Tarkov Update !

1 : Anonymous2020/04/25 15:01 ID: g7uvxl

Hey Fellow Fleas ! I understand that this sub had slowed down quite a bit. With the whole COVID19 situation, I've been overworked as an "essential worker" and didn't have time or energy as of late for the Reddit or Discord. I will be back and more attentive/active as SOON as possible.

Keep that market dominance up Fleas !

If you aren't already, I would recommend joining our discord, you can find the link in the community info. We have allot of active users talking daily along with some useful tools for the marketplace.

2 : Anonymous2020/04/25 17:50 ID: fok7u8v

Won't this sub be rendered irrelevant with the upcoming 12.6 change to the flea market?

Flea market will be found-in-raid only for those who haven't already heard.

ID: folkcrb

Yessir. I would tend to say that this is sub is about to tank even more than it has been...

Edit: typo correction


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