Plan the raid while in loading screen

1 : Anonymous2021/12/23 10:19 ID: rmso7q

hello dear BSG ! i have a suggestion for you!

one thing that i hate in tarkov is the long loading for a new RAID ... would be really awesome if :

- you give the possibility to queue the raid with friends and meanwhile browse your inventory , traders, hideout ecc.

- you give the possibility to make a plan with your friends for the upcoming raid!! like everyone has a color and you see the color associate to a teammate in the loading screen. you can mark the map with an hypothetical route , and points of interests . this will be possible knowing the spawn location!

image as reference!

2 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:21 ID: hpoo65j

This would be cool. For realistic portion they should require one of you to bring a map to do this. At this point too it should reward you and make maps more useful by showing you where your spawn point is going to be giving you a bit of foresight and making maps waaay more useful than just for, (well lets be honest), absolutely nothing!

ID: hpp8az2

This is great!

ID: hppjtn7

Yeah actually this is a pretty good idea for map usefulness. But then either make em rare and therefore a little expensive or maybe ban em from secure container?

It's not like knowing your own spawn location before going in really effects much anyway.

ID: hppkcir

I mean, saving 2-15 seconds of "where the F am I?" (depending on map and spawn), and saving another maybe 20-180 seconds as you are able to think about a plan before heading in, therefore less clueless dicking around while you make up your mind/backtrack.

I think that is a totally reasonable feature in terms of "power". I like it a lot.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/23 13:05 ID: hpofnb0

Or better yet, a little sound to let you know that the game will be ready in 20 seconds

ID: hpovscm

Yes, but it HAS to be the reserve siren for the entire 20 seconds

ID: hpowqko

Full on Kiba Alarm please

ID: hpoxzrs

my game un-minimizes when the deploy counter starts, and I can hear it start clicking when its at 3 seconds i think

ID: hpp7lx9

Mine stopped doing that when this patch came out. Kind of annoying tbh

ID: hpp79wx

I just sit with my neck in some ungodly position on my phone til I hear my gun cock or a simple “HERE WE GO BOYS” from the homies

ID: hppcrjs

And before the game is ready, show us the map and where we are spawning, so we can plan a head.

ID: hpprbuq

It has a sound. Once you start hearing ambient sound it means 20 seconds are left.

ID: hpq0z8c

Nah, the ambient sounds kick in well before deployment actually starts

ID: hppy2a0

The massive stutter now tells you the game is starting

4 : Anonymous2021/12/23 13:41 ID: hpojfxs

Hehehe, me draw penis on map hehehe

ID: hpon6et

ehehe your friends will see it an draw a vagina ehehe .... it's not public it's not permanent ... dont see any issues

ID: hpow9r2

dude, what? No one draws vaginas, thats weird

5 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:53 ID: hpos4ij

Lmao I always wanted the loading screen to put your whole squad in a 10x10 cell where you all just kill each other until you load in.

6 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:09 ID: hpommnw

I’m picturing something similar to the map feature that GTFO has. That would be really cool for pre-raid coordination, especially if it would show you where you’re going to spawn on the map before hand.

ID: hponmk4

that's the idea!

ID: hpp3ive

I wonder if revealing the spawn before loading in would result in more people dodging and re-queuing. Lots of people want a specific spawn (or a specific side of the map) for quests or loot runs, and if they know before the raid that they're getting a bad spawn they would have a powerful incentive to just re-queue. Other games have draft/queue dodge systems in place that punish players for dodging, but currently EFT doesn't need those systems, so implementing a system that reveals the spawn before the raid starts would also likely require an additional support system that prevents dodging.

I like the rest of the ideas though!

