Can we please all come together for once and ask BSG to make the sights clear again

1 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:05 ID: miw0wh

Apparently this was a bug. and finally after a couple years other sights became good again. What does BSG decide to do? Make every sight transparent again so they all suck again

The Hhs is arguably the worst sight in the game. one of atleast. It was so blurry and transparent that it was not useable. With the clarity 12.10 gave it, it finally became somewhat useable. Now its absolute dogshit again.

0 steps forward. 48 steps back.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:03 ID: gt71u8r

HOLUP I haven't been around today. Sights were so fucking crisp yesterday for my runs, what happened today???

ID: gt72v2f

It was apparently a bug and it got "fixed" that shit gets fixed within a few days. But other game breaking bugs are still here

ID: gt73g7o

Nikita: "You're not supposed to have fun in Tarkov."

ID: gt7u9c1

Nikita literally huffs glue and eats lead paint chips

ID: gt7t0pi

Azir WR must be a bug too. Oh wait...

3 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:13 ID: gt6wfwo

+1 to this; I was actually using something other than the cheapo sight and the pk and it felt great.

Now I can’t see where my reticule is if I’m looking at something brighter than my shadow

ID: gt7bofq

Funny thing is most sights in real life have power levels. For night time use and bright AF for daytime. Mine have 5 power settings too choose from.

ID: gt7ofq3

This, please just let us use the power settings

ID: gt6wr05

Yeah its fucking ridiculous. Yeah it seemed a bit unrealistic that they were THAT red. but they were finally visible. Right now any other sight in the game just flat out sucks. Like the hhs is just 1 big blob of light red fuzz you can barely even make out the dots when in the hideout.

ID: gt7e7ui

EO Techs definitely could get that bright. Mine can go so bright it's almso hard to look at if you wanted. It looked fake in appearence but the brightness wasn't really an issue. I wish they'd give us adjustable brightness or atleast bright enough with most optics because no one is running their optic so low they can't see it intentionally.

ID: gt7yrz2

I just wish the hhS didn't fuck your FOV when not using the magnifier. I hate that shit. Yeah it's not great to use the magnifier because it's oversized and blurry, but if you flip it down and just use the holo it's still like zoomed in, like using just the hollow sets your FoV back to 75. I've compared it to just the regular eotech holo and it's ridiculous that it doesn't act the same when not magnified.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:22 ID: gt73puq

I feel like it was too crisp and normally its too transparent

50/50 I think would be better

ID: gt7l4wh

Yeah they honestly looked a bit ridiculous after 12.10. almost like R6S sights, they just looked like paint. I think sights in this game, particularly the eotechs (not including the HHS) look incredible as is, but some other sights are way too blurry/big/out of focus and need fixed.

ID: gt7rt0c


ID: gt7x5v0

They finally worked with NV though and now they’re back to being a glowing circle you can’t see through. Need to add the nv brightness setting atleast so they’re usable at night

5 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:57 ID: gt77bfw

There’s a major sight rework coming within the next 2 patches. This was almost 100% an unfinished version of that being pushed to live by mistake. It’s coming and it’s probably going to be way better than either of the versions we just had.

ID: gt7dge0

I hope you’re right. Has Nikita said anything about the sight rework recently?

ID: gt7djk4

Yep. Literally the podcast like last week he confirmed it’s coming in 12.11/12.12.

Also confirmed inertia, scav karma, and tons of other amazing changes

6 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:57 ID: gt714nb

I want to be able to play this fucking game xD After the patch my game is fucked again

ID: gt748p6

How so?

ID: gt75o55

I cant patch it Error 104005 or something like that and thats the third time now that I have to do mental gymnastics again to try to fix it.

I allready had to manually download something to be able to play and then it crashed and I had to repair it after that it worked fine until the recent patch.

ID: gt7o0re

Same man. I kept getting the file location is corrupted error, and that I had to “repair” it. Clicking repair didn’t work so I had to uninstall and redownload the game. This happened on the previous patch as well

7 : Anonymous2021/04/03 04:56 ID: gt7u0ap

It seems like I'm the minority here, but I've NEVER had any problem with transparency on any of the sights unless I was literally aiming into the sun. Then when they "fixed" them as you guys say, they became absolutely disgusting to look at. The reticles looked painted onto the sight and were insanely crispy (in a bad way) as if they lacked anti-aliasing and caused color distortion on the pixels around them. It was especially bad on holos, a sight I normally enjoy. So I'm glad they reverted it back to the old way, bug or not.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:37 ID: gt759qt

I was loving the MRS, now it's garbo again. Rip my new found love

ID: gt79qce

Exactly me.. would use MRS or UH if it wasn't the PK. Now I'm using Cobra with ergo shade

9 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:10 ID: gt6w4mp

That is tarkov. 1 step forward, 50 steps back. Are you new?

10 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:27 ID: gt6xyiu


11 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:04 ID: gt71w9o


12 : Anonymous2021/04/03 02:49 ID: gt7in8g

An option on EOTECHs for low light, outdoors & night ops would be cool. Being able to brighten or dim the reticle like PUBG.

13 : Anonymous2021/04/03 03:34 ID: gt7mwxp

No. Practically all sights in the game are usable, I don't know how you cant see your reticle. If anything I thought the cobra sight is dim but it was one of the meta ones. Sure they need to add brightness selector to it but as of right now they all work great and I can aim perfectly with them.

