Barter and stock changes megathread

1 : Anonymous2021/03/19 20:40 ID: m8qj8x

Please redirect all discussion regarding the changes to dealers' stock and barters here.

Known Changes:

Mechanic Bitcoin barter changed to a stock of 100, now requires two Tetrizes and two Green Batteries. Bitcoin Per craft is 8hr 14m now with 50/50 graphic cards. Solar Power now costs 75k Euros, up from 25k at the start of the wipe, as well as 5 AESA, and 12 of the other two resources. Stash Level 4 now costs 200k Euros on top of other costs.

Note: The changes listed above are based on player reports, and as such the information may not be 100% accurate and are subject to change at any time.

2 : Anonymous2021/03/21 12:28 ID: grp0s1j

Link to this weeks megathread:

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and copy pasting /

as you can't pin other peoples comments:


-Tetriz - Bitcoin trade now requires a Green Battery, only 100 available on reset.

-Solar Power now costs 75k Euros, up from 25k at the start of the wipe

-Stash Level 4 now costs 200k Euros on top of other costs

3 : Anonymous2021/03/20 06:29 ID: grkf6qo

It blows my mind they keep buttfucking the little guy who doesn’t have solar power yet. They’re trying to nerf the giga chads with 200 mil but you didn’t fucking phase them whatsoever Nice job, BSG. I’m not even going to talk about how useless that green lithium battery was either.

ID: grpipfv

This x100... they just widened the wealth gap in this game MASSIVELY. I really don't get it

ID: grpypkf

lol, compared to last wipe the price of BTC has gone up like 7x, but the time per bitcoin hasn't even doubled it's only gone up like ~30%. they're doing ALL these stupid changes instead of just disconnecting BTC's in game value from the IRL value.

4 : Anonymous2021/03/19 20:42 ID: griskoq

Bitcoin Per craft is 8hr 14m now with 50/50 graphic cards

ID: gritwz1

what, they nerfed again the farm?

ID: griu0vl

yeah, by another 40-50mins

5 : Anonymous2021/03/20 06:25 ID: grkexjb

Stash Level 4 now costs 200k Euros on top of other costs.

That's 29.6 milion roubles. What the fuck. How come new players will be able to amass that, with a smaller stash.

I got EOD, i don't even have to worry about this, but it seems unfair.

ID: groxfgg

Stash upgrades are now 42 mil rubles + level 40 to match the EOD edition, that's a yikes. I'm glad I got level 4 literally yesterday

ID: grkht7d

It's almost like when you have to balance for players who have a huge advantage with the gamma case and max stash along with players who don't have that advantage, shit gets messy.

ID: grq0abc

Its not messy at all, its calculated, intended and working as expected.

buy EOD, hardcore game btw.

6 : Anonymous2021/03/19 22:06 ID: grj2pkc

I'd just like to hear any direct communication from the devs about how/what they're thinking about BTC price in general. Has there been any public discussion about it?

7 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:59 ID: grjfbaq

CHANGES WE'VE FOUND SO FAR, because fuck listing them at the top of the post where it'd be easily accessible

-Tetriz - Bitcoin trade now requires a Green Battery, only 100 available on reset.

-Solar Power now costs 75k Euros, up from 25k at the start of the wipe

-Stash Level 4 now costs 200k Euros on top of other costs

ID: grjhz1e

That item limit is such b.s. it doesn't help anything. Adding the green batt was a nice change in my opinion since it now requires you to loot more areas, but it makes graphics cards more desirable now.

ID: grn8qqp

I sold and passed on so many GreenBat while I was hunting filing cabinets for flash drives.

To think, I'd have been rich

ID: grjj777

dude the 100 limit is such a meme, at this point Nikita just tryin to fuck with us for his own enjoyment.

ID: grl501i

Just waiting for "Therapist now has global buy amount for BTC is set to 100 per reset"

ID: grjk4xy

I guess solar power is meant to be completely endgame content unless you grinded the wipe earlier? Gate those of us who play slower I guess?

8 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:23 ID: grjbdgi

Not seeing anyone mention it, but Bitcoin trade includes a Green Bat. Found my first Tetriz in a while, queued up for the stock refresh.... and I was unable to see it needed a green bat until I went to purchase it. Of course, those bats are 250k now

9 : Anonymous2021/03/19 22:19 ID: grj461i

Not barter, but possibly a nerf. Did they actually raise the level 4 stash price to 200k euro and added more stuff required as well?

