Opinion: Labs is currently a waste of a fantastic map

1 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:33 ID: qr3huw

So let me preface this by saying Labs is my favorite map and has been since they added it. I'm not pestily but I've been playing since launch and most wipes end up around 50+

Now, for those who don't remember or weren't there Labs was free to access when it was added, to "balance it" they made it paid entry since the loot and raiders were so good to farm. Now since then they have severely nerfed Labs loot as a whole, even what used to be the best loot room in all of Tarkov, Red Room.

Personally this seems like an idea they didn't even think about. When you think about it: Free--->too much loot--->paid entry---->too much loot--->paid entry+terrible loot? If the loot is going to be terrible, why did they increase the price of keycards? Why pay 45+mil for a red keycard if it would take 100s of successful runs to make that money back?

Sorry for a bit of rant, back on topic now, Labs is by far the coolest map to me and also the only truly urban map (outside of factory). It's big, complex, several GOOD extracts, raiders to provide an actual PVE challenge (bosses don't count because they aren't guaranteed), and most importantly just a cool design.

Why is it gated with a 300k+ entry fee? It isn't because of the loot since you A)need 10s of millions of roubles worth of additional keycards to access the "good" loot rooms and B)those rooms spawns have been nerfed to the point of worthlessness. Raiders aren't a good reason either since Reserve has raiders for free.

Truly I feel like they just either forgot about Labs or simply don't care. It should either be level locked or quest locked but not money locked. If their reasoning is "to keep cheaters out" that makes literally no sense. People who aimbot/wallhack/fly through the maps with godmode don't have 300k? What a laugh. Again sorry for such a long post but I mean its such a GOOD map and it's utterly useless to even play outside of end of wipe "eh why not".

2 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:00 ID: hk48bpd

I see no point in spending money to enter then spending money to equip only to have a much higher chance of getting clapped by a squad of chads or a hacker. And like you said to have a chance to only obtain mediocre loot too.

ID: hk4ust2

People who say labs loot is still mediocre are morons. I’ve watched axel run labs basically every night on a second monitor and he always finds something to recoup the entry fee + ammo, meds, and nades.

I’m convinced 90% of people who parrot the sentiment that labs loot is shit have never actually run labs and are still parroting streamer opinions of the map when the dynamic loot shit happened.

Buy a yellow keycard and a weapons testing key and in addition to lose loot you’ll be making bank.

3 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:47 ID: hk4688h

Labs would be a fundamentally different experience if it were free. Unless you are in the top 1% of players, the cost of entry means you go in with your best gear, it’s the highest level of PvP competition. If you can win the engagements you are guaranteed to take millions of roubles worth of gear from the other players. If it were free to play you would have so many nakeds running about with an FN and a prayer trying to scrounge the leftovers. It would not have the risk reward that makes it unique. Just my opinion.

ID: hk4k46d

Actually I usually play labs with a 5.7, a trooper, and a USEC hat. No one is getting 1m worth of gear off me.

ID: hk4uxew

Same, if I’m gonna spend 300k on a keycard I’m going in with a 5.7 and one mag of ss190. No point in completely gearing up when the chances of survival are based more on tactics rather than stopping their bullets

ID: hk4rz1t

Value is in the eye of the beholder. If I can take someone's 5.7 out of raid, or a mosin, it feels like winning no matter what

ID: hk4g06r

They really just need to revert the loot for key rooms back to the way it used to be.

ID: hk48qtc

Exactly, take the experience from Reserve; yes you have a mix, but don't tell me you never see a naked with a Glock or a Vepr Hunter and no armor and a Berkut obviously looking for the raiders or good loot. Reserve is the map to attract those kinds of players, and labs is meant for the high level PVP competition

ID: hk4mox7

And you have never found nakied people in labs? I have ran it countless of times with a 5-7 so much fun

ID: hk4vlcu

Going naked with a scoped VPO-215 up to the radar station on Reserve is surprisingly comfy. It's my favorite way to practice sniping. Something about dumping hunting rounds into a dude's legs because he had the audacity to step outside really entertains.

ID: hk4m6vl

I go into labs with scav gear just to get into red room and spam voicelines.

