I made this desgin… It’s not perfect but it’s it’s just suggestion on a life improvement. I really dislike the current crafting list… It’s ugly & old many of u know it’s really annoying when it’s scroll all the way up when u take the crafted item..

1 : Anonymous2021/04/08 13:15 ID: mmrj4n
I made this desgin... It's not perfect but it's it's just suggestion on a life improvement. I really dislike the current crafting list... It's ugly & old many of u know it's really annoying when it's scroll all the way up when u take the crafted item..
2 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:18 ID: gtt9w24

Yeh and sometimes the order of crafts change on the list. You can’t even memorise where it’s positioned in the list because for some fucking reason it’s always changing???

ID: gtu2zay

because for some fucking reason it’s always changing???

Really fucking lazy programming. Sorting is like computer science 101 and is a joke in C#. I'm pretty sure they're querying a database to populate it..which could still be fuckin' sorted before displaying it. This has pissed me off since starting the game because it's just pure lazy and such an easy fix, unless their technical debt is beyond fixing.

ID: gtuqzps

Was always under the impression this is done on purpose to keep people from bottling crafts all day

ID: gtuxszw

Or anti automation?

ID: gtv08y1

discourage bots/automation i presume.

ID: gtvasjd

Sorry but you have no fucking clue why they're doing what they're doing, so stop acting like you do.

ID: gtuysiv

yup, I assumed that they are just refreshing and hitting the endpoint every time we open this menu. It's super slow and random. good stuff devs

ID: gtvbqv3

They do this purposely, to disinterest bot and macro users. Because you know this fix’s that. /s

ID: gtthq5h

That's way better than a thousand of bots flooding the market with items crafted from the static list.

ID: gtue9hz

Couldn't bots fairly easily recognize the picture/text of whatever item they want to craft?

ID: gttnpli

Is there any evidence of this actually happening? I only started recently but the whole scrolling/laggy hideout/random positions for crafts is just annoying. Like sure, combat the bots but don't make it a inconvenience for the actual players

ID: gtujfra

Implying software can't recognise a static icon faster than a human can. A computer is literally better than a human at finding these things in the list.

You don't even need to learn a real programming language to defeat a randomised list of icons. Literally any workflow automation software or scripting language can do it in five minutes.

It's a weird choice if the randomisation is intentionally done to "stop" bots.

ID: gtv09a5

discourage bots/automation i presume.

3 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:09 ID: gttxqme

This game needs a fat QOL update more than anything.

There’s not a single menu that couldn’t use some attention or redesign.

ID: gtuuxxe

My 2 cents is being able to favorite or pin crafts, keeping those at the top of the list

ID: gtui4b6


UI needs a big pass

ID: gtuwkaz

E.g. on flea market if you have an item listed in search and put add offer, select the item that is listed of there is any in the stash. Or add a new button to "offer current search" next to it.

Also enable option to flag items as junk (to be used for crafting, barter trades or barter trades) and as important (to not be listed for barter trades, flea or crafting) and enable the "select all similar" option to search through containers as well. If you flag a whole container as important then stuff inside it won't be scanned for barters/flea offers.

I have put up the airfilter thing I crafted and wanted to use by mistake one time like this when trying to sell some sugar post raid... Hope you enjoyed the 120k filter CoomSwabber.

4 : Anonymous2021/04/08 13:37 ID: gtt4ngk

It's a lot better than current UI.

I'm surprised though. With the millions of $50-$150 copies they've sold, one would think they'd have changed the UI since what it was in closed beta.. It's so crap, it's a scrolling simulator. Even worse, in the hideout, the crafts aren't indexed (so they appear in random orders on different times and it doesn't remember scroll position, so buying components for a craft is obnoxiously and needlessly annoying as you have to scroll up and down to find the craft.

ID: gttuww2

and when you actually enter a hideout area, your game lags because it is loading each craft for some reason instead of having the crafts be cached on game launch/entering hideout

ID: gtu9luu

Object pooling? Never met her!

5 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:09 ID: gtt8on7

Yea I'd prefer this then the current method, will allow easier flow between all crafts and grayed out ones are stuff that you don't have all the items for.

6 : Anonymous2021/04/08 13:48 ID: gtt61st

The only thing the current ui needs is favourites

ID: gtv2u4f

That would be nice, but it needs a lot more than that.

7 : Anonymous2021/04/08 13:37 ID: gtt4lja

This is worse than the current one imo

ID: gttnht8

How? You can see everything and don't have to scroll forever it find your craft.

