linking the Durability of scav Weapons to scav Karma

1 : Anonymous2021/12/23 12:46 ID: rmuyne

you would reward players for not beeing a dick and punish players for scav on scav action

2 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:54 ID: hpp8z4m

In addition, I think AI Scav weapons should have a super-wide range of durability. Right now it's between 50 and 60 for some reason. It should be more like 20 to 80 (max 80 because of quests).

Scavs are civilians that refused to evacuate the region. They're random people, I'm pretty sure some would be hunters or service personnel who know how to maintain weapons, and some dug up a rusty 50-year old AK from their backyard that didn't see the light of day since.

ID: hppdeaw

I have a FIR Toz quest with 80-100 durability. Like FML. I've seen a Toz drop in a case once in the past 4 months.

ID: hppw0dg

Honestly I think they should just drop those FIR weapon quests. There's no remotely reliable way to get them, and its not practical to hoard FIR guns like you can hoard barter items. Either that, or make them specifically boss guns so you can get them somewhat consistently.

ID: hppp4er

I need three VPO-215 for a weekly. I've had three on me as a scav so far and none have been high enough quality. Big L for me this week I think

ID: hpppv7y

I had a weekly where i needed 8 tozs and 8 133s above 80 durability. Just had to roll eyes

ID: hppfvhm

From friends I've talked to that live in Russia, you have mandatory 2 years of military service when you turn 18, delayable if you go to college or excusable for medical reasons, during which you learn about rifles. That plus highschool survival classes some schools have, I'd wager a lot of civilians know a decent amount about weapon maintenance. Shit, my girlfriend doesn't like guns at all, but years and years later she can still field strip an AK-74 and clean it.

ID: hpq82qx

It's now one year, and whether you learn something useful while serving or just get yourself mentally damaged due to the required brain shutdown for doing a sheer amount of meaningless tasks like painting grass hugely depends on the place you will be assigned to.

But yeah, Russian culture has been pretty militaristic for a long time from now, because of how the world is and how it is perceived by the people. Sadly, though paradoxically to militarism, civilian usage of firearms is getting more and more restricted nowadays.

3 : Anonymous2021/12/23 12:47 ID: hpodxix

Yes. So much Yes!

4 : Anonymous2021/12/23 12:55 ID: hpoeo1z

Might work but to be honest, the whole scenario sucks because if the guy shoot as you and misses, but you kill him, YOU get the karma penalty even though you were just defending yourself.

I had a scenario where I jiggle peaked a guy whilst I was in the office window room and he was at the end at the hole in the wall, he kept shooting at me as I told him I was a scav etc but because he never hit me, when i finally killed him I was the one with the penalty and not him.

ID: hpouirh

This happening once or twice is not going to tank your karma. If you play consistently your karma will rise.

ID: hppifou

except everytime I kill someone attacking me or even just someone sneaking up on me in factory and me spraying just trying to exfil sets me back 10 scav runs.

A no shoot scav run only awards +.01 karma while killing reduces -.1

ID: hppkv2f

But it doesn't happen once or twice, it's literally the whole time

Almost every scav I meet now is hostile

ID: hppnise

I was on factory as a scav and there where two scavs in a group one of them killed a scav, then I killed him, when I killed the other one I lost more rep than I gained killing the bad scav, also the second scav(his buddy) was shooting at me.

ID: hpofffo

This happens to me every other raid. Or they shoot my friends, and I kill them and lose karma cause they didn't shoot me. It's a dumb system.

ID: hpog0ml

That's bs, they shoot any scav and get marked as hostile, so you get karma for killing them.

ID: hppdjnl

Can you clarify?

Did they only hurt your friends or did they kill them?

If they only hurt them and you defend them then I agree that needs to be changed, if they killed your friends this should already not hit you with a karma loss.

ID: hppjwqb

A player scav killed my buddy, so I killed the guy that attacked him and his friend. I gained .04 karma from it.

