The Lab] [16+] [NA] [New Players Welcome] [Discord server for new and experienced players] [Active guides and mentors] [Active and retired military friendly]

1 : Anonymous2021/02/28 22:24 ID: lusa86

The Lab is a new discord server created by a few friends looking to make a chill community of Rust, Tarkov, Division 2 & more. New to Any of these? No problem many of us are, come learn the games with us. A lot of servers offer people to power level you and carry you through the game but how is that fun? Come hang with us, the only rules are 16+, have a mic, and be chill. We aren't just looking for mega-chads so don't worry if you have little to no experience. The majority of our player base is on all weekend and after work hours during the week. Get yo ass over to The Lab and help us build a bigger community of active players! At the time of this post, we are running raids so now is the time to join up A large portion of our members, including the owner Walter, are active or ex-military. Play with other veterans and build a community of like-minded people. As we expand we would like to start recruiting some more PVP oriented players as well as some players who would like to assist lower levels as a mentor. DM if you are interested in these new roles I will be creating for the server. We currently have multiple #staff openings if anyone is interested, join the server, fill out the application or talk to @ founders. React to the welcome post in the discord or you won't be able to see the voice rooms, this is to stop bots invading the server!

2 : Anonymous2021/03/01 20:17 ID: gpc56yy


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