New Flea Market Idea (Build a computer to access)

1 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:07 ID: r4ac9z

Hi all,

I was thinking about a flea market overhaul for immersion for the game and was curious what people would think about this:

-Once you hit level whatever, you are INVITED to the flea market by Mechanic or Ragman, but how do you access?

-He sends you a message (or maybe a quest to collect) to build a computer for your hideout.

*The part list is just an example*

Wires x6

Fans x4

Circuit boards x4

RAM x2

CPU x1

GPU x1 Could do without**

PSupply x1

LCD x2

HDD x1 SSD, if no GPU required?**

Empty fuel tank x1

Then this would become a buildable feature to the hideout. Whether it is a one and done gig or a multi-tiered levelable area would have to be discussed further. Utilizing some of the items such as SSD, Military boards, COFDMs and such giving your FUTHER ACCESS into the flea market. Might be too much bullshit.

BUT, I feel like the first version is doable.

The items would arrive slightly delayed as the scavs need to deliver your order. This should operate on in-game time and not take long at all. Perhaps it could be dependent on karma, computer tier, reputation, or if the community hates it not at all and the transaction would be instant (not ideal in my eyes).

Thats essentially it. A small deviation to how we would interact with the flea market to create some more immersion which is what this game thrives on I personally feel. Once it is built, it would just interact like it does now... maybe the option of an overlay that makes the screen look like an old monitor?

Would you guys and gals enjoy this?

2 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:22 ID: hmfo5v2

I guess the empty can is for a makeshift PC case so thats a +1 from me...

ID: hmgh11x

Better than my case

3 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:59 ID: hmfklso

Personally I think it should just be tied to the intelligence center since you can see it going there but at the same time we know our character has a laptop and that's how he communicates sometimes with the traders and other times it's just supposed fo be read like a book like your there

4 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:45 ID: hmfrm0h

Good idea! Also more sell slots could be accessible by upgrading the pc.

ID: hmg0pnz

I like this too. Or I should say, I don’t like the current system much. Takes forever to get more sell slots.

5 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:18 ID: hmfedna

I like it, but you're gonna get so much shit for having an opinion and good solution for the flea availability.

ID: hmgde7k

good solution for the flea availability.

So what exactly does this solve? Other than adding another fetch quest step to put new players even further behind?

ID: hmghee1

Let's be honest, the flea market is a terrible idea all together. As it makes things that should be rare, abundant and infinite as long as people sell it on the flea. People who are ahead in a game like this, will permanently always be ahead regardless of flea or no flea at all.

Players new and old should be doing fetch quests like this or be forced to no flea at all in order to help balance out the 1 or 2 shot meta. OPs solution would just further the unavailability to the flea and make things expectionally costly and difficult to get. I can say for a fact that no flea market isn't an option at this point in development, as an overwhelming amount of players would up and quit without it.

Another let's be real moment, this game would be nothing without the flea market now. More people play tarkov for the flea market than they do to play tarkov. How much time do you put into playing raids compared to flea market time and stash? I think you'd be surprised at the percentage of actual raid time us compared to stash and flea time.

The meta gets boring. Another thing that keeps daunting the community. Is the fact that majority of gamers get bored from a wipe 2 to 4 months in. This is due to the flea market availability. So many people get there and meta out for the rest of the wipe or can buy pure budget kits endlessly with no issues. The games challenge is gone when it comes to finding actual items you think you need or want and turns into just items to sell. Nobody gets excited to see they found an attachment or other items unless it sells a lot on the flea. Revolving the entire meta being does it flea or leave?

His solution is good and sounds cool to do, but regarding the overall experience. I doubt it'd do much to deter what the meta game is currently. What is needed is either no flea or complete and total flea restrictions on what can be bought or sold to enforce a better way to play aside from, going into raid killing or dieing buying entirely new meta kit from flea and returning back to the boring gameplay loop.