5 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:46 ID: hporbo4

I just wish the MoA stat visibly changed with durability so it would be easier to tell how fucked your accuracy is. Because accuracy is linked to weapon durability but the MoA stat is static

ID: hpotvqm

I believe they changed this already. I compared 2 bare M4A1 lower receivers with different durabilities and they had different MoA stats.

ID: hpou8w8

Yo that's awesome! if someone can confirm that would be great

ID: hppnvzz

It is no longer static

ID: hpqc6zu

No that's what other people said too. Great change with 12.12!

6 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:29 ID: hpop4dx

I think this is already the case. Isnt your Scav gear related to your Fence reputation with is tied to Scav killing?

ID: hpor3ai

You do get better gear, but I think he means the durability part. Low rep scavs have 60% durability on spawn weapons and tbh idk if it raises with rep.

ID: hpp6hfw

On average I was getting guns with higher durability last wipe as my scav karma got up ~5. Most of the time my weapons were between 60-70% and pretty often they were 70%.

7 : Anonymous2021/12/23 12:50 ID: hpoe828

I do believe this is already implemented in game to some effect

ID: hpofnam

It certainly wasn't as of last wipe, and doesn't appear to be as of this wipe

ID: hpofwll

It was around since the implementation of scav karma. The chances of your durability being high with high karma and a chance for you gun to be near broken with extremely low karma. -1 is not extremely low either. It could probably use some tweaking but it definitely affected scav loadouts and gun durability.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/23 22:46 ID: hpqm5bk

I have a similar idea, but with the size of the backpack/rig.

Like if your karma is below zero, you get no backpack and a scav vest.

At 1.0 fence rep you cannot have no backpack. At 2.0 you cannot have the 6 or 8 slots backpacks anymore, only bigger etc..

At 6.0 you have 50% chance to have a pilgrim, and your scav is named Dyzon Vakuum.

9 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:59 ID: hpp15e9

The point is to discourage bad behavior. You should not feel that killing another scav is a bad decision under any circumstances.

10 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:05 ID: hpp1vxo


Weapon durability is one of the reason scavs don't kill each other.
By letting scavs getting weapons in better condition, you'll push bad-karma-skavs kill good-karma-skavs.

You'll add more scav-on-scav violence.

ID: hpp9mjt

Could you not say the same about getting better loot the higher karma you go? Actually weapon durability is probably even better because there is no way for them to know what % your weapon is before they kill you.

ID: hpppdaa

There is no way, while in raid, to see the karma of another player scav or the durability of their weapons

11 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:30 ID: hpox2qo

No because if - rep guy kills + rep guy he just takes + rep guy's gun at full dura and leaves

ID: hpoy3vg

well, he would get - karma and just got a scav weapon for it:^)

ID: hpoym94

but high scav karma people get better guns. either way the karma system in general is flawed imo

12 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:28 ID: hpp53ql

Excellent idea

13 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:27 ID: hpowptl

Yeah, super low durability weapons and maybe spawn in with lower and lower energy/hydration depending on how low your karma is. They really need to punish bad scavs more IMO.

Friendly scav interactions are probably the most fun I have playing tarkov now that voips here and I want more of it

14 : Anonymous2021/12/23 14:56 ID: hposj01

I like this

15 : Anonymous2021/12/23 16:17 ID: hpp3n9i

I swear this was one of the promissed features

16 : Anonymous2021/12/23 17:27 ID: hppdqal

Would help with an operational task I got today. Turn in a found in raid Toz with 80% or greater durability. Aside from getting lucky with a weapon box, not sure how to do that one.

ID: hppocod

No joking I found one on a scav that had 81% durability

17 : Anonymous2021/12/23 17:41 ID: hppfndu

I'm guessing with Scav Life expansion they keep talking about post 1.0 we'll get a lot of expanded scav features. I know BSG stated they want players to be able to protect bosses (and possibly locations it was one of their russian translated talks) and be rewarded not just avenge them as the system is now.

