Anyone else having a rough couple days?

1 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:50 ID: s5jvch

I was doing really well this wipe for the limited amount of time I can play.

Level 38, 5.2 K/D and 52 percent survival.

The last 3 days I've maybe survived 3 out of 25 raids. Dropped down to 48 percent survival and K/D almost tanked a whole point.

Just constant head,jaws and basically never having a chance to fight back. Anyone else struggling the past few days?

2 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:56 ID: hsxvz9v

Same, some fights I get a chance to react and have a good gunfight, but 7/10 times it’s an insta head eyes as I come around a corner or doorway.

ID: hsy3aja

Coupled with (at least for me) the return of stutters as soon as you or someone else starts shooting, I've been going absolutely crazy

ID: hsy48hp

I was maxing my ram out for the first time ever this wipe and having this issue. I just upgraded to 32gb and it fixed it for me.

ID: hsy92w8

This has been happening to a buddy of mine. You ever find a solution? Or anything that helps?

ID: hsyohev

Honestly I feel like desynch is the worst it's been in a long while. I was literally killed through a slick by 7.62 PS the other day.

He didnt fire more than 2-3 shots from my perspective but I got hit like 8-10 times according to the post raid screen.

3 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:48 ID: hsydp33

My survival rate is 8%. Every day is a rough day

ID: hsyjn0t

If you know a map, like customs. Just run night time raids if you're looting or questing. My last 10 night raids in customs as a scav no one has bothered me and I found lots of good stuff.

ID: hsyqodp

I love people who run night raids without NVGs.

They're like blind fish in a barrel.

ID: hsyi8by

Validation here! This game is tough

4 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:44 ID: hsyd0uk

lvl 38, "limited time"

ID: hsynvau

Pick one.

ID: hsysfrx

Y’a I’ve been going harder than I ever have yet and I’m just coming up on 24.

ID: hsytobs

I’m 34 and I decently no lifed the first few weeks

ID: hsyui8t

my first thought too lol. different definitions of limited time

5 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:15 ID: hsxz2xl

I feel your pain. For the most part, I’ve done fairly well this wipe, but these last few days my face has been a bullet magnet for PMCs and scavs. Glad it isn’t just me. Good luck!

6 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:23 ID: hsy0db2

I’ve got a few tasks that require me to go to Shoreline’s resort, and that has ended in my untimely demise.

Did go on a 17 raid survival streak over the last couple of days though so that was nice.

ID: hsyp43u

Resort is full of Chads right now you should try going at night time. You'll still run into a juicer but it'll probably be just one guy rouble farming.

ID: hsypm1h

Night-ops are my staple 🙂

7 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:21 ID: hsy02e6

weird this is happening to so many people. Like I have trouble with the game sometimes but the last few days the failures have like tripled

ID: hsyci15

I almost default it to desync, but it’s been excessive lately. Could just be lucky shots due to the new recoil changes, maybe? And that extra jump in initial recoil is what’s getting us. Idk tho, I’m just causal Tarkov enjoyer.

ID: hsyjdxv

I swear its the recoil. I hit a pitiful amount of shots when i run full auto.

8 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:46 ID: hsy45fl

I got burnt out because of this. Had to quit for a minute.

9 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:23 ID: hsy9skz

Okay I thought it was just me. Yesterday especially was a complete shit show with how quickly i’d get gunned down when normally I can hold my own in gunfights but its been completely insane.

10 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:37 ID: hsybxps

Weekends in Tarkov are like Best Buy black Friday’s. It’s hectic, a lot of 2+ man’s running around. I don’t play much on weekends for that reason. Weekdays I get into more 1v1 and it’s manageable. Still lots of head eyes for sure tho, like more than previous wipes. I’ve also noticed people playing a lot slower and more hiding/sneaking around bushes. Maybe that’s why? They kinda get the draw on me, but the head/eyes is extra for sure and it’s almost always shitty ammo.

11 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:10 ID: hsxy9mh

Played for 1700 hours total. Participated in several wipes. Usually around 60% survival rate. The last few days I've been absolutely demolished 8/10 raids. There's no fighting. Just instantly dead in every engagement.

Idk man. something just feels off

ID: hsy8z10

I have 100 deaths this wipe. At least 80 of them was a headshot. 🙁

ID: hsygedk

This. I died 6 times last night, all on shoreline, never even looked at the resort.

5 of those deaths were to headshots without ever firing a shot. 1 was to grenades that fell exactly on each member of my party.

I don't mind getting outplayed, but god damn have I been getting absolutely punked recently. Looking big forward to another banwave, or atleast one of those little updates that confuses gaming chairs for a day or two.

ID: hsxzfp2

Yea, idk. I also seem to get in a fight every single raid. I just wanted to do a nice stash run on shoreline and I got 1 shot from who knows where.

ID: hsy79lg

Depending on where you died, the hill that weather station is on can see as for down as Big Blue and almost up to the resort.