I guess Nikita wants to sell more EOD's.

ID: grj4jdm

Strong possibility. Euro price for solar has been increased AGAIN.

ID: grj5kw6

And twice as many Phased Arrays too right? If that is the case, we might see them in other maps than Reserve from now on.

ID: grms48h

Nikita wants that Pay to Win money.

10 : Anonymous2021/03/20 10:13 ID: grkrskr

This does exactly NOTHING for the current "chads", aka the people who started the wipe from day 1 and are now running top-tier gear every raid, aka the people that they are trying to "nerf".

This OBLITERATES newbies, who are already behind and are trying to catch up.

The gap between the two is now impossible to fill. Like when they reset STR back then and made it so newbies could NEVER upgrade vents before the end of the wipe.

Top level tactical game balancing / 10, would start next wipe on day 1 again.

ID: grpow1l

Soooo... what BSG has always done?

Make streamers all powerful to pimp the game as some chad fest, then fuck all the other players over.

11 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:09 ID: grivu8i

how BSG is making its economy based decisions

12 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:19 ID: grjaw4i

The BTC being tied to real-life prices and having exploded to 800k Rubels in-game have ruined the economy. So in typical BSG fashion, they nerf everything even remotely related to the production and use of BTC rather than fix the actual problem: decouple BTC in-game from real-world prices.

But tieing BTC prices to real-world prices was probably Nikita's idea and he's is unwilling to admit that it was dumb.

ID: grk6prq

Yop, it's the same backwards ass logic as trying to balance guns by making the ammo extremely scarce and expensive throwing all other guns that use the same ammo and are fine balance wise under the bus.

They're just throwing people under the bus who can't play that much, while the problem is still going to persist.

13 : Anonymous2021/03/20 01:41 ID: grjqet1

Game needs competition.

14 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:34 ID: griytri

This is fucking infuriating. It is impossible to trade my tetriz now for a btc. Even when I camp the trader on the flea it is gone immediately.

15 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:18 ID: griwwnp

The fact that bitcoins are literally dictating the direction of this game is insane. My advice for anyone is hold onto your tetriz’ this change will probably be reverted soon, a bitcoin set price will probably follow soon.

16 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:06 ID: grj9gy4

These don't effect me, because I don't even bother going to the tech stores. It's not fun to just bumrush Techstores, the techroom on reserve, or the seven resort rooms for the chance of getting ultra-loot, vs raiding other areas.

This 'I must sprint to find things of value' is way worse for the health of Tarkov than anything else.

ID: grjwd4a

You don't need to pistol rush tech stores to get GPUs or high tier loot, making money is so easy right now with how inflated everything is. I did customs scav runs on cooldown today, easily made 5mil even with a few deaths. Found 3 or 4 intelligence, a couple of water filters, sugars, large fuel, and a GPU up in the green screen room. That's not including the gear I managed to pick up off dead players including a vector w/ 3 drum mags of 7n31.

I really hate that bum rushing high tier loot areas is the go to strategy, it's not fun for me even if its profitable. I find it much more enjoyable to play around trying to make money and survive raids.

ID: grkavw6

Yeah thats true, but you can get a GPU with 10min time investment on interchange and a scav run takes a bit more and 1.7m is alot for a short scav run.

But I do agree, I don't rush Interchange/Resort/Reserve for money aswell since I just don't enjoy it, I'm scav running woods for stashes and village/usec/bunker and that always nets 900-1.3M and the risk of dying is extremly low, it's been ages since I've seen some PMC or even another player scav doing this. Village alone can net up to 7 Sugar which is insane with current prices and for me it's more fun to actually scavenge some stuff ( also you can do this with a PMC and big backpack, tho the risk of getting a shit spawn is bigger here )

ID: grjrtc6

100%. I’ve never even tried to rush to these. I don’t see the fun in it, especially when you see hatchet runners all the time doing it. I got to a good place financially just by doing quests and regular loot runs. And once the Bitcoin farm is up there’s no need to chase any of that imo. The game is at its best when you’re sneaking around and just trying to survive and hoping to find some good loot you can sell.

ID: grk7kpu

I’ve done a lot of rushing interchange this wipe to get my Bitcoin farm maxed out and now that it’s done....I feel pretty hollow and ‘meh’ about it. It’s my first wipe where I was there day 1, and I used the time to overcome gear fear, and learn how to play a bit more confidently, but I wasted too much time just stacking up rubles.