ID: gttpfi7

You can't see the requirements unless you scroll over the item so there's no way to know what all you can already craft.

ID: gtttg88

Its my opinion. Id rather see the list of crafting requirements immediately

ID: gtuq7u9

Underrated comment. People can’t unsee that they already know the requirements and ultimately what they wish to craft so this suggestion seems better but it’s not.

8 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:00 ID: gttwd9u

This would help so much. It's even more annoying when you have something crafted and you STILL have to scroll down to find wherever it is rather than it being at the top

9 : Anonymous2021/04/08 14:24 ID: gttany9

The only issue with the current UI is that it's laggy as fuck

10 : Anonymous2021/04/08 13:20 ID: gtt2iul

The way my design supposed to work is.. When you hover or click on the item u want to craft the needed components will appear and tell you what you need!

11 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:06 ID: gttx7qt

THIS!! I hate how shit shuffles around and NEVER STAYS IN THE SAME SPOT. WHY?????

12 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:20 ID: gttz84t

Nice idea, certainly would help QOF

13 : Anonymous2021/04/08 17:30 ID: gtu0ndi

they make it annoying on purpose to deal with bots

14 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:04 ID: gtu5hee

Ooh, this is great. I think I'd prefer to see a "Start" button under each icon which is clickable if you already have the items and greyed out if you don't, rather than just having the icons highlighted as you've shown. But even this is an improvement over the foreverscroll we have now.

15 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:19 ID: gtu7hyy

I just want a search function like the Flea so if I want to make M61 I can just search and have it filters for it so I dont have to keep scrolling back to it when I buy things.

16 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:20 ID: gtu7omd

As others I think have said in the passed, their needs to be current craft thing up the top above everything and then favourites that you can make appear up the top under the crafting one, also making the quantities visible while the other craft is crafting and the time they would take while the other stuff is crafting would be good also. It doesn’t need a big overhaul, imo

17 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:21 ID: gtu7tbq

i havent got any higher than tier 1 crafts yet but if there isnt there should be a filter for switching between/showing either a tier 1,tier 2 or tier 3 or ‘all crafts’ crafting page

18 : Anonymous2021/04/08 18:38 ID: gtua5vf


ID: gtui1o5

to prevent crafting bots.....which can already get around some of it. so it just really inconveniences the rest of the legit playerbase

ID: gtuuj56

they can get around all of it with free software that takes hours to make, it's not even in inconvenience, modern scriptmaking software can be built by clicking and dragging a flowchart and can be made to recognize images, all they need to do is screenshot the icons and upload it to the bot making program, its worse than you know and we need to stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, all of these issues would never have happened if they had stopped and thought about it for even half a second

19 : Anonymous2021/04/08 19:04 ID: gtudqcs

Beautiful, I hate having to scroll through the UI to find the item I want.

20 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:31 ID: gtupw4r

The most tiring thing about suggestions on this sub is that there is so much in terms of low hanging fruit and almost none of it gets picked.

21 : Anonymous2021/04/08 20:51 ID: gtuspyn

nah im good

22 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:26 ID: gtuxdax

I already gave away my free award but if I had a second I'd park that shit right here.

23 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:52 ID: gtv0us5

The crafting menus should allow us to buy required items the same way we do when assembling weapon presets. But that's just my opinion.

24 : Anonymous2021/04/08 21:52 ID: gtv0vgi

I absolutely love it.

100% should be implemented.

25 : Anonymous2021/04/08 22:00 ID: gtv1wtk

Wish I could upvote this more

26 : Anonymous2021/04/08 22:04 ID: gtv2dm6

I wish they would simplify the crafts that don't make sense, especially the ammo ones.

All they need to do is let us find brass cartridges and reload them.

28 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:04 ID: gtv9uhy

Get out of here with your modern and completely logical UI design methodology.

29 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:08 ID: gtvacsr

This is beautiful thank you for hopefully inspiring them

30 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:10 ID: gtvam5j

Id love it if it was static and we got the tier tabs like with traders. All I would need

31 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:16 ID: gtvbc6c

Oh my God this would be so much better

32 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:16 ID: gtvbdpq

This post needs more attention

33 : Anonymous2021/04/08 23:55 ID: gtvfuys

Yer hired!

34 : Anonymous2021/04/09 01:14 ID: gtvp25k

I like it, you could also include a little summary at the top for what's being currently crafted

35 : Anonymous2021/04/09 03:58 ID: gtw6ru3

you're a nice guy. you didn't just tell it straight like it is in case a dev might be reading.

it's fucking retarded. an 8-year old could have designed it better.


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