12 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:35 ID: hsybjfb

1 single good fight in probably 3 or 4 days. And I still died to a rogue on a mounted gun after that fight. Don't get me wrong, more than a handful have been my own mistakes. But damn it feels like people know the second I take a step out of line and capitalize on it perfectly. Probably what I get for having so many weeks of decent luck after the wipe. Easy come easy go

13 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:53 ID: hsxvlxl

Yup, basically just getting deleted in 1 shot no matter what helmet or armor I'm wearing.

ID: hsyou0t

The last like ten deaths of mine I haven’t even had a chance to fight back or heal. My grizzly is still at max health lmao.

Seems like whenever someone in our group dies it’s almost always a one tap to the head. Just bad luck I guess.

14 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:52 ID: hsy51co

I’m new so every day is rough for me 😀

My only PMC kill this wipe so far was a blind panic kill on a bear PMC that tried to roll up on me while o was fight for my life against AI scavs and I just straight unloaded every 7mm buckshot shell I had from my 153 in his head region. Every time else has just been instantly domed, completely outgunned or grenades

15 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:23 ID: hsy9qqa

I have good days and bad days. More good than bad luckily.

Had a mixture of good and bad yesterday though. PMC on interchange. Spawn in and I shit you not, Killa was 100m away from me standing and doing nothing. Took out his legs and he just let it happen. Finished putting all his loot in my crevices, head eyesd. No noise. No nothing. M80. Killa and I were flat in some bushes. Too good to be true I suppose.

Straight after that I had a scav run in interchange to see if I'd get in the same raid (I didn't). Ran to where my PMC would have been and came accross a friendly scav who told me the air drop was right in front of us, just came down before i spawned. We agreed to split it but a camper got him as we approached and I got the camper (spawned with BP in my ak-105 luckily). Looted the whole drop. Ran to extract and didnt die! All sorts of AP rounds to play with now.

16 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:37 ID: hsy2mto

The other night I decided I'd just go get two scav kills on customs to finish a quest and died in under two minutes to PMC engagements 6 raids in a row, just called it a night after that.

ID: hsychpi

Similar story for me trying to finish farming part 3 and died 6 times, survived none... Always just one bullet to the head and back to the lobby...

17 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:43 ID: hsy3lkx

Rough couple of decades*


18 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:32 ID: hsyb4kh

In the last couple days, I've had some of the best raids ive ever had.

I find that taking a break is best when I'm getting destroyed over and over becuase it's usually just me taking lazy risks and losing focus.

19 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:08 ID: hsy7gwe

Have had several real sketchy raids today with me hiding for minutes to let everyone get on with their thing and leave before i went for quests(punisher part 3 i think, 25scavs with aks74u) and had people rush me hard as if they knew exactly where i was hiding. And kill me. Run, stop, jigglepeak the corner, instant head eyes. Dont know if theres a new cheap cheat out.

ID: hsyio0i

Sitting for a few minutes on customs doesn’t work very well. Players from other spawns rotate around the map and basically end up at your spawn pretty quickly. No one leaves the raid within a few minutes unless they get killed. Move around the map with the same flow other pmcs do. If you run in to someone, you may get the advantage on them as they are moving too.

ID: hsyja82

Should be more precise. My bad. When i quest for tasks like this i instantly get out of spawn and hide a place i know people wont look. Sometimes it doesnt work. Cheats? Maybe. Unlucky, maybe. But its sus that you can sit still for minutes and hear someone tush your exact location, stop on a dime, peak, and insta headshot you.

20 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:16 ID: hsy8owe

I got head eyed by a lvl 1 playing like a pro. Not sure he was legit but set me back 90 rounds of BP and a surv streak of 7. Been a bad run since then excep the odd good scav run.

21 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:22 ID: hsy9ocd

started running multihit faceshield since i'm dying to head only, didnt save me once yet, .. last factory game ran a tactec with faceshield and got dropped by PST, head-ears while facing him

ID: hsymsmc

Yea I've heard weird things about the ears hitbox. Apparently you can get hit head ears even if you're facing them if they hit on either side of your head. Like for example if you were looking at someone and they shot and it knicked your ear, that's death in tarkov.

I've been killed that way a couple times so far.

22 : Anonymous2022/01/16 21:51 ID: hsye1tq

i don’t even go inside no mo ppl really do be waiting in there

23 : Anonymous2022/01/16 19:55 ID: hsxvxgv

It be like that sometimes man. Best advice is if you lose like 3 raids in a row do something else for like 30min take a break. Eat something. Drink a coffee. Walk the dog. I find that little reset works the best come back fresh

ID: hsxw8qh

Yup, this has been what I do mostly. I have a 1 year old so I only get about 3 raids at a time anyway until he goes to bed.

24 : Anonymous2022/01/16 20:49 ID: hsy4k6p

Yup seems head,eyes aim has shifted to head,jaws now.

25 : Anonymous2022/01/16 23:41 ID: hsyuolw

Probably too focused on questing. Especially at your level, a lot of the quests available gimp the ever living shit out of you.

26 : Anonymous2022/01/16 23:46 ID: hsyvc1r

Me too. My stats are about the same as yours. Been getting camped at certain loot spawns lately more often than normal.


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