Help on money

1 : Anonymous2020/05/23 07:10 ID: gp0mol

I new to this game and trying to find a way to make easy money so i have fun with the guns before the wipe happens.

2 : Anonymous2020/05/23 10:02 ID: frjd8ss

Look up the stash spots on Customs and sneak around the edge of the map hitting them with a backpack on as a pmc. Can make good money selling stash goodies.

Then if you die or whenever you get a scav run go do scav runs on reserve look up all the server spots and hit them up for electronics and such. We make about 300k a run on average and up to 500k on a good run if you get certain items or a dead PMC along the way.

Learn reserve it's loot heaven. But if you are a PMC you have certain hoops to jump through to extract but not as a scav. So save the reserve runs for your scav.


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