LFG to play with regularly

1 : Anonymous2021/02/24 19:13 ID: lrkui7

I’m already a part of Devil’s Brigade discord, and I usually have solid luck on that server. Just currently looking for a group to play with regularly, which has been kinda hard given my work hours. I mainly work from 2-10pm central. If you’re chill and are looking for a group of people to quest with/ mess about add me!

2 : Anonymous2021/02/24 23:11 ID: gon256z

I’m in add me on discord _bigsnooze#4389

ID: goufgx2

Adding! Discord is AngryMikeJPEG

3 : Anonymous2021/02/24 23:28 ID: gon49e5

come have a seat with us!

4 : Anonymous2021/02/25 09:08 ID: gooreuv

The Black Regiment is a newly made Discord that focuses upon teamplay, questing, and getting rich. We welcome all levels of skill and are actively looking for new members, check us out if you're looking for a friendly easy-going community.

5 : Anonymous2021/02/26 14:36 ID: gotzctm

Hey man always looking to run with new people add me on discord if interested I have 1200 hours on eft and a great group of people to play with RC-MaximusTTV#3795

ID: goufl5t

Adding! Discord U/ is AngryMikeJPEG

6 : Anonymous2021/03/02 19:10 ID: gpg34ai

Hey, If your still looking for a duo or even a trio send me a friend request, In game is LuposTeaBag and discord is Lil Darny#7643 I have 2.2k hours, its my 3rd wipe, and im just looking to quest, kill and amass loot


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