Shooter Born in Heaven – Shitty Tips for Shitty Players

1 : Anonymous2021/03/07 09:19 ID: lzn5be

I am pretty shit when it comes to winning fights in Tarkov. I'm getting old and slow. If its a fair fight, then I'm the guy taking a lading screen back to the hideout.

Think General Sam with no friends and less charisma.

But if I can solo my way to Kappa, so can you!

Now since my bitcoin farm is full and I no longer have to worry about being murdered while trying to complete The Guide (so stressful), I figured I could give some shitty advice for Shooter Born in Heaven.

Imgur link to all the images and suggestions if you prefer the format.

The Loadout

Vepr Hunter (M61) and 590A1 (8.5 12ga) I like the suppressor, but it is the most expensive thing here. Hopefully, you'll just need the one trigger pull anyway and can likely do without. Cheap shotgun for defending yourself from scavs or PMCs that come too close. A pistol might work for you, but I'm only getting close to their head, so I need that spread of pellets to help me out. Headset is important. No helmet, backpack, or rig to keep your profile thin (and to help prevent the temptation to rush a loot spawn). Some green armor is probably even better to help you blend in to where you're going to set up. At the end of the day, its best to use something you're comfortable with.

Customs Location

[Took about eight raids.] Rush to the Main Bridge at the start. Spawned on the East side of the map? Doesn't matter, rush to the West and avoid combat and loot.

The Bush - Sit on Gas Station/Dorms side of the bush in the first half of the raid and move to Big Red side in the latter half. You should be able to hear anyone approaching you and act accordingly (more on that in a bit).

The View - You'll have a pretty clear view of the stash, the land bridges, and the road.

The Stash - Eventually, a dude will run up and just bow before you at the stash to give you a clean headshot. It gets a little less clear if they face away or are further into the bush. You could throw bullets into the bush and hope to get lucky.

Bridges Behind - If you hear someone(s) crossing either of the bridges behind you, just stay hidden and let them pass. Once they're past you and you feel it is safe, run up to this flipped car on the bridge.

Ice Cream Shop - If you're lucky, they'll still be running straight or have to stop for a fight and give you an easy shot.

Reserve Locations

[Took about eight raids.] Reserve is probably the map where getting into position quickly is most critical. Spawn North, run to the White Pawn building. Spawn South, get to the tank.

White Pawn - Head to the third floor

Third Floor - Stand in the middle of the room on this pile of concrete. Try not to be too close to the window, because you might get a shot under 100 meters.

The View - You'll be able to see anybody on the third floor on their way to drop down into the tech room on the second floor. You can also see someone if they're running across the front of the building from the left.

Black Bishop - A PMC should be getting there around the same time you've made it into position. If nobody comes for a while, just hang out. That room is too tempting. Be patient. When they get there, wait for them to try sliding that graphics card into their prison wallet. Then pop them in the head.

The Tank - Same deal for the South side. Rush to the tank and get comfortable.

The View - You're very exposed to the two spawns to your right. Laying out on the left side of the tank has a rougher angle and there are spawns with line of sight straight to you. From here you also have a decent view on the road out front of White Bishop.

Black Bishop - Same as before: Be patient. When they get there, wait for them to try sliding that graphics card into their prison wallet. Then pop them in the head.

Brick Building - Another option is just to the right of the tank.

The View/Black Bishop - You're a bit exposed from the left again, but what I don't like here is that you don't get the same clean silhouette through the windows from over here.

Shoreline Location

[Took about three raids. Two happened naturally earlier.] This is the one map you should bring a back pack. You won't be prone and will be disappointed when you inevitably check the safes and find a lion you can't take with you. Rush to the Pier. You can get some decent opportunities for shots from the Weather Station (I think I got one from there while working on Test Drive) or Resort, but there are many angles that PMCs with big guns can approach from.

The Pier

Keep Right

Head to the Back of this Wall

The Tire Pile - Stay low. You will be very conspicuous if you are up on the concrete ledge there on the left.

The View - It is a little hazy on this run, but you can see up the hill and down the road/beach.

The Stash - The stash is protected by the partitions, but people are usually moving in a straight line in and out of there and folks running the Fishing Gear task should be easy targets for you.

Alternate Location - Up the ramp, you can get into the second floor of the building there.

The View - Better vertical angle, but a narrower field of view.

The Beach - Don't feel bad about that guy doing Fishing Gear. Your task is more important.

Woods Location

[Took one or two raids. Two happened naturally earlier.] There are tons of spots you could try from. Wait for someone to head up to Sniper Rock and get them when they peek over the cliff. The hill behind Dickhead Rock. Anywhere around the ring of the Logging Camp. Etc. And since Woods is so big now, if you landed a further away spawn, these might be better options. I actually got two while working on Tarkov Shooter parts 7 and 8, but we're sticking with the sitting in one spot and watching one spot format for this post.

