Killing Lvndmark and getting called hacker

1 : Anonymous2022/01/07 03:23 ID: rxxaqa
2 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:47 ID: hrlh91s

This is a reminder to be excellent to each other. Critiquing and disliking streamers is fine, but Rule 3 still applies here- just as it would if someone was doing it to you.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:14 ID: hrlkeuo

Casually go back to looting after popping him lmao

ID: hrlrolx

gonna make that use of the key count before i potentially may die looting as shown

ID: hrlu5vp

Just looked it up, why were rolers like 300k a piece a couple wipes back? I swear they were only 50k this wipe and last...

ID: hrlwh8n

They were up to 800k at one point.

same reason green bats are up to like a mil right now. You need a handful for hideout and they basically removed container spawns

ID: hrmccoq

Bitcoin was like 900k each, economy was wildly inflated due to irl BTC prices skyrocketing, they nerfed it

ID: hrn6qpn

Honestly, my man didn’t give a fuck about anything else, he was getting his damn rollers

4 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:24 ID: hrlecxg

Can we take a moment to talk about the x3 100-round mags for your ADAR?

ID: hrlfrnw

i killed someone the raid prior that had this so i just brought it into my next raid lmao i would never do this

ID: hrlno4u

gotta hit them with those 100 taps amirite

ID: hrlolum

Lmao was it on customs? My friends brought an adar that looked just like this into customs and lost it

ID: hrlq6gh

They are like 20k lmao. Hilarious to use them because no one ever takes them.

ID: hrmpzxw

For when you absolutely have to wipe everyone off the server, PMC or scav regardless

5 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:35 ID: hrlfr62

twerkDEMON is a way too sexy name for a cheater

ID: hrlwiv5

That’s what I was gonna say. There’s a lot of cheaters in this game and I don’t think they’re naming their accounts twerkdemon lmao

ID: hrm1sfw

twerkdemon is a liiiiiit namesake. DROP IT LOW.

ID: hrlg55i

LMAO shyts just a cursed name

6 : Anonymous2022/01/07 12:14 ID: hrml9xg

The real question is how you got to level 36 without seeing a Roler before :O

ID: hrnnyho

this clip was 12 days ago im not sure what level i was then

7 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:27 ID: hrllwun

Tbh, it just seems like landmark doesn't even know where he's shot from.

ID: hrlrwv8

yup i cant tell at all watching it either

ID: hrn18yx

That's the thing, if i die without hearing a shot, just fall over and maybe hear the bullet hit something else aswell, it feels like you got killed by a hacker from like nowhere. From is point of view it's a proper assumption. You can't tell if the game pulled a weird move on you.

ID: hroca5l

IDK man it seems like he just experienced what us regular folk who play casually experience constantly, getting shot from unknown angles is 99 percent of my deaths, not hearing the gunshot I usually just take to mean I got sniped. I rarely use the report cheat function unless its something crazy obv. Also if I was streaming and died without absolute proof that the other guy was cheating, I wouldn't report him on stream in front of thousands of viewers and act like there's no chance I just got unlucky while also not blurring his name out. Lvndmvrk has done this before too, several times.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:13 ID: hrlcy1a

Not cheating you’re just cracked bro. You should carry me sometime

ID: hrlfn64

when i play more than just myself i find tark to be a much harder game

ID: hrlradr

It gets significantly harder to track teammates and enemies the bigger your squad is. Personally, I think duos and trios are perfect.

ID: hrlpx6l

facts man.

ID: hrlz8gd

Lvndmark was loud as shit in this situation - not even cracked. Almost anybody with ears and some directional audio experience could've done this. Calling this a hacker is silly on Lvndmark's end.

Though with playing this game 8+ hours/day and the density of actual hackers I can definitely understand his general frustration.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:55 ID: hrlp0b7

I honestly believe its because he could not see the flash from the gun. And the glass sound effect sounds off angle.

ID: hrlsqc7

yup, i learned something new from watching both angles today, maybe thats why i be hearing glass breaking and no shot

10 : Anonymous2022/01/07 11:34 ID: hrmhore

Can we take a moment to notice the half a second gap between the sound of the glass breaking and the start of the death animation in lvndmark's pov?

