Kinda messed up

1 : Anonymous2020/03/15 05:29 ID: fiwjwj

Noticed the red rebel has been raising in price quite a bit, so I got one at 6.3m, to try and flip at 7m~, well the fee on that is about 3m, so I got a red rebel boys lol

2 : Anonymous2020/03/15 15:41 ID: fkklrl8

You could trade a friend for a couple docs cases of bitcoins. No fee if you sell 40 or so of them to Therapist @~145k a pop

ID: fkl7ls1

Not a bad idea, now just to find a friend. It's not the end of the world though, I kept enough rubles to build again, and that's half the fun.

3 : Anonymous2020/03/19 01:38 ID: fkw2fa6

OP if it makes you feel better, I got in a rush today and sold 16 weapons cases for 164,997 instead of 1,164,997.

15 mil gone in seconds.

ID: fkw5hzq

Oof. That sucks. Makes it worse. I missed out on a cheap weapons case, or many. lol

4 : Anonymous2020/03/16 07:15 ID: fkmwkyu

So glad I was able to pick up a red rebel during the drop event. Lowest I got was for around 1.1mil. Fee on some items are odd but I think its because of its base value to traders. A red rebel at 7m is 3mil fee but a thicc case at 18mil is like 500k fee.

ID: fkw2bvx

Its because the game thinks the RR is only worth like 55k so it gives it a huge fee.

If the fee was tied to the average price it was actively selling for on flea the last 5-10 days instead of what the devs think it should be, we'd be better off.

5 : Anonymous2020/03/15 19:30 ID: fkl87bo

Exactly how I got my red rebel but at least for me it was 5 million

6 : Anonymous2020/03/16 09:24 ID: fkn2omm

Thanks for the information. I was planning to flip it lol... Btw what fee is for a red key card anyone know?

7 : Anonymous2020/03/15 10:51 ID: fkk1gsp

I made the same mistake, but with the barter

ID: fkk7q5t

Get your intelligence center up a few levels to reduce the fee


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