ID: hk4mke6

Laughs in 5-7, I have ran so many 5-7 naked labs raids haha Some of the most fun I've had in tarkov. Ran the pumpkin head with a mosin more than few times aswell, money is a non issue in this game haha

ID: hk4rkq7

Labs would be a fundamentally different experience if it were free. Unless you are in the top 1% of players

I did labs once because I figured why not and I had the key. I died in under 5 minutes. Have not returned lol

4 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:53 ID: hk4p8uh

Labs end of last wipe when it was free was great fun! I will never, ever play i otherwise though 🙁

5 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:01 ID: hk4hlfl

They didn't gate it because it was too much loot. That was the intended goal from the start it was free so we could test it more thoroughly as a larger playerbase.

It was always getting the keycard access.

to keep cheaters out"

This was also not the reason, cheaters were actually much less prevalent when everyone could queue for free. You were much more likely to find a lobby of legit players.

6 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:45 ID: hk4o34a

You are crazy. Labs is fucking broken right now, mid has good farm spots, offices have gp

" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
spawns n i get a lot from not keyed rooms. You can buy a 40k key n get two gp" class="reddit-press-user-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">
spawns. Yellow is 70k, the rest arent even that amazing. You can make an easy 1-2mil a game if you loot the FREE spots. I think labs needs a nerf if anything.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:28 ID: hk4u5bu

Gating Labs behind a mid - late game quest chain would be the perfect solution. No cheaters. Literally none, as most cheaters are in it to make money and can't be bothered to quest.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:08 ID: hk49kpg

Labs is meant to be the endgame PvP meat grinder, it's intended for you to go there if you already have done everything in the game and are just coming to fuck.

The map having good loot is just natural to have a good high risk high reward system in place.

Labs has by far more raiders than Reserve, and the average player you see on labs is exponentially more geared than the average player on any other map, meaning whatever you kill, if you live you get good shit.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/10 20:45 ID: hk45vqx

I do really wish they'd remove or lower the entry fee. Its the only reason I've never attempted labs with 2 wipes under my belt. There's just no incentive to spend upwards of 10mill just on entry to have a basic idea of the map since the learning curve is so steep

ID: hk49y4p

If it's about learning the map you can do that offline

ID: hk4a6go

You can play it offline, it does not spend your card

ID: hk4anmu

Yeah I mean where pvp is, what angles counter, where the high traffic areas air etc.

ID: hk4v9h1

10 million for entry?

This is so deluded you shouldn’t even be allowed to post your opinion on this subreddit.

The amount of lose loot on labs is fucking nuts and being able to spawn brain dead AI that routinely carry stacks of 7.62 BP and nades is guaranteed money.

ID: hk4vp8k

10 mill as in a shitload of raids to get aquanted with the map before you have a hope of surviving

ID: hk4vznq

I've never played labs so the odds of me surviving until I know the map very well is very low. Especially against thr labs mains

10 : Anonymous2021/11/10 21:39 ID: hk4ec4y

I've floated on here a few times about a night time version that is "looted" with all the doors opened already and it's free entry. This wouldn't have and raiders or valuable loot rooms but mainly just for PvP.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:35 ID: hk4mpq0

Labs do not exist. It's a map polluted with cheaters. Do not play it

12 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:09 ID: hk4rhqm

Labs should be free. I’m sorry but labs being locked behind an expensive as shit keycard just doesn’t do anything good for the game.

It would make sense if the loot in labs was actually good but it’s literally the same garbage as any other map. Even the keys that are worth tens of millions aren’t that good. The map is all risk and no reward but that’s kinda tarkov mo.

ID: hk4vcf7

300k is expensive as shit? Are you a scav main or something?

13 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:09 ID: hk4rj8p

The entry card is more than 300k on flea?

14 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:18 ID: hk4st0e

when labs was free during event ,it was fun ,more then factory

15 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:22 ID: hk4t9pt

Ive never been on labs. I just sell the cards.

16 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:26 ID: hk4tw08

It’s definitely not to keep cheaters out. It’s a map where the chads go to fight it out.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:42 ID: hk4w4bn

they're trying to mirror reality and current events by having the economy work ass backwards, job well done honestly

18 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:37 ID: hk4myx8

This game is actually a dumpster fire ran by incompetent devs who seem like they are in it for the money and not the playerbase. Their decisions reflect that so often it can't be coincidence.

ID: hk4p1c7

Hey now nikita at least in it for the ego and so he can force his music onto a captive audience.

19 : Anonymous2021/11/10 22:38 ID: hk4n2cy

Hey at least you didn't have people still parroting the response of "they didn't nerf the loot, it's just moved!!!1!"

20 : Anonymous2021/11/10 23:29 ID: hk4u83s

It’s definitely not to keep the cheaters out. Labs is a map where the chads fight it out.


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