First Aid Kits

1 : Anonymous2020/03/28 01:48 ID: fqaw68

Grizzley first aid kits are currently over saturated. Over the last 48 hours, I have had 16 of them returned, due to not being sold. At a price of 47,142 roubles, plus a tax of around 1500 roubles, you will have to post them for more than 50,000+, to make a return.

2 : Anonymous2020/03/28 07:50 ID: flq72dq

I believe they were part of the latest drops, in packs of 3. So people are probably either still using them to heal after between raids or a lot of them are still on the market. I’d probably hold for a little while and we’ll see it go back up to 50k like it was prior to drops. Hard to tell with the prices going up and down regardless of drops recently!

3 : Anonymous2020/03/28 08:51 ID: flq9ykx

Sell them to therapist and any thing market wise is your fault cause that's how stoinks works

ID: flqyn8f

I mean, no shit?


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