I’m fed up with cheaters

1 : Anonymous2021/02/21 07:34 ID: lorv7z

I rarely if ever accuse someone of cheating but over the last couple weeks I’ve had multiple instances where I’m not making a single sound, not moving for 10 minutes at a time laying in bushes or tall grass trying to avoid fights for a quest or whatever and some dude pulls up and knows exactly where I am just infuriates me. In this game it’s so hard to tell whether they saw the tip of your backpack or head or heard a gun sound or just got lucky with a nade and most of the time I’m fine getting killed like that cause I always like to give the benefit of the doubt. When someone throws 7 Nades in the same exact spot of grass on shoreline that I had been laying in for 10 minutes, MsSpaghettiLips, without me even moving a muscle is when I take a step back and go hmm that was suspicious. If you aren’t using walls or radar and just decided to throw a bunch of nades at me until you were sure I was dead then good on you and you can take pride in knowing you made me get off for the night. Sorry for the rant I just feel like I’ve gotten killed in suspicious ways more over the last week than my whole time playing this wipe and I can’t tell which ones are lucky and which ones are not legit. Thanks you for your time.

2 : Anonymous2021/02/21 14:17 ID: go87jxo

I feel you, but remember that Thermals exist, as does NVG which really helps see people in bushes.

Also if your spot is pretty commonly camped in, they could just be looking for someone.

Also also, people aren't as hidden as they like to believe sometimes in bushes.

Just remember that the hacking problem is mowhere near how it used to be

ID: go8gdrq

Thanks man, I know, I’ve thought a lot about all this. It just seemed way more suspicious than any other time I’ve gotten killed and I was frustrated last night.

Saw me with a thermal? Why not just shoot me instead of risking gear getting close? I understand that people still need nade kills for prapor.

Not a commonly camped, at least I would never check there but maybe everybody is just 10x gamore thorough than me when clearing areas?

I thought I was hidden because I was halfway behind a wall on my stomach but I did still have an attack 2 on so maybe that gave me away.

3 : Anonymous2021/02/21 15:18 ID: go8dnxk

I can actually empathize with this. I play a shit ton of Tarcup a week and the past two weeks have had wayyyy more suspicious interactions than this whole wipe. I only play reserve and I have 1000s of raids on there between the last few wipes. I usually can tell what is possible in most engagements and what is strange.

ID: go8fcfl

Glad I’m not the only one

4 : Anonymous2021/02/21 21:50 ID: go9sd0d

I can safely say I’ve seen atleast 10 blatant forsure hackers this wipe alone, yet in the 1200 hours I put into previous wipes I saw maybe 3

Edit: it sucks cause for every blatant hacker there’s probably a 100 more that are “legit” hacking

5 : Anonymous2021/02/24 15:02 ID: gol6i5f

I have a clip of my buddy killing a hacker I’ll post it rn after I check my hideout lol

6 : Anonymous2021/02/21 08:38 ID: go7kl03

If it makes you feel better I've burned through 3 accounts in 2 weeks. They have to be doing something right

ID: go7p8k8

In short, you’re nothing but a waste of skin, asshole.

ID: go88a7s

You’re human garbage.

ID: go8dgg2


ID: go9dg7q

Imagine wasting over $100 in 2 weeks to not even play the game you are spending that much money on. At least we know that their anti cheat works against people like you who are stupid enough to get themselves caught repeatedly.

ID: go9pg4p

What kind of cheats do you use and why? Personally every time I’ve used cheats on a game I get bored. I lose all sense of accomplishment.

Trying to understand your motive or mentality because I just don’t get it.

ID: goadufn

I’m sorry you are so shit at the game that you need to cheat. Yikes.


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