Labs keycards?

1 : Anonymous2020/03/21 14:28 ID: fmfrgg

Why are they going for 90-140k?

2 : Anonymous2020/03/21 15:08 ID: fl40vy4

Pretty much everyone just got a gift from BSG that had about 6 keycards in.

3 : Anonymous2020/03/21 15:06 ID: fl40of6

Which ones?

4 : Anonymous2020/03/21 17:15 ID: fl4cz3s

May as well grab them rn since everyone got them from the appreciation package. It will forsure go back up

5 : Anonymous2020/03/21 17:58 ID: fl4hb13

I feel like this is a blue chip and that’s an easy buy because the prices are gonna stabilize since it’s a consumable.

6 : Anonymous2020/03/21 15:07 ID: fl40srx

Haven't been on in a while but I have two theories;

If they've dropped in price, usually its proportional to a wave of hackers infesting the place and making it not fun for anyone.

If they've increased, a lack of hackers and an increase in mega Chads wanting that sweet, sweet loot. It is pretty far into the wipe, so most people are now decently geared.

ID: fl43zno

Nah, BSG compensation package with some guns, armour, sj stims and 5 labs keycards


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