ID: hmghimj

You can get it earlier. It's not locked behind some arbitrary wall

ID: hmg3bmm

Yeah OP is fucked. Cue BSG bag lickers

ID: hmgg513


6 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:54 ID: hmfjur8

Should just be a quest to recover a PC block from interchange. It's big, heavy, and a pain to escape with.

7 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:02 ID: hmfu3lq

I like the idea really, but I think requiring GPU to build it would make it extremely hard. I've play tarkov for a month and seen a GPU only single time. It could also be bound to some quest, e.g. you build a PC for not only the flea, but other uses like some static bonuses and only after you complete a quest trader would actually connect your PC to some kind of semi-globsl network to actually access the flea.

ID: hmg07en

There are 2 quests that give you GPUs so those could be used.

ID: hmg8v4u

Yeah, but you also need 3 GPUs for one of the Farming quests so in any case you would need to find them, and it seems to me that nowadays they are realy reeealy rare, so I don't think that requiring them would be a good change.

ID: hmg2395

This wipe gpus ledx and intel are suuuper rare. I hope they adjust that

ID: hmg8ozk

Yeah, I'm also struggling to complete one of the Farming quests due to this. Hope they would become more available and not hidden mostly in locked rooms.

ID: hmgenvi

I feel like GPu’s are definitely super hard to find but I’ve been able to find plenty of ledx’s. With the new labs spawns I’ve had 3 separate triple ledx raids, give labs a go the loot is insane this wipe!!

ID: hmg89jd

This wipe had by far the most plentiful GPU spawns of any wipe.

It wasn't rare to find 4 and be like "oh well I can only hold 3"

But they nerfed that into oblivion 2 or 3 months into the wipe.

So what I'm saying is that I dunno if they're gonna fix the current scarcity.

8 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:50 ID: hmg1eyc

Put an ssd instead of gpu and idea sold.

9 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:17 ID: hmg5dbh

Have to use the generator to access flea would be lit

10 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:36 ID: hmg8ajo

We’re sorry, your Ama-Scav delivery has been delayed by unforeseen circumstances. Please expect your package in the next 3-5 business raids.

11 : Anonymous2021/11/28 18:17 ID: hmfe6t3

I've got over 800 hours in the game and have never come across a gpu. I don't play the game 24/7 so the level increase for flea market makes it even harder for me and other casual players. It's a cool idea but it would completely ruin the game for a lot of people

ID: hmfqd7t

Shouldn't need a GPU, honestly. Other than that it's a good idea.

ID: hmfxt54

That's what I'm thinking

ID: hmg33w0

Of they decide to add this they might increase the chance of finding GPUs in computers but then again bitcoin farm, but really? 800 hours? I usually have one atleast before I reach level 20

ID: hmg18tr

No GPUs? Never run interchange, reserve or the occasional lab? Definitely more rare than last wipe but if you are checking normal loot routes you should find some. Definitely see this tho if you main Customs and Shoreline.

ID: hmg6qum

I've never run lab, I run interchange the most and reserve a little bit more often here lately. Just never come across one. I always play solo though so I usually die to squads

12 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:34 ID: hmfyyn3

Our PMC's already feel like they are the smartest fuckers with whats already in there, so why not lol

ID: hmg0x4m

Yep pmc is some McGyver avatar or whatnot with his crafting shennigans

13 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:33 ID: hmg7sqb

Wasn’t it mentioned before that the flea market was going to be an IN RAID place??

I am so on board with this. But wouldn’t you also have to have fuel to power your PC? Makes it that much more vital to have fuel.

14 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:53 ID: hmgaqpp

Need a usb to install scav windows, cant find one? tough luck

15 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:16 ID: hmge846

This has been talked about before and I think it’s a great idea

16 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:02 ID: hmgksxk

That would be cool. And like you said, maybe radio and military circuits board and cables to get access to weapons and ammo? Tier 1 PC for hideout upgrade stuff? Might be kind of pointless if you could just buy the military components on the market though.