The Rock from the Hill

The Rock from USEC Camp

The Rock with the USEC Camp in the far right

The path to the top of The Rock - Start on the right and jump your way up.

The Rock

The View - You're just going to look down into the camp.

USEC Camp - What you are waiting for is someone to move between those boxes. If they tuck under the rock and decide to fight back, you have a great angle and are a small target to hit.

And that is it. I'm going to bed. If this is well received, I might do something similar for Tarkov Shooter, Part 8.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/07 10:52 ID: gq35adh

Awesome job. Going to give this a thorough read tomorrow

ID: gq5nqj4

Thanks and good luck.

Let me know if it works out for you.

3 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:29 ID: gq3fqbt

As a 46 year old with shitty reflexes, thank you so much!

ID: gq3ukwc

I’m 30 and wife’s gonna be pissed when I tell her I can still be a pc gamer for 16 more years

ID: gq5njwo

Yeah man, let your targets do all the work.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:25 ID: gq3xdqr

If your hunting for shoots somewhere there are scavs, bring in a shitty kit. Kill a scav, and dress it up as a pmc. Go to your spot and wait for people to come loot it. They'll stand still for your shot. Best part is the loot pile becomes more tempting as it grows.

ID: gq5meny

That sounds like a sound plan but also need some luck for a scav to be in the right place.

5 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:22 ID: gq3apeg

One of the best posts on this thread. Cheers mate

ID: gq5njdd

Thank you. It ended up coming out pretty well.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:32 ID: gq3bedk

Bold of you to assume us noobs are getting that far

7 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:05 ID: gq3oghw

I am pretty shit when it comes to winning fights in Tarkov. I'm getting old and slow. If its a fair fight, then I'm the guy taking a lading screen back to the hideout.

I feel this. That said, shooter born is less stressful for me then a lot of other quests because it doesn't require a stand up fight. I got most of my kills done in one or two raids. Shoreline from the top of lighthouse, Woods from next rock north of sniper rock, Customs from roof of shack on big red side of bridge, and Reserve from the roof of your closest to scav lands exfil. Interchange was the one I always had the most trouble with, glad they made the change.

8 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:26 ID: gq3b01w

This is great! I appreciate it and will give SBIH a go in the upcoming week.

9 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:11 ID: gq3jaji

Spots are all good. ak101 is the best sbih gun imo, faster bulletspeed, less drop, less likely to kill with thorax hits

ID: gq3rs3g

Last time around, I got most of them with an ELCAN/REAP-IR on top of a M4A1 or M1A.

This time I was using a PSO on an AKM and Saiga 12ga early on and ended up liking the sight.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/07 13:27 ID: gq3fjba

Thanks so much for posting this!! I have been struggling to do this quest recently

11 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:33 ID: gq3ldi1

Nice guide. Thanks for the effort.

12 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:13 ID: gq433b3

I used that customs spot. There's also another good one on the spawn just east of dorms on the hill. You can see that weapon crate to the east between the concrete barriers and it's 100m.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:06 ID: gq49z75

I've never been able to finish SBiH, this is going to help me a lot

14 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:07 ID: gq4a622

Bruh these spots are awesome. Good post. Good guide. Updoots ensue.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:05 ID: gq4ip82

Nice work!

16 : Anonymous2021/03/07 20:34 ID: gq4vkui

Thanks for this!

17 : Anonymous2021/03/07 22:54 ID: gq5f5o4

I sprinted across main bridge last night and there must have been someone camping in this spot, I went prone on the bus and heard them run up after me and jump up trying to find me. I popped out of the bus and we had an SVD fight and he lost. Customs seems to be the hardest to get SBIH for me by far..

ID: gq5n159

Last time I did it, most were from on top of the fuel tank platform aiming at the Factory Key door. But now with thae adjacent building having accessible loot and a GPU spawn, it has too much traffic.

I was having a rough go at it. I looked elsewhere for guides and advice. I tried the bus stop and thought about the little train booth by the bridge, but they are just way too exposed and everybody knows about them. And while you can basically see half the map, that is just too much to survey for me.

Then I saw that bush and thought, "What kind of an idiot would just sit out on this little hill?" Me, I'm that kind of idiot. I wished that I could go prone, but it still worked out well for me. I also found the more narrow field of focus to be helpful.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/08 00:08 ID: gq5nfjv

This is art. Great work!

19 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:52 ID: gq3n7ws

Need help for tarkov shooter 8. What tips you got

ID: gq3qcn9

Did it last night. Silenced VPO 215 with AP and red dot. Preferably in the rain to maximize the likelihood of midrange engagements.

