use the compass a bunch to make sure I was aligned especially to dodge that mine field.

ID: hk3ztux

Raids like that are so immersive! Wish I had some IRL experience; I tend to accidentally do circles on woods at night. Like in a movie or something, left scratching my head “damn how’d I end up back here again”

ID: hk4ry4k

That is what it is like. And you only learn better by doing it. I was a Recce scout so I did a whole bunch of it including the US Army Jungle Warfare Expert Course when it was in Panama. You can get disoriented in 10 feet in that environment.

ID: hk4948v

I did that quest last night as well!

ID: hk4tcah

I screwed up and never checked my extract, thinking it would be the Usec gate side because I started top left, I had done the western one and then traveled north of the mountain to go to the two forest ones and confirmed my extract and the car extracts were used up and I had to go all the way back north of the mountain to outskirts. Hence the 5.3 km

I should have done my drop off on the wharf too. It was so freaking dark I really did not dare go near the mill yard. I had no night vision just an AK74 U with a flashlight and silencer if push came to shove.

10 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:41 ID: hk4elc2

Loving it too!!

Gives us noobs a more level playing field since sound and long range sniping are less effective.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:03 ID: hk3zjaw

The weather is great when its raining/storming. Only downside is when you are a in a squad and no one can hear each other lol.

ID: hk408gv

Yeah for sure, I was playing with one partner and it got tricky at times. Ended up just staying really close together at most times, basically shooting over each other’s shoulders. I personally would have really struggled with a group of people tbh.

ID: hk4n1yg

having an audio device /mixamp where you can turn down game (rain) and turn up discord saves my brain here.

ID: hk4q9eq

That's just standard windows volume panel, isn't it?

12 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:27 ID: hk4cg4a

It was so peaceful. I ran scav stash runs and didn't see a single PMC to bother me or even other player scavs. Was amazing.

13 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:42 ID: hk4enjn

I just wish it wasn’t so god damn loud. Had to fiddle with my sound balance so I could hear my discord team, and I still felt like I was just shouting the whole time.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:09 ID: hk4ivv8

I like rain my best moments in this game have been in night heavy rain

15 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:01 ID: hk4qgg7

Rain is the best. Love it. Haven't had enough of it myself, didn't notice any last night unfortunately.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:02 ID: hk4ql8u

I love the atmosphere of the rain tbh even if I can’t hear shit

17 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:47 ID: hk4wr9o

I just throw my altyn on when it's heavy raining, if nobody can hear then it doesn't matter lol


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