17 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:26 ID: hmgo1py

Better idea! Remove the flea entirely. It completely trivializes progression from traders and makes barters pointless. Most people not even bartering the loot scraps you bring back, they're just buying it from the flea to trade.

18 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:14 ID: hmg51im

This is a super cool idea, I love this

19 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:23 ID: hmfx5yj

Toxic assholes inbound! I’m a casual so I’d prefer not to work extra hard for some stuff but I like the creative idea! Well thought out!

20 : Anonymous2021/11/28 20:38 ID: hmfzjhj

Maybe parts of the flea can be unlocked through lore by completing quests for Mechanic or other traders after the computer is built by them giving you the proper info or contacts to use the flea more effectively, allowing you to then use the flea for weapon mods, ammo, and factory spec (100/100 durability) guns. If you dip below trader rep or whatever with the trader associated with that side of the flea, you lose access to it until you complete enough quests or daily tasks to get it back, just like trader levels are.

Everyone talks about changing the flea, removing it, making it stay, whatever. I think changing it is inevitable, but removing it isn't ever going to happen; they didn't make the feature to just remove it entirely.

21 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:09 ID: hmgd4pr

Not a bad idea. Just feel you should have to go pick up the parts on shoreline or customs. That way you are not locked into finding a “real” gpu as that would be a nightmare.

22 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:53 ID: hmgjinv

No it would just make it even harder for people with lives to play and enjoy the game.

The flea is a great way for people that don't have 18 hours a day to grind for materials a chance to actually play the game and catch up to the no lifers.

23 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:07 ID: hmg3z6a

No GPU for lvl 1. Flea. This means that you can see the items by name, but no picture of it.

GPU, Wires 2x for lvl 2. Flea, this lets you visually inspect whar you are purchasing.

24 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:02 ID: hmg350a

Shit idea.

25 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:12 ID: hmg4qj8


26 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:44 ID: hmg9hod

Not a GPU. GPU would be an upgrade for Bitcoin farm.

You can still do basic shit like web browsing without a GPU

27 : Anonymous2021/11/28 19:52 ID: hmfsmi8

I love this idea. Maybe not even its own hideout module but locked behind Intelligence Center or something.

28 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:07 ID: hmg3x2i

That and/or requiring to get to a physical location. that sounds neat.

29 : Anonymous2021/11/28 21:54 ID: hmgaw0m

no gpu needed, it’s not a gaming computer lol. make it 2 SSDs

30 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:02 ID: hmgc5ts

I think it will just delay the Problem further. What difference does it really make if I have to grind items first or get a few more levels?

However the system that flea items wouldnt just appear in your inventory is good. Depending on Karma/other things you can order more and/or it arrives quicker. You couldnt just run meta kits every raid that way!

32 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:52 ID: hmgjejw

Doesn't actually fit the lore. Our PMC has access to the flea market through Ragman, not Mechanic. It makes more sense to just enter additional levels of access, with higher-value items locked at higher levels. This can be made coherent by connecting these levels to the trust that Ragman gives us.

33 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:55 ID: hmgjteb

This sounds fun.

34 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:00 ID: hmgkjbw

How about just unlocking flea at lvl 1?

35 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:45 ID: hmgqr4y

Can be done with this proposed. Find all these items at interchange/shoreline/customs at lvl 1? You’re lucky and good to go!

36 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:23 ID: hmgnm8v

that'd be ok if it was a-la quest. there's a guaranteed pc part on the map for that build. you don't have to rely on luck this way and it'd force some pvp

37 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:29 ID: hmgojde

I actually really like this idea

38 : Anonymous2021/11/28 22:51 ID: hmgj7en


39 : Anonymous2021/11/28 23:04 ID: hmgl1fy

Noo, I prefer to grind XP and get the flea for sure at some point instead of hoping to get the rng items spawns


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