The server is telling lvndmark: hey, a dude shot and broke this glass.

And several ticks later: hey, and btw, that shot killed you, totally forgot about telling you that before. lol

With such a mess of a netcode it's normal that so many deaths look sus to us.

Edit: nevermind, in the end the delay was due to bad recording in the op. There was no delay between the breaking glass and the death animation. Ty

ID: hrn2x8k

This is exactly it. My friends friend probably reported all of EU playerbase

11 : Anonymous2022/01/07 04:50 ID: hrlhm58

To be fair, it looked really weird and desyncy on his end. But yeah he's just wrong.

ID: hrll643

This is really why a replay system would be super beneficial.

If I was on Lvndmark's end I'd probably be a little suspicious too, especially considering the death was "lower nape"

ID: hrlng0v

1000x this. The gun was close enough it 100% should have made noise and also I always avoid that side of gas windows because they can't be seen through AT ALL. It looked like no one was there in that window which is why it looked and sounded like a cheater.

also isn't head nape the back of the head?

I think the replay system would help people spot desync situations.

ID: hrm54ps

Need server side replay system and something like what Warthunder has.

You can see exactly where each player aims, watch any player and on top of it it records how bullet flew and you can slowdown it to see how and from where it flies to target.

And they keep server side replays for few months. every single one of all games.

AND then you can also look at your own client side replays to see what you saw. so you can understand if desync etc, happened.

Tarkov will always be shady shitgame where you cant tell if you died to cheater or desync or if you were just bad. till they add proper replay system from both server and client side. with decent controlls to observe every match properly.

But it wont happen ever. Nikita is too cheap to even consider such feature. hell they cant even implement steam audio for 3 years so we have to use some ultra dumb system that bugs out from vertical landscapes and your ears are at your feet.

If they dont want to implement proper directional audio then they need to implement it like old games where they use countless tricks to emulate audio verticality. but that also wont happen any time soon if ever.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/07 06:35 ID: hrlt2nk

okay but … DOUBLE ROLLERS?

ID: hrlt6mw

i knew it was juicy

13 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:41 ID: hrlngk0

That ADAR 100 round Mag lel

14 : Anonymous2022/01/07 14:18 ID: hrmzq3h

but he promised

15 : Anonymous2022/01/07 10:07 ID: hrmaqh1

And people say helmets don't work...

16 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:17 ID: hrlkrj2

we've all done the exact same thing. its why this game needs an after raid kill cam so badly

ID: hrm3sjv

I had a firefight with a couple guys in the med building in customs and had a "bullshit hacker" moment when it seemed like they paused fighting me then just domed me twice with m80 seemingly through the walls.

Turns out they had a mate at skeleton with a sniper getting me through the broken window. I only found out it was a legit death because the dude had a TTV name and I checked him out.

ID: hrlrru6

i hope they do something like that

17 : Anonymous2022/01/07 14:15 ID: hrmzbtc

Streamers will destroy people on a daily, even hitting 1 shot domes all day long and laugh their asses off at it. second it happens to them, they stair at the name and wonder how it's even possible and want chat to do the same and give them reassurance that the dude was cheating. ain't it weird how the cycle of tarkov is with streamers. not tarnishing all, but most wont accept deaths and will most of the time make accuses LOL

ID: hrnj0m6

It's not just Tarkov. I'm seeing it on every game even ones that don't have cheating issues persay

18 : Anonymous2022/01/07 03:40 ID: hrl8i4q

lvndmark is honestly kind of a little bitch about dying lmao

19 : Anonymous2022/01/07 05:28 ID: hrlm0wl

One thing I never understand about these threads is the amount of people who seem to watch streamers that they can't stand. If I don't like a streamer, I don't watch them. And I certainly have no idea how they react everytime they die. Is hate watching actually a thing? That can't be healthy.

ID: hrlrgt0

Well if you watch a tarkov montages he will most likely be in it. I'm sure the people who don't like him don't actively watch his stream. I don't like him, yet I seem him im most tarkov videos. So, do with that what you will.


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