ID: gq43t1s

Take 2 boltys, one long range and one short. I normally set up on spine and watch people going for shturman. If you hear anyone running behind you, swap to your short range. Took me a few raids but eventually got it done. Also helps if you can drop shturman or one of his guards and use them as bait.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:46 ID: gq472uz

FYI for customs, the warehouse 4 windows that over look towards stronghold is just over 100m to stronghold, and from crack house to stronghold is also just over 100m. These 3 buildings are high traffic and you're almost guaranteed for someone to come through at some point in the raid.

ID: gq5j2bv

I've never really felt that going to the top of Stronghold was ever worth the exposure. But I guess other players need TP and cigarettes. And they have heads to shoot.

warehouse 4 windows that over look towards stronghold

I didn't even know that existed. I checked it out and that would probably work well for an East side spawn.

crack house

Absolutely not. Any time I'm on Customs without an objective, I will swing though there for Docs, meds, and murder. That's also where all my scav runs have been since the recent fuel shortage.

The suggestions in the OP are meant for players who might have trouble fending of PMCs. The spots are largely out of the way and easily unnoticed.

There is no way that a player will be able to just stand unharassed in that wide open med room for the entire raid. As for my bush; I think I was discovered once while working on the task.

21 : Anonymous2021/03/07 17:59 ID: gq48zd7

I don't even know how you get to these spots - I spawn and 2 mins later I get bumrushed by some MP7 Chad or some shit.

Can't wait to be done with it, it's a cool idea for a quest but it leads to a horrible, boring playstyle when you really want to get it done for Kappa.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/07 14:03 ID: gq3invi

Nice guide, but i would recomend using a bolt action just toolvl upp sniper skill if you want kappa. Unless u want to cheese that with reloading a mosin everytime you go i to raid.

ID: gq3r7ff

i would recomend using a bolt action just toolvl upp sniper skill if you want kappa.

Last time I got Kappa was very anticlimactic because I didn't know Psycho Sniper was a thing and I turned in Mentor to complete Tarkov Shooter Part 4. So I was left reloading mosins for a few days while checking stashes on Interchange on a direct move to the extract.

Unless u want to cheese that with reloading a mosin everytime you go i to raid.

Yes. Take an empty Mosin with you on the Woods and Shoreline quests. Load about 20 rounds and then toss the gun in a bush. It is important to wait until you have Snipers to level 5 before turning in Mentor (unless you already turned in SBiH).

ID: gq4jxk3

Bolt actions are definitely worse for SBIH because if you miss the first shot you're kinda screwed. M1a, Adar, hunter, are all good because you can take quick follow up shots if you miss the first.

ID: gq5mrls

This is one reason I used a bolt action plus all the other tasks that needed it. Still lots of spam reloading a mosin too though.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/07 12:27 ID: gq3b35j

This is some rat shit oh my

24 : Anonymous2021/03/07 19:09 ID: gq4ja33

I will add one to your customs spot, on the bridge there is a bus on the left side if you are running FROM big red TO the middle of the map. If you go in there and break a window with your melee you have a perfect sightline on smugglers boat extract. Half the people just lay down when extracting there so it's an easy pop. Sucks to extract camp but I got all three of my kills there in a handful of raids

25 : Anonymous2021/03/08 02:38 ID: gq63nr7

I don't have any screenshots or write-ups handy, but for anybody struggling around the southern part of Shoreline, there are 2-3 damn solid rocks to prone on in the area just north of the Resort fencing/area. At least 6x magnification is recommended (the Vudu has treated me well), but there's a shit-ton of great angles and, well, there's always PMC traffic around the Resort 😉

26 : Anonymous2021/03/07 15:24 ID: gq3qixq

I have a constant feeling that I need to start recording video tutorials because 99% of those tips are so complicated!

27 : Anonymous2021/03/07 18:30 ID: gq4dit1

I like the TX-15 with 995 for the velocity and lower recoil. Or a DVL with 993. Again the ammo gives higher velocity. Also if your struggling, a friend to use as bait is great fun and very effective.but that's just preference, great post btw. Only thing I will say you need a surpressor to keep them guessing as to exactly where you are if the first shot doesn't hit the melon.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/07 16:24 ID: gq3xbtc

I cheesed it with a friend and completed shooter born in 2 hours :/

ID: gq66znt

Exactly. They have it set up so that all the difficult quests can be exploited by squads. Then those 'chads' turn around and talk about how elite they are for having kappa.

I want to see solo only server types, no lobby menus to see if you are in the same server which is auto selected for ping. I want to see how many of these swinging nubs (smaller version of dicks) opinions change when they don't get bankrolled by rolling in squads never having to worry about lost gear or quests.

ID: gq5oejd

Lots cheese it but apart from the satisfaction of finishing it legitimately there is little else to do. I've watched streamers using a 4 man to bait and funnel kills as well, it's not much different.


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