Isn’t anyone else annoyed that you can no longer put stuff into your scav loadout when in inventory to manage stuff?

1 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:39 ID: mknjzo

Seems like a small change I haven't heard anyone mention yet. But now after your scav run when in inventory to offload you can no longer put ANYTHING back into the scav loadout. So if you have a tight inventory and you offloaded something, but need to move it back so can play tetris you cant...once its off your scav it has to stay out.

But moreover...backpack stacking has now become a giant pain. You cant just drag your stack into the scav bag and bring back...You gotta make sure to have extra inventory room to manage all this.

This makes the tetris only harder.

What happened to making it easier and the whole "workbench" idea to make working with full inventories easier.

2 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:51 ID: gthmti9

will be fixed

ID: gti629g

our king speaks

ID: gthnwra

Nikita, can you guys look into the lighting issues on Interchange? Lots of players like myself are noticing that the lighting seems messed up and makes visibility terrible, even with NVGs.

Also I saw that you guys were adding the CMMG Mutant to the game, which I'm really excited for; but I noticed that the one in your Twitter post looked like it was semi only. Are there plans to add the select fire version? It would be cool if we had another viable 7.62 rifle with full auto capabilities.

ID: gtht9mn

Fairly certain they are aware of that issue

ID: gti2fzb

They know, don't spam Nikita or he will disappear from reddit again.

ID: gthuc8n

Why, players only ever complain that they lose gear by transferring their stack of backpacks to it

ID: gthx1fo


ID: gtii8y7

Whilst I definately don't expectit to happen any time soon, is there a possibility of being able to "store" items with fence for 30 minutes so we could, say, check the prices of items or do more extensive reordering of the stash to have space for them?

3 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:48 ID: gtgqnag

I'm with you, this is annoying. Hoping it's just a bug that they will fix, because the motivation to have changed the old behavior doesn't make any sense.

ID: gth1787

wouldn't it apply pressure to upgrade your game type for more stash space?

ID: gthdq01

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im sitting with max stash space, besides containers and still struggling w the tetris

ID: gthaxg7

you know you can get more stash space without paying extra right...?

4 : Anonymous2021/04/05 21:48 ID: gti1y30

As long as you don't throw random shit in rigs and backpacks you're allowed to complain about this.

My buddy can't go more than two raids without having to rearrange his entire inventory for 30 minutes...

5 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:23 ID: gthbacv

Just put loot on your PMC before you load into a Scav

6 : Anonymous2021/04/05 19:03 ID: gthgirx

It is extremly annoying but not only that, it is made to punish standard accounts users. This is the trend of the game lately, punish standard users to force them to buy EOD.

ID: gtir3ud

awww, poor baby. you still have the option to upgrade or not. you can't expect to get premium content without paying the premium price. that's the whole point. You get what you pay for.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/05 17:01 ID: gth0cf1

I dont recall ever being able to do this

ID: gth1bna

You were.

ID: gth1bi5

You must not play much because I could do it all wipe until a few days ago. It was incredibly useful when managing loot after a scav run.

ID: gth9tr0

Well let us remind you, because you have always been able to until now,

8 : Anonymous2021/04/05 15:49 ID: gtgqsg2

No, it shouldn't have even been an option and now when item move errors occur you won't have the chance of losing stacks of backpacks or other containers with stuff in it.

ID: gthn6kd

Brother I implore you to stop digging this hole, Nikita replied and said it would be fixed it clearly is not something they meant to remove.

ID: gthol4r

What hole? the do you think this is some fucking moral question?

ID: gtgst21

move errors occur you won't have the chance of losing stacks of backpacks or other containers with stuff in it.

Well because of other glitches isn't a reason to remove functionality.

No, it shouldn't have even been an option

Why not?

ID: gtgu4qj

Because in a hardcore shooter it doesn't make sense to have extra things that give you more space when it they keep nerfing the stash base upgrade

9 : Anonymous2021/04/05 22:29 ID: gti6vyg

I'm glad I am not crazy and this actually is happening.

Did a scav run on Reserve the other night and got a fat loadout from raiders. Had to leave behind the Attack 2 backpack I found because of not being able to load gear into it before offloading to my stash.

10 : Anonymous2021/04/05 18:36 ID: gthd0fx

no because i only do scav runs to try to get my pmc loot back

ID: gthgiw9

Bully for you.

ID: gthjerx

protip: you're broke because you don't play your pmc enough and are thus underleveled and can't access good traders/hideout upgrades

ID: gthlldk

Or because you always die on a pmc lol. I mostly do scav runs since i fnd them more challenging and i have 120 mil roubles and 5 thicc item cases.

ID: gthp43g

Lies. Do loot runs as a scav, and depending on the map, you can make just as much as if you had run a pmc


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