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1 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:00 ID: rtsez2

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2 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:12 ID: hqun6sk

What the fuck is up with the queue system? How do we go from, you can play the game anytime you want to you have to wait an hour because there are so many people?

If it was like 10 minutes, I wouldn't be that upset but it's going to take an hour just to login to check my hideout stuff. I'm like 60,000 in queue unless the servers are down and everybody is waiting to get in game. That would make the most sense because I'd be surprised if there were 60k in queue + more playing.

ID: hqup2bk

Agreed, also the approximation time isn't a big deal but it's funny how off it is. I'm 60,000 queued and it's jumping from "less than a minute" to like 8 hours?

ID: hqusumz

two hours now.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:05 ID: hqum5ay

Your place in queue: 54532

Approx. time left 3h 20min

hahahaha is it a joke?

ID: hqun4w0

yes it is log off so i can get further along in the queue

4 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:18 ID: hquo348

What’s up with reserve ammo spawns I used to come out filled to the brim with bt ammo and now it’s all t or prs.

I do however get tons of good ammo at woods though. I also don’t have keys on reserve

ID: hquoanv

Reserve's global loot multiplier got nerfed.

ID: hquyuw3

BT ammo spawns got nerfed to shit early last wipe.

5 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:23 ID: hquos4i

Tarkov is a game that doesnt seem to want me to play it recently, Server issues, long load times and now a wait time that is toggling between less than a minute and 2 hours before i can even open up the game. I love the game and am happy for there success but i kind of feel like if your a new player and try and experience it after seeing it on twitch facing all these issues would be pretty discouraging.

ID: hqus7nz

Select servers near you so you have less loading times, i had this problem as well because i ended up playing in a russian server with 300 ping.

6 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:59 ID: hqv2be4

"we fixed the server issues" What they meant to say is, "we just placed a queue so we don't have to spend any money to upgrade servers"

65k and slowly counting down...

ID: hqv5v28

It will be about an hour and 30 for that. I’m almost through it and I started around a similar number

ID: hqv6x5h

I got placed at ~41k and I was in-game within 35min, playing on EU servers if that might be relevant

7 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:13 ID: hqunei9


8 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:41 ID: hquzufm

First time logging in this wipe, 72,000 ahead of me in queue. Got me going full sad Linus mode

9 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:40 ID: hquzqkm

So it's just not... possible to play now? They pushed an update that removed the ability to play?

Never been past 65k in queue

10 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:09 ID: hquveli

So now I cant even play hideout and stash management without a queue? Did half the servers die or something because this makes it seems like the problem got so much worse in the last 24hours. WTF

Edit: A year ago BSG boasted about 200k concurrent players. Now 60k of them (ignoring a years growth in the playerbase) are sitting in a queue. Has BSG done anything to improve or expand server availability? You have almost 1/3 - 1/4 of your playerbase waiting to be allowed to play.

Edit 2: If I experience a CTD do I have to start at the back of the queue again???

ID: hqv12zb
The problems occur because of a combination of an immense influx of players + the game has become more complex. According to a post made by the lord himself the load is mostly CCU and backend, and not necessarily related to the quality of the servers. The queue time is a "band aid" to avoid even bigger problems while they fix their current issues. Imho waiting 20 mins to get into the game like this is better then getting my entire stash deleted like I did once in a previous wipe. AFAIK there were more than 700k players before the servers started tanking so that is probably also related.

Hope this is helpful.

ID: hqv5l3d

Imho waiting 20 mins to get into the game like this

Try 2 hours but okay. As a fulltime worker with limited free time further limited by aligning with my friends who play who are also fulltime workers, our window might only be the queue time.

is better then getting my entire stash deleted like I did once in a previous wipe.

sounds like another issue entirely but I dont see why both issues shouldnt be held to account.

Is there an up to date published figure on player numbers? The most concrete number I could find was 200K 18months ago.

You cant tell me there was such an increase in players in the last month that this has suddenly happened. Even the current issues werent present in the first 2 weeks of this wipe. Which is why many blame the Twitch Drops event.

ID: hqv51ix

I really hope they work toward a more scalable system to avoid this happening again instead of KEK taping it for this load, or whatever is left of the interest in a week. Such a shame seeing people grow tired of a great patch because of server issues - this game deserves to handle an influx of new CCU.

The infrastructure, be it hardware or software, should be able to handle a new influx of players when the game is being promoted.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:05 ID: hqum7a8

I wish I had anything to discuss, I haven’t been able to load into a raid or sometimes the game at all in several days. Was really excited to see the new airdrops, but currently sitting 60000 people back in line to launch the game.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:45 ID: hquryix

You NEED more than 8GB of ram to play this game, the requirements are technically right (you only can play factory) but there is deception on it, you cant play the whole game.

Before i upgraded to 32GB i played with 8GB and was awful, first 5-10 min of the raid in the bigger maps where awful, fps drops and horrible stuttering. Task manager showed me that my HDD was at 100%, and the Ram was at like 80% so i thought the disk was the problem, it wasnt. I used the virtual memory, page file in the performance monitor, to see how much of the disk was beeing used as ram and holy shit, the red line was on the clouds (here is how to do that analysis After i got the 32 GB, the ram topped 12GB on customs, no wonder why i was getting stutters, 8GB wont cut it and when the pc needs to use more uses the disk and it gets horribly slow.

40-60 fps with an nvidia GTX 1650 and Ryzen 5 3600, waaaaay better. Wish there was no queue to keep playing and keep testing, but there is a 2 hour queue on my region.

ID: hqutk02

Even 16GB was an issue for me. This was last wipe so maybe the issue has been resolved but there was a major memory leak at the time that would crash my game consistently after a few raids. I was getting 14+GB of RAM usage at all times.

Ever since I upgraded to 32GB I've had zero memory related issues.

13 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:02 ID: hquub63

place 75000 in queue looking for a friend

14 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:33 ID: hquq8y6

BSG, IMO you've gone from releasing one of the best features implemented into the game (VOIP) as well as nice features like removing certain things from the flea market to now having this absolute dumpster fire of servers breaking constantly (which you say isn't due to twitch drops despite the fact that timing suggests that it is, same thing last year I believe) you've now brought in this BS queue which means to actually get into the game even if to just check my stash or do hide out things or mess around on the flea market I have to wait (current timer flucuates betwen 1 hr 40 and 50 minutes to 39 minutes to under a minute, even Windows isn't this bad at gauging how long something is going to take). When you guys do things right they are really right but sometimes you make really bad choices imo and it hurts the player base.

15 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:46 ID: hqv0juz

67k people ahead of me to play this game. fuck this stupid game lol

16 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:06 ID: hqumdic

Trash queue system is trash.

17 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:04 ID: hqum1w9


ID: hqum4ad


18 : Anonymous2022/01/01 21:13 ID: hqunali

Remove your new Queue that removes Windows 7 support from your game. Make an announcement about it. Talk about something, anything for gods sake.

ID: hqupadj

its a pinned post on this reddit, nikita mentioned the queue system in it yesterday

19 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:19 ID: hquwq5x

Placed at 45k. Is this a server issue or just massive overload on servers?

20 : Anonymous2022/01/01 22:12 ID: hquvso2

Is the queue working? This is my first day trying to play and it does not seem like I will. It keeps going to around 40-45k but then it just says Play and I click again.

ID: hqv0bet

AFAIK that is not a common issue. Sounds like a user issue. Try closing the game completely, restart your computer and then try again. If that doesn't work it might be your internet connection. If that's not it, try verifying integrity or maybe even reinstall.


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