I too would be very interested in better rewards for high karma, especially post karma past 6.0 rep.

18 : Anonymous2021/12/23 17:44 ID: hppg363

could be more range on the durability, rather than their weapons always being roughly 50% maybe have it between 30-80 or some other variance. so there is a little more randomness in the actual quality. no gun is really worth keeping or using at 50 durability. like others have a said some missions require you to find in raid certain weapons at certain durability levels. probably not actually possible to do some of these if they never actually spawn at a high enough durability.

19 : Anonymous2021/12/23 18:52 ID: hpppvs8

This is a good suggestion. Would let us sell scav weapons to mechanic too.

20 : Anonymous2021/12/23 19:04 ID: hpprjf7

Please this

21 : Anonymous2021/12/23 19:32 ID: hppvkqn

Hell yeah

22 : Anonymous2021/12/23 19:51 ID: hppy9uc

Such a stupid, unnecessary convoluted change. Why even have guns at all?

23 : Anonymous2021/12/23 19:58 ID: hppz6er

That would be very interesting.

Something I wish is that their overall durability wasn't so awful, but their current durability was. So scav weapons would still suck, but you could at least fix them up after.

25 : Anonymous2021/12/23 20:15 ID: hpq1jei

I think everything from armor, ammo, weapons, and even health should be linked to karma.

26 : Anonymous2021/12/23 20:21 ID: hpq2f57

honestly this would be great because right now I feel like scavs are kinda dead and useless. Could just be me, but ever since cabinet loots spawns have been nerfed and the changes to static spawns and such I feel like I haven't had a single good scav run this wipe yet. Raiders don't spawn as much as they used to, and good luck killing rogues and getting out as a solo scav.

27 : Anonymous2021/12/23 21:01 ID: hpq7v5m

Just make trader rep more important, or longer CD, all scavs Perma hate you, or something weapon durability isn't really that big of a deterrent

28 : Anonymous2021/12/23 21:18 ID: hpqab37

lowkey I was hoping that this was already tied into the fence rep, or scav karma. ( i took a break from tarkov for about a year so i'm not that familiar with how scav karma works )

29 : Anonymous2021/12/23 21:50 ID: hpqem5f

I think this is already in the game though not extreme. At first my scavs would have guns in the low 50s for dura, now at rep ~2 I usually get high 50s to mid 60s.

30 : Anonymous2021/12/23 22:08 ID: hpqh564

While I don't support scav on scav violence, I don't understand why everyone thinks scavs need to be friendly to each other. Like everyone says - they're random people who decided to stay, they're not family member for fuck's sake. If you want to kill scavs- do it. If you don't want to kill scavs- don't kill scavs This is a really easy concept that some guys need to understand.

31 : Anonymous2021/12/23 23:38 ID: hpqsuxp

for real I got killed earlier from a scav as a scav. Its annoying

32 : Anonymous2021/12/23 23:45 ID: hpqttf5

Seeing a lot of comments on this from people being confused about whether someone was actually a traitor or not. If you're trying not to lose Karma at all, you absolutely need to follow ROE and confirm your targets before you fire. Just a lot of people don't know how this stuff works and get jumpy. You've gotta stop caring about whether you die as a scav and just chill out. If I can tell a dude is jumpy, I'm either gonna kill him outright or tell them to GTFO. Don't need some schizophrenic nervous wreck thinking I pointed my gun too close to him once suddenly making me fair game.

33 : Anonymous2021/12/23 15:36 ID: hpoxyjv


34 : Anonymous2021/12/23 20:21 ID: hpq2don

Lmao this sub is such a joke, how does such a terrible suggestion make it to front page?

35 : Anonymous2021/12/23 21:21 ID: hpqan7z

No this sounds like a horrible addition, they should remove scav karma entirely what are you thinking?

36 : Anonymous2021/12/23 22:45 ID: hpqm46n

stop buffing scav

you all are too scared to play on your PMC

i swear half of reddit's playtime is on scav


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