New Year Drops Event | Dec 28, 2021 @ 1pm MSK to Jan 9, 2022 @ 1pm MSK

1 : Anonymous2021/12/28 11:07 ID: rqdh34

This is the thread for the New Years Drops Event. The dates for the drops are as follows.

Start: December 28, 2021 @ 1:00pm MSK

End: January 9, 2022 @ 1:00pm MSK

You can find a link to all the days streamers and what to do to setup your account for Twitch Drops HERE. There is also a fun little video posted by Battlestate Games on the setup process here.

FYI: Unlike previous drops events for EFT, this time around you need to press "Claim" in your inventory on Twitch.

Go to a participating live channel

Watch for 2 hours and claim the reward EFT Common Day 1 Watch for an additional 4 hours and claim the reward EFT Common Day 1 Watch for an additional 4 hours and claim the reward EFT Common Day 1 Watch for an additional 4 hours and claim the reward EFT Rare Day 1 Watch for an additional 4 hours and claim the reward EFT Rare Day 1 Watch for an additional 4 hours and claim the reward EFT Legendary Day 1

All discussions about the drops event should occur in this thread and posts will be directed here.

2 : Anonymous2022/01/03 01:05 ID: hr0ex11

Dear players,

Our servers are currently overloaded, but this is not related to the Twitch Drops event we're running. On the release of Patch 0.12.12 we had more CCU and the backend was more overloaded than now.

Some issues show themselves only under heavy load (like the one we're currently experiencing) and "buying more servers" won't fix these issues. Such heavy load occurs during prime time only and it's been far heavier than one or two years ago, as the game became more complex.

We are working on identifying the nature of these issues and on how to lower the chanсe of them happening in the future. Our methods include replacing hardware, eliminating unstable nodes and adding changes to the software, for example a temporary queue system and different kinds of backend optimizations.

The queuing mechanism in the launcher has been introduced in order to prevent the backend servers from overloading and avoid game-related issues resulting from that overload. This is a temporary solution. We are working to reduce queues as soon as possible and our goal is to eliminate them completely.

Our team will continue to work during the holidays until we resolve these issues.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience and support. @news

3 : Anonymous2021/12/28 13:28 ID: hq9wgtn

Does BSG know that a human needs around 8 hours of sleep a day?

ID: hqazmi5

Easy, after you've played hundreds of hours in EFT the 'human' part dissipates on its own.

ID: hqb60j3

they want you to leave the stream open 24/7 to viewbot tarkov

4 : Anonymous2021/12/28 15:12 ID: hqa95rk

Lol Pestily said he sent a message to BSG about the time commitment; but he also knew there was an extension out there you could install if ppl wanted to go AFK

ID: hqak3ig

The problem is also that the start time for the time slot is super early for U.S, so people literally have to set alarms to wake up at 5am-2am depending on your timezone just to make sure they can get the full 22 hours in

ID: hqane0w

Yeah would be nice if the time ranges were localized…but I guess for once we Americans know what it’s like to be on the other side haha

5 : Anonymous2021/12/28 11:29 ID: hq9lt3i

I have to stay awake 22hr for the legendary drop it seems. Its a little bit BS(G).

6 : Anonymous2021/12/28 13:17 ID: hq9vep7

Well looks like I won't be bothering with this at all

ID: hqh4sc7

Drops are garbage loot anyway

7 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:03 ID: hq9okum

this seems like an absolutely awful system, having to claim every 4 hours(plus the inital 2 hour drop) for an entire day...

ID: hqb9xuq

To get a water bottle just like me lmao

ID: hq9qs9y

Twitch did this shit for Rust on their last drop event. It's fucking terrible. Micromanaging drops and having to watch for absolutely ridiculous timeframes is trash.

8 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:12 ID: hq9pc91

22 Hours seems a bit extreme, though I guess it's going to depend on what you actually get from "Legendary" drops.


Commons - 5 Esmarch / 2 EWR / Ushanka

Rares - 3 Wires / Beard Oil

Doesn't seem worth at all so far.

ID: hqe6gzz

One of my rares was slender mask :/

9 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:33 ID: hq9r5cx

I have used this extension for chrome before to claim drops whilst AFK. It may help some of you.

ID: hq9xpk9

Good to know

ID: hqao2p9

Do you have to be on the open tab?

10 : Anonymous2021/12/28 11:13 ID: hq9kl0o

So I need to watch 22h per day (AND confirm every 4 hours) to get the "EFT Legendary" drop ?

If items like cases are considered "legendary" then the old random system was way better.

ID: hq9ky3k

We can't just have it running anymore?

ID: hq9l665

Correct, you need to press claim.

ID: hq9zppi

Yeah, this is horseshit. Hunt did drops recently and it was like 2 hours a day ( and not over holidays!)

11 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:23 ID: hq9qb12

22 hours, absolutely ridiculous, even for EFT players.

ID: hqbebm0

Bro this is a hardcore game for hardcore people! If you can’t open a stream at 3 am and leave it running 24/7 then gtfo of my hardcore game!