Now I ask myself ‘for what?’ I don’t care about running meta gear, I find far more enjoyment out of experimenting with weird or new guns that are typically cheap; I can make a full kit+ in rubles in a decent scav run; I appreciate what I’ve learned from my partial wipe of rushing tech but I don’t think I’ll be basing my play style on it going forward .....unless I need that juicy, high priced item; I ain’t payin’ no flea market scalpers fee

ID: grjiim6

I couldn't agree more, it's gross and i find myself doing it. I used to explore around the maps tactically and take my time, now it's just "oh well, better get to the good loot before the hatchlings or pistol boys do".

17 : Anonymous2021/03/19 23:35 ID: grjcqm2

Imagine if this megathread was useful and actually listed the relevant changes at the top?

ID: grk4xnj

Stop! My penis can only get so erect.

18 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:45 ID: grj08ik

Bitcoin Barter is another Shortage?

19 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:35 ID: griz1xa

Trader limits are fucking stupid and a bandaid fix to shitty game balance/design.

20 : Anonymous2021/03/19 20:59 ID: griuqdy

Are they even listening?.. Nikita?

21 : Anonymous2021/03/20 00:22 ID: grjhv98

It would make more sense if the game was out and there was a dynamic event with a set of missions unlocked where a certain commodity would be out of stock or hijacked, you could do either do missions as a community to get item back or maybe you do missions to find a source of the missing commodity.

As it stands now, this is just a pain in the ass. flipping through item after item out of stock and we have to camp trader reset. this is a time waster and feels like a cheap trick mobile game in it's implementation. We should never have to not go into a raid because we need to wait 10 minutes for bullets or some random gun part to reset. Just let us play the game, too much time is spent in menus already and it seems to be getting worse.

22 : Anonymous2021/03/20 05:52 ID: grkcsxq

this is dog water, please stop trying to stop the player base from making money, I get that you want to prolong the wipe and keep the players engaged but handicapping the entire player base is not the move, bsg keeps trying to implement all of these unnecessary scenarios (fuel shortages, ammo shortages etc etc) and for what.

23 : Anonymous2021/03/19 22:53 ID: grj80jl

So it seems to me that everything messed up in the economy is due to the spike in IRL BTC prices driving flea market inflation as there is a HUGE influx of new currency always entering the market without any balance to that action.

(tl;dr solution - De-couple BTC price to IRL, and add an additional mechanic to BTC farming that mirrors farming IRL)

One could argue that the use of traders to aquire items helps to consume that influx of currency, as well as the loss of meds & ammo after a raid ends.

To mine BTC IRL, the cost of creating new bitcoin is offset with the increasingly difficult hash computations of BTC trade ledgers. (blockchain)

If BSG is able to watch the flea market on the backend, and see trends in item prices and availability, it makes me wonder if we couldn't have a dynamic farming time based on how many BTCs are being sold to Therapist.

If more coins are being handed in, the farming time goes up. As this becomes less profitable, less players will consume fuel doing it, less coins will be farmed, less new in game currency is injected, the time to farm will go down until it becomes profitable to do again. Another feature worthwhile in this suggestion is a On/Off switch to the BTC farm in order to use the fuel for crafting.

As for the larger issue of general item inflation, that is a topic I certainly don't feel qualified to answer. I definitely agree with some here that contracting an economist to analyze the game economy and suggest changes to market pressures to put commodity inflation in check would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Just my 0.02 btc, I'm sure this might have been suggested before.

28 : Anonymous2021/03/20 11:54 ID: grkxwne

BSG logic: inflation is a problem in this game. Solution: further inflate trades and hideout upgrades to keep up.

25 : Anonymous2021/03/20 01:56 ID: grjrxki

I can't wait to visit these forums the day Bitcoin tanks and the Tarkov economy completely falls apart.

ID: grjw1yy

honestly it was still pretty easy making money before the bitcoin skyrocketed. The flea made things very easy.

26 : Anonymous2021/03/19 21:14 ID: griwga5

If they just make Bitcoin a set amount like eveything else, All this bullshit goes away.

Put it back to 5 hour craft time and make it worth 300k or whatever

ID: grj8kad

But then they'd have to roll back all their other knee jerk reactions as well. Way less work to just add more stupid things than admit they fucked up and roll back on their mistakes.


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