ID: gt7pscr

I have a feeling the brightness will become an option when they give things actual batteries

ID: gt80czg


14 : Anonymous2021/04/03 00:30 ID: gt74m0d

No. Leave them as is just give them a brightness toggle for NVGs like they have in real life.

ID: gt74ov9

Nah theyre garbage right now. There is a very obvious reason as to why people only use pk06

ID: gt7d5d5

Yea I dont use the pk06 for the dot, I use it for the covering/smaller sight.

Holo sights are fine along with the delta sights also.

And the Pk06 is over priced for what it is now anyway.

ID: gt7g5uc

PK-06 has the same issue, its expensive because its a good sight any only found in raid.

ID: gt7g2i0

I have 0 issues with the reticles. Uh-1 is amazing to me and the bug just made it look I was playing cod. Foul.

ID: gt74wd3

That reason being it has the smallest covering giving you the largest amount of screen realestate, doesn't have missalignment problems, and is usable as a canted sight. PK06 will ALWAYS be the preferred red dot for these reasons. Even keeping this change PK06 will always be the most used.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/03 04:15 ID: gt7qnza

Reticles aren't supposed to be a solid color you donkey. Y'all are tripping. The only times I've ever had problems seeing the red dot is when aiming up at a sniper scav, almost looking into the sun y'all need to get your eyes checked

ID: gt7ur2q

That's cause they crank the post fx and monitor gamma "cause it helps me see in darker areas" and then bitch that the game looks washed out or too bright in sunlight.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/02 23:47 ID: gt702ns

No, they looked like someone slapped a sticker in place of the reticle or painted on the glass. Pretty much all red dot sights are projections, they’re not solid color on glass. They’re supposed be dimmer in full-light conditions. It keeps the realism/immersion flowing.

If you guys really can’t see your reticle you need to adjust your monitor color settings or something.

EDIT: also, it’s funny how a bug happens, BSG reverts it to what it’s been for years, now suddenly people can’t see their reticle. Are we just looking for a new flavor of the week or something? Jesus.

ID: gt72p5n

Realism can fuck off. The game should be playable. The game is already so wildly unrealistic that propping up a shit change like this because it's "realistic" is absurd.

Edit: To people crying about realism, how about this shit:

Your PMC dies of starvation and dehydration in an afternoon. You can get both legs blown off, just pop an Ibuprofen, and then run around just fine. Not to mention you can make those blown-off legs all better with a CMS kit, which is literally tweezers, scissors, and a staple gun, in less than a minute. You can wear a backpack the size of a sofa and pack it full of car batteries, guns, boxes of ammo, and helmets and just run and sprint like it's no thing. You can tank as many bullets as you want, so long as you can wrap a bandage around your arm in between every few. There's zero penalty for taking damage. We mine bitcoins with GPUs that couldn't even run the game, much less turn a profit on electricity used to mine bitcoin

If this game was realistic in the least food and drink would be no concern at all, one to two shots absolute max from any gun to any exposed body part would put you down, and your ability to carry and move items would be about one tenth of what it currently is. This game is so far from being realistic it's like a cartoon. This is Diablo 3 but with guns. This shit is a video game and it's fine that it's a video game. Don't stomp your feet when something isn't realistic, because the whole game is already not even trying to be realistic. This isn't Arma. Being immersive and realistic aren't the same thing.

ID: gt78zei

If people want to be on the side of realism, then why can't I just go extract at any fence or building on the edges of the map?

ID: gt7cv7e

The fact that your PMC dies at all and you come back retaining your money, gear and skills is not realistic obviously.

In addition, most aspects of modern warfare and technology in this game are omitted for the sake of its vision.

ID: gt7463z

If realism “fucked off” this entire sub would show up with their torches and pitch forks out crying that it’s CoD. It’s all about immersion IMO. This game has the most in depth weapon modding and gun play, literally no one else is even close. I think the sights are in line with that.

This sub is so fucking entitled.

ID: gt751wt

>plays game built around the realistic gunplay

>complains that things have the same drawbacks they have IRL

ID: gt7321n

Disagree. Yeah they shouldnt be that red. But right now theres no seeing through them at daylight. Look at the fucking HHS magnified. That shit is one big fuzz. Thats unrealistic, ugly and makes iron sights almost more useable. If you look at a sight IRL they are way way more visible than what we got here. The reticles are like 40% transparent.

I honestly think that having 1 scope be useable is less immersive than having a wide variety of good scopes that seem a little unrealistic.

ID: gt7cxv1

Am I missing something here? I've played 900 hours and I dont seem to have this issue you're talking about... the sights are perfectly usable.

17 : Anonymous2021/04/03 01:05 ID: gt7837h

I dont really notice issue tbh. But most sights irl should be able to make you change the brightness :))

18 : Anonymous2021/04/03 02:37 ID: gt7hgfy

To be honest I'm glad we're back to what it was.

Especially for the EOTECH which has always been close to the PK-06 in terms of precision on the central dot. Both of these are how a good reflex with low MOA should look like in the game (i.e: very fine and semi-transparent).

That update looked cheap in 1440p, like when you duplicate a layer that has transparency on Photoshop.

At lower resolutions and against super bright backgrounds it might have looked somewhat OK, but for me it just made every dot look bigger and flat. Which actually made things harder to aim at in mid to low light conditions.

One thing it has shown however is that, the same way we should/could have more control over zeroing, we could a more control on the transparency of those reticles too, as people tend to enjoy different things in terms of QoL.

Just please, don't take the cheap route by removing realistic details (the same way BSG removed scope reflections that were there in the alpha altogether because people complained about it).


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