12 : Anonymous2021/12/29 00:35 ID: hqcjefp

First rare drop, 3 CPU fans. CPU fans are not what I'd call "rare".

If the legendary drop isn't amazing, not bothering with the rest of the days of this event. 22 hours a day is just ridiculous, especially if the drops are crap.

ID: hqdfj2i

Second rare drop was 1 weapon parts.

These drops are actually laughable for the time requirement to get them.

ID: hqdzxw4

Legenday drop was a TacTec Armoured Rig.

Solid, but not sure I want to continue with the rest of the drops.

ID: hqdwpof

Holy fuck that’s bad.

13 : Anonymous2021/12/29 12:32 ID: hqeiq2u

This event would be so much better if we got the xmas balls every 3 hours instead.

14 : Anonymous2021/12/28 14:28 ID: hqa3h89

Wait so if I woke up too late today and didn't tune into a stream exactly when they started, am I now going to lose out on items because I need 22 hours to claim them all?

ID: hqbtpwm


ID: hqd9vbp

Yep.. The drops started at like 6am for me, so I'm out of luck to get the legendary... Stupid

15 : Anonymous2021/12/29 03:03 ID: hqd2yo6


So basically you have to have a stream running for 22 hours, and every 4 hours goto a web page and click button, so sleeping in between those 4 hour intervals.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT. BSG, hang your fucking heads in shame.

16 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:54 ID: hq9t3to

This is hilariously bad, we are basically viewbotting for BSG if we want the good drops.

ID: hqajtwr

That's all the drop events have been. They basically pay us with in game items for MASSIVE free exposure on Twitch. That's how the game absolutely took off, after the first set of drops introduced tons of people to the game by streamers playing and having huge viewership

ID: hqao3iw

Isn't that all pretty much any Twitch drop campaign is regardless of company. I get a lot of people enjoy Twitch and for a lot of them drops are a nice added bonus but for all of the people who don't care about it its just an artificial boost. Ever since they were first introduced if I game I like has had drops its just idle a stream and mute and minimize. Only thing has changed recently is the forcing you to click claim so now we need the Chrome addon.

17 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:35 ID: hq9rbrr

Damn this sucks for people who have a job or a life

18 : Anonymous2021/12/28 13:04 ID: hq9u46s

This has to be a mistake. 22 hours in a 24 hour period to claim drops on day ONE of ~2 weeks? Is Twitch and BSG actually trying to kill people?

19 : Anonymous2021/12/30 22:22 ID: hqlrnfv
20 : Anonymous2021/12/28 12:43 ID: hq9s24a


ID: hq9s8a8

Took a while, but my first drop just came through, double barrel shotgun (Prapor message, 7 day claim time for those interested). Can't complain as it is free, just need the daily to pop up again. 😀

21 : Anonymous2021/12/28 13:39 ID: hq9xnry

Start this as a comment thread for drops you got. I got a water bottle(:

ID: hqa6tbs

7 esmarch

22 : Anonymous2021/12/29 08:56 ID: hqe1zzr


2 Emergency Water Rations 7 Esmarch Tourniquettes Double Barrel Shotty


2 Whiskey Bottles MP5 SD


MP7A1 unmodded

I didn't expect much, but im still disappointed. That "Legendary" drop sucks hard. Not even considering that we pay for all this with server stability...

23 : Anonymous2021/12/30 19:57 ID: hql5nva

The way the Twitch drops are stuctured is an absolute joke. It is a thinly veiled encouragement for players to legally viewbot your game to artificially increase it's perceived popularity on Twitch. On top of that, the drops from actually watching are trash. The event is causing massive server instability, game crashes, lag spikes, you name it. The difference in playing the game over the last 2 days (compared to start of wipe) is night and fucking day.

I was willing to look the other way for the drop structure originally, because the drops are garbage so I feel no desire to tune in on Twitch and waste my time. But, you can't even ignore the event and just PLAY because the servers keep crashing, and menus take fucking ages to load. Instead of popping into my stash and quickly choosing my next loadout, there's a 5 second delay at a minimum, any time I move a piece of gear onto my PMC, or try to load a mag, or try to mod a gun. And that's assuming my game doesn't fully crash out, or kick me to the main menu due to "object transfer" not working.

If you cannot keep the servers stable during the events, stop doing them. All you're doing is making it "look" like the game is increasing in popularity, while destroying the game for people who are actually trying to play. This went from a wipe I was over-the-moon excited to play, to a wipe I might not touch again after this week.

24 : Anonymous2021/12/30 21:51 ID: hqln12n

the game is unplayable. Can't move items in stash. END THE FUCKING TWITCH DROPS. THE ITEMS ARE SHIT AND IT IS FUCKING UP THE SERVERS

25 : Anonymous2021/12/30 23:12 ID: hqlz2s1


26 : Anonymous2021/12/28 11:13 ID: hq9kkgf

Wonder if BSG had control over the drop format or if it was on twitch to decide. Me no likey this formaty

ID: hq9ksel

My assumption is that it's to drive engagement for the streamers. But I don't actually know.

ID: hq9nxtc

Probably an attempt to stop people afk’ing it. Fortunately there’s auto drops claim extensions for chrome


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