ID: hpp1olk

Is GTFO worth getting btw? Its been on my to get list for so long, but my friends isnt so willing to get it. So dunno :/

7 : Anonymous2021/12/23 11:43 ID: hpo8b2m

Upvoting for visibility

ID: hpp2e5i

Upvoting for colourful penises

8 : Anonymous2021/12/23 10:40 ID: hpo3ipb

thatd be cool, especially knowing where youll spawn ahead and being able to plan out things. and dont hit me with "muh everything easier", knowing in loading screen where your spawn is would not be a problem and would only make sense.

ID: hpoaxo9

Seeing where you spawn would make the bad spawn system a little less painful, would be great.

ID: hppsjok

The problem I see with this is that I don't think the game will know/pick your spawn location until you've finished matching, at which point there's usually less than a minute left until you deploy.

ID: hppcnio

Exactly. Do you think military just randomly pick a spot to deploy or picks a location and has a plan for forward movement

ID: hpo559e

The problem with knowing your spawn isn't that it would be "easier" it's that players would just spam queue cancel until they got the specific spawn they wanted.

ID: hpo58ck

The spawns arent decided in queue, they are decided when you are matched on a server and at that point you cant cancel anymore...

ID: hpogecb

Obviously you won’t only be able to see the map once the back button has disappeared

ID: hpolu35

you can't cancel once you've selected a server. unless if you want to lose your pmc

ID: hpooge3

Thats easy to fix. I mean if you leave lobby more than once you start getting a timer just like most games (LoL, Hunt showdown, etc).

ID: hpomaau

Just make it so that once you know your spawn your gea

is locked into the raid.

ID: hposstg

What do you mean? You can only hit back if you haven't matched yet.

ID: hpp0g0c

A solution to this would be only show after you have joined a match, while that is loading. Break it into two parts of loading. In the first you can back out but once you join you cant

ID: hpoyzlv

I agree but it should one be shown after the back button is gone or people will abuse it.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:25 ID: hpowhqc

Can't wait to see the Reddit post "Don't play with your inventory during loading screen! I took my entire stash into a raid!"

But in theory I do love this idea.

ID: hpp2utd

And "Ok can you all you people stop drawing penises on the raid screen. My mom gets upset".

10 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:03 ID: hpolz3h

I'd settle for just the quests tab

11 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:57 ID: hpospz0

Wanted to create a separate topic about this some time ago, but I guess it's suitable here as well.

Why not have the ability to create medic / gear / gun presets in the loading screens?

Having access to ones' stash has the difficulty of getting a game, and then the game has to figure out your stash if you were working with the sorting table. Because let's be honest, 90% has a full stash and works with the sorting table to rearrange everything.

But having the ability to fiddle around just with making presets would not have this issue. We could create standard "Customs dorms" gear with a specific helmet, tactical rig etc.

I hope Nikita sees this 🙂

12 : Anonymous2021/12/23 12:02 ID: hpo9xf2

Agreed. I already suggested this on their forums a while back.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:52 ID: hpos2sh

Not a fan of the planning raid thing, but absolutey agreed in have access to hideout, traders and inventory while matching

14 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:31 ID: hpox846

Real talk though why the fuck can't we access our inventories at the least when queueing? Using traders and hideout doesn't seem out of the question either but why do I have to sit and stare at my PMC inspecting his gun over and over whilst watching a timer tick slowly and slowly forward

15 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:19 ID: hpp3uqs

Could be a very cool feature. Reminds me of the Payday 2 heist planning screen. Definitely a good idea!

16 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:26 ID: hpp4u6o

play tetriz while the raid loads

17 : Anonymous2021/12/23 20:08 ID: hpq0m3f

Nikita considered your recommendation and decided instead that it would be better if the inventory server went down and everyone lost their loot instead

18 : Anonymous2021/12/23 10:29 ID: hpo2ppb

true, i just find myself browsing on my phone for a while id like it if i could do something productive lol

19 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:28 ID: hpp55r9

give us kids our crayons while we wait for our meal!

20 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:30 ID: hpp5inn

i can see the map we draw on glitching along with our inventories, add on top of that the fucking glitching music sound and you almost have a forsen stream experience


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